Whats the meaning of agronomy?

agronomy, branch of agriculture that deals with field crop production and soil management. Agronomists may specialize in plant breeding and biotechnology to improve crops.

What is another name for a agronomist?

What is another word for agronomist?

agriculturalist tiller
farmer agriculturist
grower cultivator
planter gardener
crofter smallholder


[KEY]What are some careers in agronomy?[/KEY]

Career Options Include:

  • Agronomists (Crop production consultants)
  • Agriculturists for private industry (such as American Crystal)
  • Agriculture chemical, fertilizer, and seed sales representative.
  • Agronomy sales.
  • County agricultural extension agents.
  • Crop consultant.
  • Crop scout.
  • Crop improvement field representative.


What is an agronomist salary?

Agronomist Salaries

Job Title Salary
MCA Agronomy Agronomist salaries – 2 salaries reported $86,250/yr
Telstra Agronomist salaries – 1 salaries reported $48,156/yr
Suncorp Group Agronomist salaries – 1 salaries reported $100,000/yr
Bayer Agronomist salaries – 1 salaries reported $81,928/yr

What is the main focus of Agronomy?

Agronomy is a branch of agriculture focused on the study of plants and soils and their environment. Agronomic science and technology are basic to sustaining the world’s food supply and a quality environment.

What is a synonym for agronomy?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for agronomy. agribusiness, agroecology.

What is the meaning of agriculturalists?

a person who cultivates the land and grows crops on it. agriculturists who adhere to the organization’s standards of organic farming.

What is the synonym of orderly?

well organized, organized, efficient, businesslike, methodical, systematic, careful, meticulous, punctilious. coherent, structured, logical, well planned, well regulated, systematized. rangĂ© disorganized. 3’the crowd was quiet and orderly’


[KEY]Who is known as father of extension education in world?[/KEY]

J. P. Leagans of USA is known as the father of extension, whereas Dr. K. N. Singh is known as father of Extension in the Indian context. The teaching of extension education at undergraduate level started in the year 1950 at the College of Agriculture, Calcutta University.


[KEY]Is agronomy a good career?[/KEY]

According to the BLS, job prospects are good in many fields for agronomists with bachelor’s degrees. Agronomists with graduate degrees should also enjoy good prospects, though research and teaching opportunities at the higher academic levels may not be plentiful. Agronomists focus their work on the production of crops.


[KEY]How do you become an agronomy expert?[/KEY]

Most senior-level roles in this sector require a master’s degree. A Master of Science degree can also be beneficial for agronomists who want to enter the field of research. To get admission in an M.Sc. degree course, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agronomy or a related subject.


What does an agronomist check when looking at Cotton?

The cotton crop is checked by agronomists to ensure it is ready for picking. Defoliation is then carried out to remove the plant’s leaves and to crack the bolls open. Growers usually choose to harvest the cotton crop once most bolls have opened and fully matured.


[KEY]What skills do you need to be an agronomist?[/KEY]

To be a successful agronomist, you should be focused on developing and promoting better farming practices. A top-notch agronomist should be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and analytical with excellent listening, communication, and problem-solving skills.


What does agronomy involve?

What is agronomy? An agronomist, or crop scientist, studies plants and how they can be grown, modified, and used to benefit society. They use science to carry out experiments that create new techniques for agriculture production.

What is the main focus of Agronomy give an example?

Agronomists work to develop methods that will improve the use of soil and increase the production of food and fiber crops. They conduct research in crop rotation, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control, and other areas.


[KEY]What is an expert in agriculture called?[/KEY]

Answer: An agricultural expert was a specialist in agriculture, the science of farming plants.


How do you use agronomy in a sentence?

Agronomy in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Personally I find agronomy to be a rather boring science, but someone has to study all the ways we can make crop production more efficient.
  2. Humans have been farming since the dawn of time, but agronomy made farming much easier for people in the past few hundred centuries.

What is the synonym of horticulture?

agriculture. nounfarming, crop production. agronomics. agronomy. cultivation.


[KEY]Why is farming popular in India?[/KEY]

Empirical evidence suggests that the increase in agricultural production in India is mostly due to irrigation; close to three-fifths of India’s grain harvest comes from irrigated land. The land area under irrigation expanded from 22.6 million hectares in FY 1950 to 59 million hectares in FY 1990.


What is the meaning of pastoralism?

1 : the quality or style characteristic of pastoral writing. 2a : livestock raising. b : social organization based on livestock raising as the primary economic activity.


[KEY]What can I use instead of respectively?[/KEY]

Synonyms & Antonyms of respectively

  • apart,
  • discretely,
  • independently,
  • individually,
  • separately,
  • singly.


What is opposite of influx?

inflow, influxnoun. the process of flowing in. Antonyms: outflow, effluence, efflux.

Is referred as father of pomology?

An American pomologist, Charles Dowing who gave a major contribution in horticulture and pomology is known as the father of pomology.

Who is the father of post harvest technology?

“Gordon was a pioneer in postharvest technology and a person who worked tirelessly with the California industry to improve the market quality of our fresh fruits and tree nuts. He developed the early concepts and standards for handling California Granny Smith and Fuji apples, kiwifruit, and pistachio nuts.

Who is the father of Golden Revolution in India?

Nirpakh Tutej Golden Revolution UPSC Notes The period between 1991 and 2003 is referred to as the Golden Revolution in India. IT is related to the increased production of honey and horticulture which was the main objective of this agricultural revolution. Nirpakh Tutej is the father of Golden Revolution.

Who coined the term extension?

The word “Extension” was first time used in Britain in 1840 in the form of “University Extension” or “Extension of the University”. In 1850, William Sewell of Britain used it in his report entitled “suggestions for the extension of the university”.

What is the oldest land grant university?

Rutgers University The oldest school that currently holds land-grant status is Rutgers University, founded in 1766 and designated the land-grant college of New Jersey in 1864.

Who gave the term extension?

The term Extension Education was first coined in the year 1873 by Cambridge University in England.

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