Which is correct ambience or ambiance?

Ambiance and ambience are both correct spellings of the same word. Ambience is the more popular of the two, but ambiance is acceptable.

How do you explain ambiance?

Ambience is another word for atmosphere in the sense of the mood a place or setting has. If an expensive restaurant has soft lighting and peaceful music, it has a pleasant, soothing ambience. In French, the word meaning the same thing is, you guessed it, ambience.

How do you use ambience?

1 The restaurant has a pleasant ambience. 2 The overall ambience of the room is cosy. 3 This restaurant has a pleasant ambience. 4 The restaurant’s new owners have created a welcoming ambience.

How do you use the word ambiance in a sentence?

Ambiance sentence example

  1. The restaurant’s ambiance is peaceful and unhurried.
  2. Fireplaces in the restaurant’s three dining rooms add to the cosy ambiance .
  3. Exotic dishes combined with the intimate ambiance makes for great romance.

What does ambiance mean in a sentence?

or am·bi·ence the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment or milieu: The restaurant had a delightful ambiance. that which surrounds or encompasses; environment.

What are some examples of ambiance?

The word ambiance is defined as the atmosphere or feeling of a place. An example of ambiance is an upscale restaurant with fine décor and candle light. The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment.

What are synonyms for ambiance?

synonyms for ambiance

  • ambience.
  • atmosphere.
  • environs.
  • milieu.
  • surroundings.
  • climate.
  • setting.

What is ambiance and mood?

is that ambiance is a particular mood or atmosphere of an environment or surrounding influence while mood is a mental or emotional state, composure or mood can be (grammar) a verb form that depends on how its containing clause relates to the speaker’s or writer’s wish, intent, or assertion about reality.

How would you describe a good ambience?

It is often preceded by adjectives such as ‘serene’, ‘relaxing’, ‘tranquil’, ‘cosy’ and ‘soothing’, which are as much to do with how a place makes you feel as what it looks like.

What is ambiance means in Tagalog?

Translation for word Ambience in Tagalog is : kapaligiran.

How do you use atmosphere in a sentence?

Examples of atmosphere in a Sentence Experts have noticed changes in the atmosphere. Meteoroids burn up as they pass through Earth’s atmosphere. The planets have different atmospheres. a country inn with lots of atmosphere The food was good but the restaurant has no atmosphere.

How do you use the word Ambivalence in a sentence?

Ambivalence sentence example

  1. He felt an ambivalence about the nature of the inmates.
  2. Clearly, the historical turn of events from non-violence to nuclear armament, suggest a deep ambivalence about Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy.

Can a person have ambiance?

: a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing : atmosphere The restaurant’s soft music and candlelight gave it a romantic ambience.

What are the effects of having a good mood ambiance to the customers?

It might make you happy, make you laugh, make you feel warm and welcomed, make you feel apprehensive, sad or even scared. Think about how you want your customers to feel when they walk through your business doors.

How do we pronounce ambience?

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How do you use dispel in a sentence?

Dispel sentence example. A realization he’d never touch them again didn’t dispel the feeling I was prying into his world. But the brief exercise failed to dispel the glumness for more than a few moments.

What is the important of good ambiance in a restaurant?

The ambience in a restaurant plays an undeniably significant role in shaping your customers’ overall dining experience. Ambience ties the cuisine, service and environment together to define your diners’ perception of your restaurant.

How do you use etiquette in a sentence?

Etiquette in a Sentence 🔉

  1. In a proper courtship, it is considered good etiquette to open doors for the female.
  2. The man was asked to leave when he displayed a complete lack of proper etiquette.
  3. Excusing yourself before standing to leave is part of proper table etiquette.

What is the synonym of demise?

death, dying, passing, passing away, passing on, loss of life, expiry, expiration, end, departure from life, final exit. Law decease. rare quietus. birth. 2’the demise of the Ottoman empire’

What’s another word for vibing?

What is another word for vibing?

agreeing according
squaring attuning
clicking gelling
harmonisingUK harmonizingUS
tallying chiming

Can atmosphere affect mood?

Aspects of weather beyond heat and sunshine have also been shown to affect mood. Humidity tends to make people more tired and irritable. Barometric pressure fluctuations can alter moods and trigger headaches, some studies finding a link between low pressure and suicide.

What is ambiance in photo editing?

Ambiance. The Ambiance control is a special type of contrast that controls the balance of light in a photo. It can be used to balance backlit photos or to accentuate contrasts throughout your photo.

What is visual ambience?

The visual ambience is determined by the right light colour as well as good colour rendering properties as well as suitable emphasis in terms of direction of light, shadow detail and light accents.

What is the adjective of ambiance?

ambient. Encompassing on all sides; surrounding; encircling; enveloping. (music) Evoking or creating an atmosphere: atmospheric. Relating to, or suitable for, storage at room temperature.

What is the root of ambience?

1797, “environmental surroundings,” used as a term in art for the arrangements that support the main effect of the piece, from French ambiance “atmosphere, mood, character, quality, tone,” from Latin ambiens “a going around,” present participle of ambire “to go around,” from amb- “around” (from PIE root *ambhi- “around

What is a good atmosphere?

Noun. A positive place. positive space. healthy environment.

What is vibes in Tagalog?

Filipino Translation. mga nginig. More Filipino words for vibes. mga nginig noun. vibes.

What is Aura in Filipino?

environment, atmosphere, surroundings, ambience, setting. oberton noun. oberton, overtone. More Filipino Translations.

What is atmosphere in simple words?

Atmosphere is defined as the area of air and gas enveloping objects in space, like stars and planets, or the air around any location. An example of atmosphere is the ozone and other layers which make up the Earth’s sky as we see it. An example of atmosphere is the air and gases contained inside a greenhouse.

What is atmosphere in simple sentence?

the mass of air surrounding the Earth 4. the weather or climate at some place 5. 1 The spacecraft disintegrated as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. 2 They lived in an unhealthily claustrophobic atmosphere. 3 I find the atmosphere there rather impersonal.

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