Which is correct among or amongst?

In both speech and writing, among and amongst are interchangeable. Both are grammatically correct and mean the same thing. However, amongst is often considered old-fashioned or pretentious in American English, so you may want to avoid it.

How do you use amongst in a sentence?

Amongst sentence example

  1. We do not fight amongst ourselves like your kind does.
  2. For twenty-two years I have lived amongst these pollarded trees, these rutty roads, beside these tangled thickets and streams along whose banks only children and sheep can pass.

What word is among?

in, into, or through the midst of; in association or connection with; surrounded by: He was among friends.

Where is amongst used?

“Amongst” is more commonly used in Britain. People sometimes ask about the difference between among and amongst. Both words mean the same thing, but among is the older form and is now more commonly used in the United States, whereas amongst is more commonly used in Britain.

Is amongst past tense?

Among is not a verb, so it does not have a past tense. Instead, among and its variant amongst are preposition. Typically, prepositions come after the verb and connect the subject and verb to the rest of the sentence. You can also start a sentence with among as part of a prepositional phrase.

Can Between be used for 3 things?

It is often taught that “between” is used for 2 items and “among” for 3 or more. But this is not completely accurate. The more accurate difference is this: Between is used when naming distinct, individual items (can be 2, 3, or more)

What is the synonym of amongst?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for among, like: amongst, amid, with, amidst, betwixt-and-between, surrounded by, in the company of, in dispersion through, separate, in comparison with and inter alia.

How do you use amid And amidst?

Amidst means the same thing as amid. They are one and the same. You can substitute amidst for amid in all of the above examples and not change the meaning of the sentences.

What do you mean by amongst?

Amongst and among mean the same thing, but among is more common, particularly in American English. Both words are prepositions that mean “into, surrounded by; in the midst of, so as to influence; with a share for each of; in the number, class, or group of; mutually; or by all or with the whole of.”

What is the synonym of among in para 1?

The synonym of among is amid. In order to identify the synonym of a given word, 1.

What is the difference between amongst and between?

‘Between’ or ‘Among’ (or ‘Amongst’)? What’s a little usage disagreement between/among/amongst friends? Between is typically used when referring to two things, like “between a rock and a hard place,” while among is used for a greater number.

Does amidst work with TLauncher?

As far as I know Amidst does not support TLauncher.

What is the function of the word during in a sentence?

During is a preposition, which is a type of word used before a noun or pronoun to relate it to another part of the sentence, especially to express a relationship based on space or time.

Where do we use that in a sentence?

‘That’ is used as a determiner at the beginning of sentences to indicate one object which is far from the speaker. Note that the plural form of ‘that’ as a determiner is ‘those. ‘ ‘That’ and ‘those’ is generally used with ‘there’ to indicate that the object(s) is not close to the speaker.

Which used in a question?

We use which in questions as a determiner and interrogative pronoun to ask for specific information: ‘Which car are we going in? ‘ he asked Alexander. Which museums did you visit?

Does between only mean two?

According to OED, between usually involves only two limits, but when boundaries are concerned, there may be more than two limits.


May is used to express possibility or ask permission. Can is used to express ability and informally used to ask permission.

How do you use differentiate?

Differentiate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The cashier told me a sticker would differentiate the regular cheeseburger from the cheeseburger without pickles.
  2. Although the newer model of the car costs more, I cannot see any features that differentiate it from last year’s model.

What is the synonym and antonym of polite?

Synonyms: mannerly, well-mannered. socially correct in behavior. courteous, gracious, nice. exhibiting courtesy and politeness. Antonyms: impolite.

What does talk amongst themselves mean?

“Talk amongst yourselves” from a speaker, or a teacher, usually just means “I am not (or someone else, or something) is not ready to start. You can relax for a few minutes.”

Is whilst informal?

Both while and whilst are ancient, though while is older. There’s no difference in meaning between them. For reasons that aren’t clear, whilst has survived in British English but has died out in the US. However, in Britain it is considered to be a more formal and literary word than its counterpart.

Is whilst old fashioned?

Whilst is too stilted for some, and has declined especially in US usage. Lynne Murphy says it’s considered “pretentious and old-fashioned” in AmE, while Bryan Garner calls it “virtually obsolete” there.

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