Where is the Alexander Archipelago?

southeastern Alaska Alexander Archipelago, group of about 1,100 islands (actually the tops of a submerged section of the Coast Ranges) off the coast of southeastern Alaska, U.S. Named by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1867 to honour Alexander II, tsar of Russia, the islands are included within the Tongass National Forest and extend

How many Alexander Archipelago wolf are left?

Last fall’s population estimate of 316 wolves within GMU2 was taken prior to the 165 wolves killed during the horrific 2019 season. This means that after this most recent season’s take of 68 animals just approximately under 100 remain.

Who owns Alexander Archipelago?

Control of the islands passed from Russia to the United States with the Alaska Purchase in 1867. According to Donald Orth’s Dictionary of Alaska Place Names (p. 64), the Alexander Archipelago received its name from the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1867. The island chain is named for Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Are Alexander Archipelago wolves extinct?

SITKA, Alaska— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that Alexander Archipelago wolves in Southeast Alaska may warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act and started a year-long status review.

What is the predator of the Alexander Archipelago wolf?

Sitka black-tailed deer The greatest threat to the wolf’s continued survival may be the lack of a sustainable food source, as the wolf’s primary prey, Sitka black-tailed deer, are in decline thanks to the large-scale clearcutting of old-growth forests.

What is the largest archipelago in America?

Islands over 250 square miles (650 km2)

Rank Island’s Name Location
1 Hawaii Island (the Big Island) Hawaii
2 Kodiak Island Alaska
3 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
4 Prince of Wales Island Alaska

What is the rarest wolf?

red wolf The red wolf The rarest wolf species, red wolves (Canis rufus) almost went extinct by the middle of the 20th century. First they were nearly eradicated in order to protect livestock.

What is the largest wolf?

Mackenzie Valley wolf #1: Northwestern Wolf The Northwestern wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) is known by many names, including the Mackenzie Valley wolf, Canadian timber wolf, and Alaskan timber wolf. It is the largest wolf in the world, with the average male weighing 137 lb, while the average female weighs 101 lb.

Does Italy have wolves?

It is estimated that between 600 and 800 wolves live in the Italian peninsula. Although they are protected by EU law, farmers have started killing the animals, complaining that that they are increasingly hunting their livestock, according to another Italian website, The Local.

Which is largest archipelago?

Malay Archipelago 1. Malay Archipelago. The Malay World, Indo-Australian archipelago, East Indies, Nusantara, and Spices Archipelago are another name of this archipelago. It is the largest archipelago by area and comprises of more than 25,000 islands.

Is archipelago a real place?

An archipelago is a group of closely scattered islands. St. David’s Island, above is part of the archipelago that makes up the British territory of Bermuda (officially called the Bermudas) in the Atlantic Ocean. An archipelago is a group of islands closely scattered in a body of water.

Can wolves be found on islands?

The Alexander Archipelago wolf (Canis lupus ligoni), also known as the Islands wolf, is a subspecies of the gray wolf.

Are there wolves in Sitka?

Its presence in Alaska is widespread, however, extending across 85 percent of the state. Wolves are most common in Southeast Alaska where their food source, the Sitka black-tailed deer, is abundant.

Were there wolves in ancient Greece?

Greek. The Ancient Greeks associated wolves with the sun god Apollo. This seems to have involved a human sacrifice, and a feast in which the man who received the portion of a human victim was changed to a wolf, as Lycaon had been after sacrificing a child.

Are Alaskan wolves endangered?

Wolves have never been threatened or endangered in Alaska. The food habits of the wolf often bring it into conflict with humans who in many parts of the world are also hunters of big game animals.

Are there wolves on Baranof Island?

Wolves occur throughout Southeast Alaska, with the exception of Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof islands.

What is an archipelago meaning?

An archipelago is an area that contains a chain or group of islands scattered in lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

Are there timber wolves on Vancouver Island?

The Vancouver Island wolf (Canis lupus crassodon) is a subspecies of grey wolf, endemic to northern Vancouver Island within the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. It lives in packs of about five to twenty.

Vancouver Island wolf
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae
Genus: Canis
Species: C. lupus

What are the 5 largest islands in the US?

Here are the five largest islands in the US:

  • Hawaii Island (The Big Island) – 10,433 Km2 Waipio Valley, Hawaii Island, Hawaii, US.
  • Kodiak Island (Alaska) – 9,239 Km. Kodiak Island, Alaska, US.
  • Puerto Rico – 8,710 Km.
  • Prince Of Wales Island (Alaska) – 6,675 Km.
  • Chichagof Island (Alaska) – 5,388 Km.

Is Kodiak A?

Kodiak Island (Alutiiq: Qikertaq, Russian: Кадьяк) is a large island on the south coast of the U.S. state of Alaska, separated from the Alaska mainland by the Shelikof Strait. Kodiak Island.

Nickname: Emerald Isle
Largest settlement Kodiak (pop. 6,130)
Population 13,592 (2010)
Pop. density 3.78/sq mi (1.459/km2)

Does the US have an archipelago?

The word archipelago — which in ancient Greece meant the Aegean Islands — conjures up exotic locales in far-flung places. But the U.S. has its own set of chain islands that are waiting to be explored.

Are Black wolf rare?

Black wolves are rare, and found almost exclusively in North America. Since wolves all around the world shared a recent common ancestor, the fact that black wolves are mostly limited to North America suggests that gene variant causing the black coat color was only recently introduced among the wolf population.

How rare is wolf in Adopt Me?

The Wolf is a limited uncommon pet, which was added to Adopt Me! on December 14, 2019 as a part of the 2019 Christmas Event. As it is now unavailable, it can only be obtained by trading or by hatching any remaining Christmas Eggs. Players have a 33% chance of hatching an uncommon pet from the Christmas Egg.

How rare is a red wolf?

The only place where red wolves remain in the wild is the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina, and surrounding counties. There are only an estimated 35 or fewer wild red wolves, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature classifies them as critically endangered.

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