What is this word alley?

An alley is a narrow passage between buildings or other structures. The word alleyway means the same thing. Alley can also refer to a narrow path or passage behind a row of houses, such as one that allows access to garages and back yards.

What does up his alley mean?

up (one’s) alley Informal. Compatible with one’s interests or qualifications: an assignment that is right up your alley.

What is an example of an alley?

An example of an alley is the lane one throws the bowling ball down in order to hit the pins. Alley is defined as a place in between something, relating to sports. An example of an alley the place on a tennis court between the sideline and service sideline.

What are 2 synonyms for alley?

synonyms for alley

  • alleyway.
  • lane.
  • passageway.
  • path.
  • pathway.
  • walk.
  • back street.

What city has the most alleys?

Chicago Derived from necessity and planned for simplicity, Chicago has the most extensive alleyway network in the country, totaling more than 1,900 miles. Considering the land mass alone, it is remarkable how often alleyways go unseen.

Is right up your alley?

If something is right down your alley, or right up your alley, it would be perfect for you or ideal for your skills and interests.

Is this down your alley?

Something that one is or would be very interested in. A variant of the more common phrase “(right) up (one’s) alley.” Lou loves baseball, so you should definitely invite him to a gameā€”it would be right down his alley. I love science, so studying medicine is down my alley.

Is it up your alley or down your alley?

4 Answers. While down your alley appears to have been somewhat popular in the 1930s and 1940s, its usage has dropped considerably, and up your alley is vastly more popular in modern usage (by about a factor of seven).

Is right up my alley synonym?

What is another word for up your alley?

tailor-made ideal
suited just right
perfectly suited spot-on
perfectly fitted right up your street
fitting apt

Who owns the alley between houses?

Who owns the alleyway? There are usually only two kinds of people and organisations who can own an alleyway: either your local authority or one (or more) of the people who live in your street.

How can I use alley in a sentence?

Alley sentence example

  • You heard him say it in the alley , he said.
  • He emerged into the alley in time to see her replace a phone in her pocket.
  • As she stepped off the walk to cross an alley , a lean figure stepped out of the saloon.
  • He left for the mortal world and emerged in an alley in some large city.

Why do cities have alleys?

The primary role of alleys has traditionally been to hide the more unsightly functions of our communities; the garages, garbage cans, transformers, electric meters, and telephone equipment. In older cities, alleys are being rediscovered as people places.

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