What is the same meaning of amble?

Amble is both a noun meaning “a stroll” and a verb meaning “to walk in a slow, leisurely way.” You might amble (or take an amble) over to the snack table and grab a brownie. Amble comes from the Latin ambulare, which means “to walk about,” as in ambulatory.

Is amble a town or a village?

Amble is a town on the North Sea coast of Northumberland, England, at the mouth of the River Coquet; Coquet Island is visible from its beaches and harbour. In 2011, it had a population of 6,025.

How do you use amble in a sentence?

Amble sentence example Today is my day off, so I’m going to the park to amble along the hiking trail. Table he has italian hot spot instead we amble . They began to amble away as a group while the spokesman opened the door of the mission for me.

What shops are there in amble?

Amble offers a good range of small shops including a Tesco express, Heron and Co-op. There are also two independent butchers and two bakers, all of which are located on Queen Street. Being a Harbour Town it would also be a crime not to have fresh fish shops, of which there are two, located around the harbour.

What is amble walk?

Amble means to walk slowly. An example of amble are two lovers slowly walking hand in hand. verb. 8. The definition of amble is the walking, or gait, of a horse with the two legs on one side moving at the same time.

What does rations mean in English?

food allowance (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a food allowance for one day. b rations plural : food, provisions. 2 : a share especially as determined by supply.

Does amble have a beach?

Amble Links, south of Amble Marina and Harbour is a mostly sandy beach, with some shingle and rocks, backed by cliffs. The beach is popular with walkers, families and for water sports such as surfing and kayaking.

Is Amble Northumberland a nice place to live?

Amble has been named in a round-up of the 10 best places by the sea to live. The town, known as the Friendliest Port, features in the Sunday Times’ pick of the UK’s coastal hot-spots, published last weekend.

Where can I walk in Amble?

The best way to discover Amble is to take two easy coastal walks – one along Warkworth beach and the other around the town’s quayside. A good place to start is the other side of the River Coquet in Warkworth village.

What is ample time?

: enough or more than enough of what is needed ample time. Other Words from ample.

What part of speech is amble?

intransitive verb amble

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: ambles, ambling, ambled
definition: to walk at an easy, leisurely pace; stroll. We ambled through the meadow, enjoying the summer breeze. synonyms: mosey, saunter, stroll, walk antonyms: gallop, scurry similar words: meander, ramble, traipse

What does crossly mean?

Definitions of crossly. adverb. in an ill-natured manner. “she looked at her husband crossly” synonyms: grouchily, grumpily.

Is Amble market on today?

When is it? Sunday: 10am-4pm.

Where is the Amble bird?

A low, flat-topped island just off the coast of Northumberland, Coquet Island is a RSPB reserve. Amble is a town on the adjacent mainland, at the mouth of the River Coquet, the estuary of which has a good area of tidal sand and mud attractive to waders.

Can you visit Coquet Island?

Owing to its importance for roseate terns, Coquet Island is a wildlife sanctuary and the public are not allowed to visit.

What is a Singlefoot ambling gait?

The rack or racking is a gait that is also known as the singlefoot or single-foot. It is an even, lateral four-beat gait. Although many breeds of horses are capable of producing this gait, it is most commonly associated with the five-gaited American Saddlebred.

What animals are amble?

The amble is a more natural gait for elephants and horses, and it is often used as a transitional gait in other animals. It can also be used in animals that have been trained to do so, as in the case of some dogs.

What is amble in Tagalog?

Translation for word Amble in Tagalog is : embel.

What are the two types of ration?

(i) Balance Ration: This is the feed that contains all the essential nutrients in the correct amount and adequate proportion for feeding animals, to meet the requirement of the farm animals. (ii) Maintenance Ration: This is the type of ration given to farm animals to maintain the basic metabolic functions of the body.

What is an example of ration?

Food provided to soldiers is an example of a ration. The amount of food you are allowed during a war or other time of scarcity is an example of a ration. A fixed portion, especially an amount of food allotted to persons in military service or to civilians in times of scarcity.

What are three characteristics of a good ration?

Ration should satisfy the total dry matter requirement of an animal based on weight. vii. Ration should be fairly bulky as it is required for satisfaction of hunger and expulsion of undigested material due to its laxative action viii. Ration should be fresh and free from undesirable weeds and dust.

Can you swim at Amble?

Amble Health and Leisure Club is our on-park Leisure Centre. With a state-of-the-art gym, 20-metre heated indoor swimming pool, steam room and sauna there’s everything you need for a good workout and a relaxing dip in the pool, so don’t forget your bathing suit!

Can dogs go on amble beach?

Next to the village of Amble, a very spacious beach lies – 7 miles to be exact. With dogs allowed all year round, for the full stretch of the beach, it is ideal to let their energy out on this great beach. It also has several nature reserves hidden behind its dunes and near to the country park.

Who owns Bamburgh beach?

The Armstrong family own the castle to this day; they opened it up to the public in the 1900’s. It can be visited everyday by the public between 10am and 5pm. The castle is just one of the reasons why it was voted the best beach alongside the quality of the beach, the seafront, food on offer and value for money.

Is Amble worth visiting?

The harbour is worth a visit and there some cool little huts you can visit which sell an assortment of gifts. It’s also worth visiting the centre where the mad jam lady has a stall. There are all sorts of jams including savoury ones with chilly. Grab an ice cream and have a wander.

How far is it to walk from Amble to Warkworth?

This walk explores the Northumberland Coast around the town of Amble before following the River Coquet to nearby Warkworth. The walk is quite easy, running for about 3 miles on flat paths. The route starts from the car park on the coast at Amble Links, just to the east of the town.

Can you walk across the river at Alnmouth?

The walk then crosses the lovely River Aln Estuary before finishing in Alnmouth. The village is a picturesque coastal resort, popular with tourists. If you prefer you can start the walk from Alnmouth railway station and walk in the other direction. The St Oswald’s Way long distance way passes through the area.

Can you walk around Warkworth Castle?

Walk Details The River Coquet meanders around the castle and lower end of the village with the sea and its sandy beach close at hand. Those intending to visit the castle could park there (charge refundable on admission) and walk the short distance down Castle Street to the Market Cross.

What does amble time mean?

amble (noun): a slow, leisurely pace; a term to describe a type of horse’s gait. I ambled down the sidewalk in no hurry to reach my destination. The word ample is an adjective meaning “broad, wide, spacious, extending far and wide.” This is the word to use in the expression that means “plenty of time.”

Is it amble or ample?

Ample (pronounced “am-puhl”) is an adjective. It describes something in an abundant quantity. Amble (pronounced “am-buhl”) is a verb. It means to stroll or walk in slow steady pace.

What is the word for more than enough?

Being plentiful or more than enough in quantity. ample. abundant. liberal. plentiful.

What does the word prowl?

: to move about or wander stealthily in or as if in search of prey. transitive verb. : to roam over in a predatory manner. prowl.

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