Why is Ahmednagar famous?

Ahmednagar , the largest district in the State. It is home to 19 sugar factories and is also the birthplace of the cooperative movement. Sugar, milk and bank cooperatives flourish here. Exactly 100 years ago, a great visionary was born in deep into the heartland of Maharashtra.

Which city is Ahmednagar in?

Country India
State Maharashtra
District Ahmednagar
Founded by Ahmad Nizam Shah I in 1490.

Which state is Ahmednagar in?

Maharashtra Ahmednagar/State

What is the name of Ahmednagar?

Ahmad Nizam Shah I Ahmednagar is district in the Maharashtra state, India. Ahmednagar takes its name from Ahmad Nizam Shah I, who founded the town in 1494.

What is the famous food of Ahmednagar?

Chapati, Bhakri and Bhaji along with rice & dal/amti are pretty much the basic staple of most Ahmednagar people. Bhakri, which is losing popularity in neighboring cities like Mumbai and Pune, is still very much popular in this part of the world.

Who ruled Ahmednagar?

The management of this area was made over to the minister’s son Malik Ahmad, the founder of the Nizamshahi Dynasty of Ahmednagar. First of all Malik Ahmed made his headquarter at Junnar in Poona district. In 1486 Nizam-ul-mulk was assassinated and Malik Ahmed became the Prime Minister of the Bahamani Kingdom.

Which is the biggest taluka in Ahmednagar?

Ahmednagar district is a district in state of Maharashtra in India. List of talukas in Ahmednagar district by area.

Name of taluka Akole
District Subdivision Sangamner
Area (km2) 1505.08
% of District Area 8.64%
Largest City Akole

How many MLA are in Ahmednagar?

Ahmednagar district has twelve Vidhan Sabha constituencies, six in each of the two parliamentary constituencies.

Is Ahmednagar rural or urban?

Ahmednagar District Population of Rural and Urban Out of total population of Ahmednagar, 5,042,907 in the district, 912,617 are in urban area and 3,630,542 are in rural area. 190,941 households are in urban, 739,083 are in rural area.

Is Nagar and Ahmednagar same?

Nagar taluka is a taluka in Ahmednagar subdivision of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra State of India.

How many rivers are in Ahmednagar?

The district is drained by two chief rivers ,the Godavari and the Bhima a tributary of the Krishna.

What is area of Ahmednagar district?

6,582 mi² Ahmednagar/Area

Who ruled Ahmednagar before the birth of Lord Shiva?

Who ruled Ahmednagar before the birth of Lord Shiva? Ismail Nizam Shah 1589–1591.

Who killed Nizamshah of Ahmednagar?

Because of his alleged high-handedness and arrogance at court, Nizam-ul-Mulk himself was murdered by the nobles and amirs in 1486.

Who was the son of Malik Ambar?

Malik Ambar had by his Siddi wife, Bibi Karima two sons; Fateh Khan and Changiz Khan and two daughters. Fateh Khan succeeded his father as the regent of the Nizam Shahs. However, he did not possess his predecessor’s political and military prowess.

Who killed Nizam?

Because of his alleged high-handedness and arrogance at court, Nizam-ul-Mulk himself was murdered by the nobles and amirs in 1486.

Who is the prime minister of Ahmednagar?

Malik Ambar becomes prime minister of Ahmednagar. The capital is first shifted to Junnar and then to a new city, Khadki (later known as Aurangabad), which is constructed by Malik Amber.

How many towns are in Ahmednagar?

Nagar Taluka – Ahmadnagar

# Town Population
1 Ahmadnagar Municipal Corporation 350,859
2 Ahmadnagar Cantonment Board 28,986
3 Nagardeole Census Town 18,802
4 Nagapur Census Town 11,790

Which is smallest taluka in Ahmednagar?

kms in the District and Shrirampur taluka has the smallest area of 569.87 sq.

How many blocks are there in Ahmednagar?

There are 9,30,024 houses in the district. List of Blocks (CD) / Tehsils in Ahmadnagar.

# 6
Tehsil (CD Block) Nevasa
Area (km²) 1,287
Population (2011) 3,57,829

Who is MP of Pune?

Pune (Lok Sabha constituency)

Incumbent Girish Bapat
Parliamentary Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Elected Year 2019
Constituency Details

Who was the first collector of Ahmednagar?

Shri. M.D. Bhansali History of Collectors

Sr. No. Name of collector To
1 Shri. M.D. Bhansali, I.C.S. 19-10-1930
2 Shri. S.H. Coverton, I.C.S 15-01-1932
3 Shri. William Dilion, I.C.S. 07-02-1932
4 Shri. E.G. Taylor, I.C.S. 29-03-1932

Who is MP of Solapur?

Solapur (Lok Sabha constituency)

Incumbent Jaisidhesvar Swami
Parliamentary Party BJP
Elected Year 2019
Constituency Details

What is the population of Ahmednagar in 2020?

Ahmadnagar, India Metro Area Population 1950-2021

Ahmadnagar – Historical Population Data
Year Population Growth Rate
2020 404,000 0.75%
2019 401,000 0.50%
2018 399,000 0.76%

Does Ahmednagar have airport?

The city of Ahmednagar does not have an airport. Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Ahmednagar is in Pune (about 120 km) and Aurangabad (about 125 km).

Which is biggest district in Maharashtra?

Ahmednagar Largest & Smallest District in Maharashtra by Area

# By Area District Area
Largest Ahmednagar 17048 km²
Smallest Mumbai City District 36 km2

What is the height of Ahmednagar from sea level?

2,129′ Ahmednagar/Elevation

What is the another name of Krishna river?

The Krishna River is the fourth-biggest river in terms of water inflows and river basin area in India, after the Ganga, Godavari and Brahmaputra. The river is almost 1,288 kilometres (800 mi) long. The river is also called Krishnaveni.

Krishna River
left Bhima, Dindi, Peddavagu, Musi, Paleru, Munneru

Which river flows in Ahmednagar?

Sina River is a large tributary of the Bhima river which is starting near Ahmednagar city. It has two chief sources, one near Jamgaon about 20 km.

Sina River
location Ahmednagar
elevation 649 m (2,129 ft)

Who built Ahmednagar fort?

Hussain Nizam Shah Fortification of the Ahmednagar fort commenced in 1559 under the rule of Hussain Nizam Shah. The fort was completely constructed by 1562. The last Mughal Emperor died in the fort, after which it was handed back and forth numerous times by the Marathas and the British.

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