What is the meaning of evidence Aliunde?

Aliunde. The Latin aliunde means from another source; from elsewhere; from outside. It is often used to refer to evidence given aliunde when meaning cannot be derived from a document or instrument itself.

How do you pronounce Aliunde?

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What is Aliunde rule?

Legal Definition of aliunde rule : a rule of evidence that a verdict may not be challenged by a juror’s testimony without evidence from another source —used primarily in Ohio.

What is the meaning of word nugatory?

1 : of little or no consequence : trifling, inconsequential comments too nugatory to merit attention. 2 : having no force : inoperative The law was unenforced and thus rendered nugatory.

What does Aliunde mean?

Adj. [ Latin: from elsewhere] From a source outside the document currently under consideration. Evidence aliunde may be considered where the meaning of a document (e.g. a will) is otherwise unclear.

What does the best evidence rule apply to?

The best evidence rule applies when a party wants to admit as evidence the contents of a document at trial, but that the original document is not available. In this case, the party must provide an acceptable excuse for its absence.

What does volition mean in the dictionary?

noun. the act of willing, choosing, or resolving; exercise of willing: She left of her own volition. a choice or decision made by the will.

What is exculpatory evidence?

Evidence, such as a statement, tending to excuse, justify, or absolve the alleged fault or guilt of a defendant.

What is fact in issue in evidence?

Fact in issue simply means “the disputed facts“. In litigation or proceedings, generally, one-party claims that certain facts exist, while the other party denies the existence. In this case, the fact that it is accused by one party but denied by the other party is called a fact in issue.

What does substantial evidence mean?

Substantial evidence means that degree of relevant evidence which a reasonable person, considering the record as a whole, might accept as adequate to support a conclusion, even though other reasonable persons might disagree. This is a lower standard of proof than preponderance of the evidence.


[KEY]What does sophomoric mean in English?[/KEY]

1 : conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature a sophomoric argument. 2 : lacking in maturity, taste, or judgment sophomoric humor.


Is nugatory a bad word?

nugatory Add to list Share. Something nugatory has no real value; it’s worthless.

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