Where can I play aground?

Platform. Aground is a web browser game. You can find the full game on Steam and support it in KickStarter.

How much does aground cost?

Aground started as a free web game, but after getting excellent ratings and over 3 million plays across many portals, we decided to expand it into this early access version! The web version is still available as a free demo covering the first few islands that will give you a great sense of the game.

How do you cheat on the aground?

On Windows, simply press CTRL + Shift + D any time in the game to open the developer console. If you were silly enough to get a Mac instead of a Windows PC, CMD + Shift + D will do the trick for you.

Is aground on switch?

Aground for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details.

Can you play aground for free?

Play Aground, a free online game on Kongregate.

How long is aground?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 52h 12m
Main + Extras 1 52h 03m
Completionists 1 117h 48m
All PlayStyles 3 74h 01m

What means aground?

1 : on the ground planes aloft and aground. 2 : on or onto the shore or the bottom of a body of water a ship run aground.

Is aground ps4 multiplayer?

Aground has finally reached update 2.0 – and it’s a big one – it adds co-op multiplayer! Multiplayer has now been beta tested and is live and ready for everyone to try! Or buy the Early Access version here: To join a game, select Multiplayer, then enter a name for yourself and select Join.

Is aground online multiplayer?

Aground – Multiplayer BETA – Steam News. The multiplayer public BETA is now live – play together with friends! To play a game in Multiplayer, one player must host a save slot (it can be a new game), and other players can join that save.

How do you use aground commands?

Press Ctrl+Shift+D (Cmd+Shift+D on Mac) to access command window. Use any command at your own risk and make sure to back up everything before messing around. Note: The default Y value of every island is -1, and higher Y values are lower down. For IDs refer to the IDs page.

How do you get a dragon in aground?

If you summon the Alchemist before you defeat the dragon it will give you a quest to hatch 5 baby dragons. It will then become your friend and will fly you to Eastern Island. The Adult Dragon can be “respawned” by raising Dragons from Wyrms to adulthood.

How do I get to the depths aground?

They can be activated by a bone shard, acquired from killing deep sea creatures from The Depths (Lampfish and Sea Serpents). Once activated you can teleport between any other activated monoliths at no cost.

What is the meaning of run aground?

If a ship runs aground, it touches the ground in a shallow part of a river, lake, or the sea, and gets stuck. The ship ran aground where there should have been a depth of 35ft. Synonyms: beached, grounded, stuck, shipwrecked More Synonyms of aground. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

How much is aground on steam?

Store Prices

Currency Current Price Converted Price
U.S. Dollar $14.99 $14.99
British Pound £11.39 +2.88%
Australian Dollar A$ 21.50 +4.25%
Swiss Franc CHF 15.50 +11.11%

Where can I buy titanium aground?

Titanium is a basic requirement for crafting and fixing many science path items. How To Obtain.

Location How to get Chance
West of the 2nd island (Sunset Haven) Find in the sea, 2 titanium available 100%
Around the Inn Trade with Shady Salesman N/A

Is Steamunlocked safe?

In case you are wondering whether Steamunlocked is safe or not, Steamunlocked is safe! Yes, the site is safe, and most of the users who visit the site have no issues. Mistplay is a free loyalty program for mobile gamers.

When was aground released?

August 8, 2018 Aground/Initial release dates

How long is the aground demo?

about 8 hours The demo is very long (about 8 hours to finish everything) and will give you a good sense of the game! When you’re ready to buy, you can easily transfer your saves to the full version with Aground Cloud or using the Import/Export option from the options menu!

What is a ship running aground?

Running Aground occurs when there is no longer deep enough water to float a vessel. This will sometimes be done intentionally, for instance to perform maintenance or to land cargo, but more than likely it occurs due to misinformation about water depths, operator error, or a change in the bottom structure of a waterway.

How do you fish in aground?

Fishing is started by either pressing z when indicated to do so, or pressing c if the fishing rod is equipped. After casting the line, wait until the text “There’s something on the line!” is displayed. When prompted, press the button indicated, repeating until complete.

What is another word for run aground?

What is another word for run aground?

stranded beached
grounded marooned
aground shipwrecked
stuck wrecked
ashore godforsaken

Whats called when a boat gets stuck in sand?

Aground describes a boat that’s accidentally gone ashore, or is stuck on the bottom of a lake or other body of water. If a sailboat runs aground, its hull can be damaged, which might even cause the boat to take on water. Running aground can be a minor inconvenience, or a major accident.


[KEY]How do you play multiplayer on aground?[/KEY]

Write down the IP address, and then host a save on that computer (Multiplayer -> Host Game). On all other computers, select Multiplayer -> Join and enter the IP address for the host you wrote down earlier to connect. As long as the computers are on the same network, you should have no trouble connecting.


Where are fire spirits in the ground?

There are also spirits that can only be seen with Spirit Goggles (Fire Spirit underground near the Wyrm Hive, Water Spirit in the Forbidden Forest during the day and Plant Spirit during the night), and a pillar with the Ancient Axe recipe.

How do you talk to Elder Dragon aground?

After you awaken the Draconian Teacher, finish the game, create the Dragon Sanctuary, and return to talk to the Elder Dragon, he will head over to Unoiks 428d and take up residence on the western shore of the Hidden World island.

How do you beat the old one?

Tips for Defeating the Old One/Magic Floating Crystal- Aground

  1. Bring Omelets, hamburger, health foods, dragonblood, whatever you can.
  2. Have ranged weapons or traps, melee weapons aren’t advisable.
  3. Bring a diode wolf.
  4. Shield at the right times, like when the ray is hitting you.

How do you get the Elder Dragon aground?

The Elder Dragon can be obtained by using an Evolution Gem on an Adult Dragon. The Elder Dragon can fly higher than the Adult Dragon and has a stronger fire attack. If the dragon that you evolved into it had a modifier, so will the Elder Dragon.

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