What is the synonym of allowable?

adjectivereasonable, well-founded. acceptable. admissible. allowable. condonable.

Is there a word allowability?

The state of being allowable; legitimacy; permissibleness.

What is mean by allowable?

adjective. that may be allowed; legitimate; permissible: an allowable tax deduction. noun. something, as an action or amount, that is allowed.

What is the adjective of allowable?

adjective. /əˈlaʊəbl/ /əˈlaʊəbl/ ​that is allowed, especially by law or by a set of rules.

What does pukka mean in English?

Pukka (Hindi पक्का, Urdu پكّا pakkā) is a word of Hindi and Urdu origin literally meaning “cooked, ripe” and figuratively “fully formed”, “solid”, “permanent”, “for real” or “sure”. In UK slang, it can mean “genuine” or simply “very good”; see also pukka sahib.

How do you use allowable in a sentence?

deserving to be allowed or considered.

  1. Capital punishment is allowable only under exceptional circumstances.
  2. It’s not allowable under union rules.
  3. The maximum allowable dosage is two tablets a day.
  4. What is the maximum allowable number of users on the network?

What are allowable expenses?

Allowable expenses are essential business costs that are not taxable. Allowable expenses aren’t considered part of a company’s taxable profits. You therefore don’t pay tax on these expenses. Most small businesses can claim allowable expenses, but there are a few exceptions.

What is Allocability?

: capable of being allocated.

What part of speech is the word allowable?

Allowable is an adjective – Word Type.

What is an allowable deduction?

Your ultimate aim is to deduct all your legitimate expenses from your taxable income so that you reduce the tax you have to pay. An allowable tax deduction is the amount you paid for something which is connected with the work you do to earn your income.

How do you calculate allowable stress?

Divide the yield strength by the factor of safety to calculate the allowable stress. For example: allowable stress of A36 steel = 36,000 psi / 4.0 = 9,000 pounds per square inch.

What is maximum allowable stress?

The maximum allowable stress is the maximum unit stress permitted in a given material used in the vessel. The maximum allowable tensile stress values permitted for different materials are given in ASME Section II-D.

What is the adverb for allow?

In an allowable manner.

What is the noun form of allowable?

The state of being allowable; legitimacy; permissibleness.

What does Felicitousness mean?

1 : very well suited or expressed : apt a felicitous remark handled the delicate matter in a most felicitous manner.

What is the meaning of pucker up?

: to squeeze one’s lips together in the way people do when they are going to kiss someone She puckered up and gave him a big smooch.

What does redoubtable mean?

1 : causing fear or alarm : formidable. 2 : illustrious, eminent broadly : worthy of respect. Other Words from redoubtable Synonyms Did you know?

How do you use preferable?

more desirable than another.

  1. Death was considered vastly preferable to dishonour.
  2. Any principle is preferable to none.
  3. For this dish, fresh herbs and garlic are preferable.
  4. It is preferable that you wait.
  5. This option is preferable to any other.
  6. A big earthquake a long way off is preferable to a smaller one nearby.

What personal expenses can I write off?

Here are the top personal deductions that remain for individuals, most of which can only be taken if you itemize.

  1. Mortgage Interest.
  2. State and Local Taxes.
  3. Charitable Donations.
  4. Medical Expenses and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  5. 401(k) and IRA Contributions.
  6. Student Loan Interest.
  7. Education Expenses.

What expenses can be claimed on tax return?

Allowable Deductions

  • Life insurance premium.
  • Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)
  • Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
  • Annuity/ Pension Schemes.
  • Principal payment on home loans.
  • Tuition fees for children.
  • Contribution to PPF Account.
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Account.

What are allowable and disallowable expenses?

Allowable Expenses include any amount in your turnover that is unpaid and written off. Disallowable Expenses include any debt not included in turnover, debts relating to fixed assets, and general bad debts.

What is the difference between allowable and allocable costs?

Allowable: A cost is allowable to a project if: The costs are reasonable; The costs are allocable to the specific project; The costs conform to any limitations of the cost principles or the sponsored agreement.

Are all reasonable costs allowable?

(a) Costs are allowable to the extent they are reasonable, allocable, and determined to be allowable under 31.201, 31.202, 31.203, and 31.205. Failure to include any item of cost does not imply that it is either allowable or unallowable.

When a cost is reasonable?

A cost is considered reasonable if the nature of the goods or services, and the price paid for the goods or services, reflects the action that a prudent person would have taken given the prevailing circumstances at the time the decision to incur the cost was made.

How is allowable deduction calculated?

Net income (or net loss) is calculated by deducting annual allowable deductions from the total amount of gross income for an income year. Annual allowable deductions are the sum of all amounts of allowable deductions incurred in an income year.

Who Cannot claim deductions?

Home mortgage interest, medical expenses, contributions, and other personal expenses cannot be claimed as deductions for income tax purposes. However, social security contributions, up to the prescribed amount of maximum mandatory contributions, are excluded from gross income.

What is working or allowable stress?

The allowable stress or allowable strength is the maximum stress (tensile, compressive or bending) that is allowed to be applied on a structural material.

What is allowable working stress?

Allowable stress, or allowable strength, is the maximum stress that can be safely applied to a structure. This is usually defined in building codes and the strength of the metal in question.

What is permissible stress in steel?

Permissible stresses are obtained by dividing the ultimate strength of concrete or yield strength of steel (0.2% proof stress) by appropriate factors of safety. The factors of safety used in working stress method are: (i) For concrete (a) in bending compression – 3.0.

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