What word is allowed?

grant, authorize, oblige, recognize, support, tolerate, favor, pass, release, approve, provide, assign, give, own, confess, avow, concede, acquiesce, accord, certify.

What is another word for allowed to?

What is another word for allowed to?

had allowed
let leet
letten permitted
acquiesced approved
condoned countenanced

What do mean by allow that?

The verb allow means to let someone do something. You can allow casually, like when you allow your friend to bite off a few pieces from your candy necklace, or more officially, as when a city government decides to allow dogs to be brought into restaurants.

What are the uses of allow?

to let someone or something do something; to let something happen or be done allow somebody to do something His parents won’t allow him to stay out late. He is not allowed to stay out late. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. allow something to do something He allowed his mind to wander.

What word means allowed by law?

permissible. adjective. formal allowed to be done by a law or rule.

What is another word for not allowed?

“Cement block braais along the seafront at Kwelera were built with ratepayers’ money clearly, where they are not allowed.” What is another word for not allowed?

banned proscribed
ruled out verboten
not permitted taboo
restricted interdicted
illegal off limits


[KEY]Is it aloud or allowed?[/KEY]

ALOUD means out loud. Remember that this spelling ends in LOUD. “I’m just thinking ALOUD.” ALLOWED means permitted.


How do you say something is allowed?


  1. accredited,
  2. authorized,
  3. certified,
  4. endorsed.
  5. (also indorsed),
  6. licensed,
  7. OK.
  8. (or okay),

What is allow with example?

1 : to permit (something) : to regard or treat (something) as acceptable a religion that does not allow divorce They don’t allow smoking in this hotel. I want to change my schedule, but my boss won’t allow it. 2 : to permit (someone) to have or do something He allowed her to leave.

Does not allow or allowed?

“We are not allowed smoking” isn’t grammatically incorrect, but it’s odd. “We do not allowed smoking” is incorrect. More commonly, we’d say one of these: We do not allow smoking.

What is the same root word as allowed?

The word comes from allow, with its root allouen, “to praise, approve of, or be pleased with,” with the Latin prefix dis in front, here meaning “do the opposite of.”

What is difference between permit and allow?

Permit is more formal than allow. Allow is more formal than let: The University has established a Museums Committee to permit more formal discussion of common problems amongst its museums. The plan for Heathrow will allow airport operator BAA to build a third, shorter runway.

Can I use to after Allow?

Allow and permit are followed by an object and a to-infinitive clause. He allowed me to take the course. They do not permit students to use calculators in exams.

Is there a difference between enable and allow?

Allow is another way of saying permit. Your parents allow you to stay up late at the weekend. Your boss allows you to leave the office early. Enable is defined as providing with the means or opportunity.

What is not allowed by law?

impermissible. adjective. formal something that is impermissible is not allowed by a law or rule.

Does illegal mean not allowed?

: not allowed by the laws or rules He was arrested for illegal activities. The team made an illegal play.

What is another word for legally?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for legally, like: lawfully, rightfully, illicitly, by statute, authorized, licitly, allowably, illegal, legitimately, permissibly and warranted.

What is to move suddenly and fastly called?

flick. verb. to move quickly and suddenly.

What means not allowed?

When something is prohibited, it’s not allowed.

What is the opposite of not allowed?

▲ Opposite of forbidden or not permitted. permitted. authorisedUK. authorizedUS.

What can I use instead of allow?

What is another word for allow?

permit let
accede to acquiesce in
agree to approve of
assent to concede to
consent to give a blank cheque to

What to say instead of allows?

Synonyms of ‘allow’

  • permit, approve, authorize, enable, endure, let, sanction, stand, suffer, tolerate.
  • give, allocate, allot, assign, grant, provide, set aside, spare.
  • acknowledge, admit, concede, confess, grant, own.

What are two words that mean the same thing?

synonymous Add to list Share. If two words are synonymous, they mean the same thing.

What is quite and quiet?

quiet vs quite. Quiet is an adjective used to describe something or someone that makes very little noise: For example:- During the exam the classroom was very quiet. Quite is an adverb used to describe when something is a little or a lot but not completely. For example:- It was quite quiet at work today.

Why do people type aloud instead of allowed?

– “aloud” is a way of resuming “in a way that other people can hear you” in one word. When do we use “allowed”? This one might be even easier to remember, because “allowed” is actually the past tense form for the verb “allow”. The word defines the action of giving permission for something, which took place in the past.

How do you use allowed and aloud in the same sentence?

If you think Grandma allowed the kids to eat too much ice cream, you’d better not say so aloud, or her feelings will be hurt. “Aloud” means “out loud” and refers to sounds (most often speech) that can be heard by others. But this word is often misused when people mean “allowed,” meaning “permitted.”


[KEY]What is another way to say can be?[/KEY]

What is another word for can be?

perchance perhaps
happen percase
imaginably it is possible
it could be could be
it could be that it is possible that


What is a good word for loud?

What is another word for very loud?

thunderous booming
deafening roaring
resounding blaring
loud noisy
ringing ear-splitting

How do I use word allow?

Allow sentence example

  1. Allow me to give you a piece of advice.
  2. They allow us to lead as normal of a life as possible.
  3. Allow me to convey .
  4. Allow me to inform you
  5. The space battle won’t allow anyone off-planet.
  6. I do not allow myself to judge him and would not have others do so.
  7. Do you allow your guests to fish?

Can you say Allow to?

1: allow + to + infinitive: It allows to do something. 2: allow + verb+ -ing: It allows doing something. 3: allow + pronoun + to + infinitive: It allows me to do something.

What kind of verb is allowed?

The verbs “let,” “allow” and “permit” are part of a group of verbs called “causatives.” These verbs express how one person or thing causes something else to happen.

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