What is the synonym of alarming?

frightening, startling, unnerving, shocking, hair-raising. distressing, upsetting, disconcerting, perturbing, dismaying, disquieting, daunting, disturbing, harrowing. fearsome, dreadful, monstrous, forbidding, appalling, chilling, terrifying, petrifying.

What does thats alarming mean?

Something that’s alarming is disturbing or upsetting. It can be alarming when you hear a sudden, loud crash of thunder. The idea of climate change is very alarming to many people, and the sound of a police car’s siren is alarming when you’re driving.

What is more alarming synonym?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for alarming, like: upsetting, disquieting, disturbing, startling, terrorizing, warning, rattling, fearing, affrighting, calming and astound.

Are alarming in a sentence?

Alarming sentence example. It was always exciting in an alarming way. I find nothing alarming in what we will discuss. A more alarming difficulty lay before him.

What is another word for not concerned?

indifferent Some common synonyms of unconcerned are aloof, detached, disinterested, incurious, and indifferent.

What is the synonym of concerns?

Some common synonyms of concern are anxiety, care, solicitude, and worry. While all these words mean “a troubled or engrossed state of mind or the thing that causes this,” concern implies a troubled state of mind because of personal interest, relation, or affection.

Is alarming an adverb?

In an alarming way, frighteningly. “He sneezed alarmingly.” Causing fear or concern.

What is a quivering light?

having a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light. take a nap exp. sleep for a short period of time, have a light sleep.

How do you use irritating in a sentence?

Irritating sentence example

  1. He might be irritating at times, but he was never boring.
  2. The word stung, irritating him.
  3. So much for that irritating situation.
  4. It was irritating most of the time, like now when he wanted to get a quick response out of one.
  5. Is it irritating the wound?

What is a sentence for bereft?

He was utterly bereft when she left home. They look a team totally bereft of confidence. But this series finale left me utterly bereft. And he is still bereft of confidence when he approaches the net.


[KEY]What is another way to say I don’t care?[/KEY]

What is another word for I don’t care?

untroubled calm
callous gay
unsympathetic uninterested
lightsome aloof
oblivious debonair


What’s a word for don’t care?

What is another word for don’t care?

uncommitted floating
apathetic casual
fence-sitting free-spirited
indifferent laid-back
restrained uninterested

How do you say I don’t care in different ways?

7 Ways to Say You Do Not Care

  1. I don’t care. This is the most basic expression.
  2. I don’t care at all. We use “at all” to emphasize that we do not care.
  3. I couldn’t care less. This expression shows that we care 0%.
  4. It doesn’t matter to me.
  5. So what?
  6. I don’t give a crap.
  7. I don’t give a damn.

What is another word for a formal complaint?

An expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition. objection. exception. complaint. demurral.

What is another word for main concern?

What is another word for be your main concern?

be your priority be paramount
be the most important thing be the only thing that matters
come first

What does it mean to be concerned about something?

to trouble, worry, or disquiet: I am concerned about his health. worry, solicitude, or anxiety: to show concern for someone in trouble. important relation or bearing: This news is of concern to all of us.


[KEY]What part of speech is alarming?[/KEY]

adjective ALARMING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.


What is the tip off meaning?

to give someone a warning or secret information about something. They were arrested after the police were tipped off.

What are the characteristics of quivering?

We know already that under specific circumstances trembling and quivering indicate slight oscillations and forcible vibrations, respectively. In any case, the feature that differentiates the two movements is, again, the presence (in quivering) and the absence (in trembling) of some inner strain.

What is the opposite of quivering?

Opposite of moving in a quivering or pulsating manner. motionless. still. stationary. immobile.

What is it called when your body shivers?

Severe chills with violent shivering are called rigors. Rigors occur because the patient’s body is shivering in a physiological attempt to increase body temperature to the new set point.

How do I know if Im annoying?

9 Subtle Signs You Annoy Someone & How To Fix It

  1. Their Body Language.
  2. They Sigh.
  3. They Interrupt You.
  4. They Don’t “Hear” You.
  5. They Appear To Be Zoned Out.
  6. They Talk Over You.
  7. They Lock Eyes With Others While You’re Talking.
  8. They Don’t Ask You Anything Personal.

Who is an annoying person?

Someone or something that is annoying makes you feel fairly angry and impatient.

What does this word mean irritating?

Irritate, exasperate, provoke mean to annoy or stir to anger. To irritate is to excite to impatience or angry feeling, often of no great depth or duration: to irritate by refusing to explain an action.

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