What does ectasia mean in medical terms?

Ectasia is a dilation of ducts with loss of elastin in duct walls and the presence of chronic inflammatory cells, especially plasma cells, around duct walls. Theories of causation range from transudation of secretions sequestered in ducts dilated from previous pregnancy to primary periductal inflammation.

What does the suffix Ptysis mean?

spitting Suffix: -ptysis. Suffix Definition: spitting. Definition: spitting up blood.

What is Ectatic aorta?

An ectatic aorta was defined as a maximum aortic diameter from 2.5 to 2.9 cm. An AAA was defined as an aortic diameter of 3 cm or greater.

What does Chron mean?

time Chron- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “time.” It appears in a few technical terms. Chron- comes from the Greek chrónos, meaning “time.” The adjective chronic, meaning “constant” or “habitual,” also derives from this root.

What does mes mean in anatomy?

1. Combining forms meaning middle, mean, intermediate. 2. Combining forms indicating a mesentery, mesenterylike structure.

What suffix means tumor?

oma: Suffix meaning a swelling or tumor.

What is the meaning of Ectasis?

: the expansion of a hollow or tubular organ.

What is this word hemoptysis?

: expectoration of blood from some part of the respiratory tract.

What is ectasia of the eye?

In corneal ectasia, LASIK or PRK procedures remove too much tissue from the cornea, and causes a new form of astigmatism. The cornea becomes excessively thin and weak, and won’t be able to hold the normal eye pressure. Thus, it starts bulging out.

What is ectasia of the heart?

Coronary artery ectasia is characterized by the enlargement of a coronary artery to 1.5 times or more than its normal diameter. The disease is commonly asymptomatic and is normally discovered when performing tests for other conditions such as coronary artery disease, stable angina and other acute coronary syndromes.

How do you stop breast discharge?

What you can do in the meantime

  1. Avoid breast stimulation to reduce or stop nipple discharge. For instance, avoid stimulating the nipples during sexual activity. Don’t wear clothing that causes a lot of friction on your nipples.
  2. Use breast pads to absorb nipple discharge and prevent it from seeping through your clothing.

What are symptoms of aortic ectasia?


  • Pain in the jaw, neck, and upper back.
  • Chest or back pain.
  • Coughing, hoarseness or difficulty breathing.
  • If the aneurysm leads to dissection, there will probably be a severe tearing pain in the chest or back, stroke, cold or numb extremities or abdominal pain.

Is aortic ectasia serious?

A heart with Annuloaortic ectasia shows degeneration or changes in appearance and/or loss of function of the aorta that can lead to a number of aortic diseases such as leaking of blood through the aortic valve which is called aortic insufficiency or aortic regurgitation.

How do you treat aortic ectasia?

Open-chest surgery. Open-chest surgery to repair a thoracic aortic aneurysm generally involves removing the damaged section of the aorta and replacing it with a synthetic tube (graft), which is sewn into place. It generally takes a month or more to fully recover from this procedure.

What does ex prefix mean?

out of ex- 1. a prefix meaning “out of,” “from,” and hence “utterly,” “thoroughly,” and sometimes meaning “not” or “without” or indicating a former title, status, etc.; freely used as an English formative: exstipulate; exterritorial; ex-president (former president); ex-member; ex-wife. Also e-1, ef-.

What is a Chronography?

1. Word forms: plural -phies. an arrangement of past events. 2. the creation of written statements in which specific letters indicate numerical values that denote a year or period in time.

What does min mean?

minute Min. is a written abbreviation for minimum, or for minutes or minute.

What is the meaning of Dyna?

power a combining form meaning “power,” used in the formation of compound words: dynamotor. Also dynam-, dynamo-.

What is alkyl group?

Alkyl group: In chemistry, a group of atoms derived from an alkane (a hydrocarbon with no carbon-to-carbon multiple bonds) by the loss of a hydrogen atom.

What is a OH group called?

A hydroxy or hydroxyl group is a functional group with the chemical formula -OH and composed of one oxygen atom covalently bonded to one hydrogen atom. According to IUPAC definitions, the term hydroxyl refers to the hydroxyl radical (·OH) only, while the functional group −OH is called hydroxy group.

What is anhydride group?

Anhydride (acid anhydride): A functional group characterized by two acyl groups joined by an oxygen atom. When the R groups in the general structure shown below are not the same (i.e., when the anhydride is derived from two different carboxylic acids) it is called a mixed anhydride.

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