What is the story behind America the Beautiful?

The song, “America the Beautiful,” was based on a poem written by the professor, poet, and writer, Katharine Lee Bates, during an 1893 trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The song is considered by some to be the country’s unofficial national anthem.

Did Ray Charles write America the Beautiful?

To honor that vision she composes a poem America, published in a church magazine for the Fourth of July. After some reworking, the stanzas of the poem become the lyrics of a song. A New Jersey composer, Samuel A. Charles recorded the song in 1972.

Who wrote America the song?

America The Beautiful/Lyricists

Why is America the Beautiful regarded as America’s unofficial anthem?

Katharine Lee Bates, Class of 1880, Penned the Poem that Would Become the Lyrics to America’s “Unofficial National Anthem” She was impressed with the beauty and vastness of the United States and was inspired to write the words during the 2,000 mile cross-country train trip.

Who was America the Beautiful written by?

America The Beautiful/Lyricists

When was God Bless America written?

The first manuscript of “God Bless America” (in the hand of musical secretary Helmy Kresa) is dated October 31, 1938, and the earliest “final” version of the song is dated November 2.

Who sings the song America the Beautiful?

Ray Charles America The Beautiful/Artists

Who is the black singer that sings America?

Clint Black is proud to be an American. On Friday, the country singer, 58, released his new single, “America (Still in Love with You),” along with the music video for the track, as a “love letter to the country that has given me so much.”

Why is Ray Charles important to America?

Ray Charles Robinson, a talented musician, singer and composer, was one of the first African American artists to merge the blues with gospel to pave the way for rhythm and blues (R&B) music.

Who wrote America why I love her?

Poem > America, Why I Love Her By John Mitchum.

What was America the Beautiful inspired by?

A view of Pikes Peak from the Carroll Lakes, circa 1925. Katharine Lee Bates’ trip up the Colorado mountain inspired her poem “America,” later to become the song “America the Beautiful.” This story is part of American Anthem, a yearlong series on songs that rouse, unite, celebrate and call to action.

Is there a song named America?

“America” is a song performed by American music duo Simon & Garfunkel, which they included on their fourth studio album, Bookends, in 1968. America (Simon & Garfunkel song)

Song by Simon & Garfunkel
Recorded February 1, 1968 Columbia Studio A, New York City
Genre Folk rock
Length 3:34

Why did Katharine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful?

1925, poet Katharine Lee Bates described her inspiration for writing “America the Beautiful,” the poem that would evolve into one of the nation’s best-loved patriotic songs, during a trip to Pike’s Peak in 1893. At the top, Bates later wrote, she was inspired by “the sea-like expanse of fertile country . . .

Where does God Save the Queen come from?

Traditionally, the first performance was thought to have been in 1745, when it was sung in support of King George II, after his defeat at the Battle of Prestonpans by the army of Charles Edward Stuart, son of James Francis Edward Stuart, the Jacobite claimant to the British throne.

How many measures are in America the Beautiful?

“It’s so hard when something is so familiar,” Kapilow says, “but I realized that there are four phrases, each of four measures. There are only two rhythms in the piece, and every single phrase is identical. “People want a sense of comfort, to have the universe be predictable.

Why does God Bless America?

The God of the New Testament Jesus sends the rain on the just and the unjust. This God urges us to love our enemies, to bless those who curse us, to render to no one evil for evil, and to leave vengeance to divine hands.

Who first performed God Bless America?

Irving Berlin 1939 by Irving Berlin Inc. “God Bless America” is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin during World War I in 1918 and revised by him in the run up to World War II in 1938. The later version was notably recorded by Kate Smith, becoming her signature song.

Who recorded God Bless America?

Kate Smith God Bless America/Artists

Why does God Save the Queen sound like America?

Symphony No. 3 by Muzio Clementi contains the melody of “God Save The Queen” (or “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” if you are American) as a tribute to the United Kingdom, which was Clementi’s adopted country. It was this melody in Symphony No. 3 that caught Samuel Francis Smith’s ear.

Who sang America the Beautiful at Wrestlemania 37?

Grammy-nominated and Diamond-certified singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha has been roped in by the WWE to kick off Wrestlemania 37 with a rendition of “America the Beautiful” on night one.

Who is the best black singer?

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top 10 R&B/Soul Singers of All

  • Sam Cooke.
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • Ray Charles.
  • Al Green.
  • Stevie Wonder.
  • James Brown.
  • Smokey Robinson.
  • Luther Vandross. Luther Vandross got his big break in 1974 when David Bowie recruited him to sing back-up vocals on Young Americans.

Who was the first black American singer?

In 1890, George W. Johnson, a former slave, became the first African-American musician to make commercial records. During his short but successful singing career, Johnson sold thousands of recordings.

Who is the most famous black singer?

12 Black Musicians Who Changed Music Forever

  • Ray Charles.
  • Louis Armstrong.
  • Whitney Houston.
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • Nat King Cole.
  • James Brown.
  • Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Tina Turner. Singer and actress Tina Turner was incredibly popular in the 1980s and achieved success with Private Dancer.

Did Jamie Foxx sing in Ray?

A classically trained pianist, Foxx says it was important to the portrayal that he was not just acting when he sat down to the piano. But Foxx does not sing them; he skillfully lip-syncs to the actual vintage Ray Charles studio sessions and concert recordings.

Who wrote Ray Charles songs?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Blue Funk Ray Charles Milt Jackson & Ray Charles
Booty-Butt Ray Charles Ray Charles
But on the Other Hand Baby Ray Charles, Percy Mayfield Ray Charles and His Orchestra
Don’t You Know Ray Charles Ray Charles and His Orchestra

Can Ray Charles See?

Ray Charles did not lose his sight until he was about seven years old. Years later, doctors suggested that juvenile glaucoma had caused his blindness. But Charles always maintained that his visual impairment never hindered his career in any way. I lost my sight when I was seven.

What is the American version of God Save the Queen?

“America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)” is an American patriotic song, the lyrics of which were written by Samuel Francis Smith. The melody used is the same as that of the national anthem of the United Kingdom, “God Save the Queen”.

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