What is the synonym of aggrandize?

Find another word for aggrandize. In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for aggrandize, like: enlarge, intensify, boost, broaden, dignify, dilate, augment, acclaim, applaud, glorify and extend.


[KEY]How do you say aggrandize in a sentence?[/KEY]

Aggrandize in a Sentence 馃攭

  1. I attempted to aggrandize the CEO’s high status in the company to sweet talk him into signing off on the deal.
  2. Jack is a philanthropist who only supports causes that aggrandize him in the eyes of the world.
  3. I hate listening to that snobbish radio talk show host self-aggrandize.


How do you remember the word aggrandize?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aggrandize aggrandize ~ ag+grand+eyes = make someone seem grander/greater in others eyes by raising power etc.

What is the opposite of aggrandize?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms aggrandize. Antonyms: depress, degrade, enfeeble, impoverish, debase, humiliate, lower, abase, disgrace, dishonor. Synonyms: promote, dignify, exalt, ennoble, enrich, advance, augment, make great, magnify, elevate, signalize.

What’s another word for hyped up?

What is another word for hyped-up?

excited stressed
overactive overexcited
perturbed troubled
unquiet uptight
wrought-up nervous

What is generous greedy?

Being greedy makes people insatiable鈥攎eaning that they’re hungry to acquire more and more money or things, but they’re never satisfied with what they have. The opposite of being greedy is being generous鈥攂eing willing to give away one’s money or possessions instead of being obsessed with acquiring more.


[KEY]What alacrity means?[/KEY]

cheerful readiness : promptness in response : cheerful readiness accepted the invitation with alacrity.


What part of speech is aggrandize?

verb (used with object), ag路gran路dized, ag路gran路diz路ing.

What does aggrandizement mean in the dictionary?

Aggrandizement refers to the act of making something larger or greater. It specifically refers to inflating something or making someone appear more important or powerful than they really are.

What is aggrandize in vocabulary?

Aggrandizement is the noun form of the verb aggrandize, “to increase the power or reputation of something,” and it usually implies that there’s some exaggeration going on.

What is the opposite of construed?

The opposite of construe is misconstrue, which means to falsely or wrongly interpret.

What is the meaning of the word overstate?

transitive verb. : to state in too strong terms : exaggerate overstated his qualifications.


[KEY]Is it hype or hyped?[/KEY]

Informal. verb (used with object), hyped, hyp路ing. to stimulate, excite, or agitate (usually followed by up): She was hyped up at the thought of owning her own car.


Is Hyped formal?

I think hype is perfectly fine, even in a formal academic context — it is the best word for the job If you want to tip a hat to the formality, consider italicising it, or putting it in quotes.

What’s a hype girl?

It’s similar in concept to that of a ‘hype man’ or ‘hype woman’, which Urban Dictionary defines as someone who: ‘gets the audience 鈥渉ype鈥 before the headlining performer comes out on stage’ or ‘The person who fires up the crowd for the main act.

What do you call someone who is greedy for money?

avaricious Add to list Share. Someone who is avaricious is greedy or grasping, concerned with gaining wealth. The suggestion is that an avaricious person will do anything to achieve material gain, and it is, in general, not a pleasant attribute.


[KEY]What is a greedy person like?[/KEY]

Greedy people look at the world as a zero-sum game. Instead of thinking that everyone would benefit as the pie gets larger, they view the pie as a constant and want to have the biggest part. They truly believe that they deserve more, even if it comes at someone else’s expense. Greedy people are experts in manipulation.


What happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first?

what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first? making a show of being morally superior to other people. She somehow fails to mention that his massive highway projects enabled the ‘sanctimonious’ suburbanites to get out of the city and into the suburbs in the first place.


[KEY]What is a sanctimonious person called?[/KEY]

Definitions of sanctimonious. adjective. excessively or hypocritically pious. 鈥渁 sickening sanctimonious smile鈥 synonyms: holier-than-thou, pharisaic, pharisaical, pietistic, pietistical, self-righteous pious.


[KEY]Which is a synonym of alacrity *?[/KEY]

1 eagerness, keenness; fervor, zeal. 2 sprightliness, agility.


How do you use the word alacrity?

Alacrity sentence example

  1. She rose with alacrity and moved away.
  2. With a bridegroom’s fresh alacrity , let us address the issues at hand.
  3. Having stripped off with great alacrity , Daniel got on the bed.
  4. The minister had an alacrity of spirit that helped minimize the weight he carries.


[KEY]What is the meaning of the word full fledged?[/KEY]

1 : fully developed : total, complete a full-fledged biography. 2 : having attained complete status full-fledged lawyer.


What does promulgation mean?

1 : to make known or public. 2 : to put (as a regulation) into effect. Other Words from promulgate.

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