Who is an affluent person?

an affluent person; a person who is financially well off. “the so-called emerging affluents” type of: have, rich person, wealthy person. a person who possesses great material wealth. a branch that flows into the main stream.


[KEY]What is the similar word of affluent?[/KEY]

synonyms for affluent moneyed. prosperous. rich. well-off. well-to-do.


What is an affluent nation?

having a lot of money or owning a lot of things: affluent nations/neighbourhoods.

Does affluent mean rich?

having an abundance of wealth, property, or other material goods; prosperous; rich: an affluent person. abounding in anything; abundant. flowing freely: an affluent fountain.


[KEY]How do you know that Tricki had an affluent life?[/KEY]

Tricki was a pampered pet of an affluent mistress. He had a wardrobe of tweed coats with separate coats for the cold and rainy weather. He had separate beds for day and night with lovely cushions, toys, rubber rings, breakfast bowl, supper bowl and lunch bowl. All these luxury items show that he had an affluent living.


What is a sentence for affluent?

Affluent sentence example. London’s club life also went through a renaissance too, catering for increasingly affluent young people. As society becomes more affluent in cash terms, time becomes more precious. They will be closely tied to existing BBC programs and will target affluent 40 to 55 year-olds.

How do you use the word affluent?

Affluent in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Only affluent families could afford the top-dollar price tags attached to the homes in that neighborhood.
  2. Though he was born into an affluent family, the once millionaire lost all of his fortune to the stock market crash.

Which is the best synonyms for affluent?


  • wealthy, rich, prosperous, opulent, well off, moneyed, cash rich, with deep pockets, well-to-do, comfortable.
  • propertied, substantial, of means, of substance, with deep pockets, in clover, plutocratic.
  • North American silk-stocking.

What is the best definition of affluent?

1 : having an abundance of goods or riches : wealthy affluent families our affluent society. 2 : flowing in abundance affluent streams affluent creativity.


[KEY]Is affluent formal?[/KEY]

affluent (rather formal) rich and with a good standard of living: affluent Western countries.


What is the meaning of less affluent?

2 not able to (do something) or not able to be (done, performed, etc.) countless. (Old English -las, from leas lacking)

What does affluent youth mean?

These are young people from communities dominated by white-collar, well-educated parents. They attend schools distinguished by rich academic curricula, high standardized test scores, and diverse extracurricular opportunities. The parents’ annual income, at $150,000 and more, is well over twice the national average.


[KEY]What is an affluent salary?[/KEY]

In absolute terms affluence is a relatively widespread phenomenon in the United States, with over 30% of households having an income exceeding $100,000 per year and over 30% of households having a net worth exceeding $250,000, as of 2019.


[KEY]How can you tell if someone is rich?[/KEY]

Well, next time you want to know if someone is really wealthy or not, look out for all these:

  1. He Boasts a Lot.
  2. He Pays for Goods in Instalments.
  3. He’s a No Action, Talk only (NATO) Person.
  4. He Always Make Excuses to So That He Won’t Need to Pay.
  5. He Spends a Lot.
  6. He Lacks Manners.
  7. He Doesn’t Know How to Pronounce Foie Gras.


What made tricky get well so soon?

He was kept under strict observation for first two days and given a plenty of water but no food was given to him. The cut down on his diet helped him improve a lot. What made Tricki get well so soon? When Mr Herriot gave him a controlled diet, he recovered from his lethargy caused by overeating and excessive fat.

Why did Mr Pumphrey call the doctor?

Pumphrey called Mr. Herriot as expected. She called him because Tricki had stopped eating. Herriot, the veterinary surgeon to help Tricki.

Why did Tricki not be cured at home?

Tricki could not be cured at home because Mrs pumphrey would give tricki more food and would not have made tricki run and play with other dogs. she would have given him a luxurious life further which would have made him more sick.

What is the meaning of affluent home?

From Longman Business Dictionaryaf‧flu‧ent /ˈæfluənt/ adjective having plenty of money, a nice house, expensive things etcThe students mainly come from affluent families.

What is the difference between influence and affluence?

Influence is an noun. It means someone or something possessing power over others’ actions and/or viewpoints. Affluence is a noun. It means possessing wealth and enjoying the comforts that go with it.

What is the sentence of affect?

Affect sentence example. She wasn’t going to let a little rain affect her good mood today. Something had happened to affect her between their discussion the previous night and this morning. It would be nice if I could make the decisions that affect my future, for once.

What is meant by affluent class?

wealthy; prosperous; rich. the affluent society. noun.


[KEY]What does the word frugal?[/KEY]

1 : careful in spending or using supplies. 2 : simple and without unnecessary things a frugal meal. Other Words from frugal.


[KEY]Which word best express the meaning of barbarian?[/KEY]

The word ‘barbarian’ refers to ‘uncultured; brutish’. This word is usually used as a noun and its adjective form is ‘barbaric’. Another synonym of this word is ‘savage’. impolite – The word ‘impolite’ refers to ‘not having or showing good manners; rude’, so this word has a very different meaning to the given word.


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