What is the meaning of Amaranthine?

amaranthine \\am-uh-RANTH-un\\ adjective. 1 a : of or relating to an amaranth. b : undying. 2 : of a pinkish or rosy red color.

What is the meaning of Amaranthine love?

unfading; everlasting: a woman of amaranthine loveliness.

How do you use Amaranthine?

Amaranthine in a Sentence 🔉

  1. No human is amaranthine, no matter what we do we will all pass away eventually.
  2. If I was amaranthine and would live forever, I think I would go crazy in no time at all due to having nothing to entertain myself.

What are the most beautiful words?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words

  • 3 Pluviophile (n.)
  • 4 Clinomania (n.)
  • 5 Idyllic (adj.)
  • 6 Aurora (n.)
  • 7 Solitude (n.)
  • 8 Supine (adj.)
  • 9 Petrichor (n.)
  • 10 Serendipity (n.)

Is Kalopsia a real word?

As a combination of the Greek roots kallos, meaning beauty, and opsis, meaning sight (or opos, meaning eyes), in English kalopsia can also mean beautiful sight or with beautiful eyes. Although this word is indeed used in writing (references here and here), it still hasn’t been declared a Scrabble-worthy word.

How do you spell Amaranthine?

0:38 1:02

How do you use limn?

Limn in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The painter is known to limn pictures of his lovers on oil canvases.
  2. Several master artisans were asked to limn detailed pictures for the fire station, but only a few masterpieces were created.
  3. The writer tried to limn his childhood events into shorts stories, but he had trouble with the plots.

What does unfading mean?

1 : not losing color or freshness. 2 : not losing value or effectiveness.

What Colour is Amaranthine?

Amaranthine color is primarily a color from Violet color family. It is a mixture of magenta and pink color.

Where are Amaranthine books based?

Croatia We recently interviewed Marko Matijaševi?, founder and creative director of Amaranthine Books, a new publisher of high-quality, illustrated limited editions of classics, based in Croatia. We talked about the origin of the company, their first publication (a beautiful dual edition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Is it Neverending or never ending?

Never-ending is an adjective meaning having no end or interminable, as in The Earth enjoys a never-ending supply of sunlight. Neverending (one word) is a variant of the word that increasingly appears in print, probably due to publication of the German fantasy story The Neverending Story.

What do you call a person who hides their pain behind a smile?

Typically, smiling depression occurs when individuals who are experiencing depression mask their symptoms. They hide behind a smile to convince other people that they are happy. Individuals with smiling depression often look happy to the outside world and keep their depression a secret.

What is the world’s worst word?

‘Moist’ – a word apparently despised the world over – is about to be named the worst word in the English language. The word has emerged as a clear frontrunner in a global survey conducted by Oxford Dictionaries.

What is the prettiest word in the world?

Cellar Door “Cellar Door” One of the most famous theories comes from Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, who proposed in a 1955 speech that “cellar door” is the most beautiful word (or phrase) in the English language.

What’s the opposite of Kalopsia?

The word kalopsia is a neologism referring to a state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they are. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

How do you say Kalopsia in Greek?

Etymology. According to Wiktionary from Greek καλοψία (kalopsía), from καλός (kalos), good, beautiful) + ὄψις (ópsis, “view”).

How do you pronounce Kalopsia?

kalopsia Pronunciation. kalop·si·a.

What is the synonym of purple?

What is another word for purple?

amaranthine amethyst
lavender lilac
magenta mauve
mulberry orchid
periwinkle perse

What does the word Asseverate mean?

transitive verb. : to affirm or declare positively or earnestly he always asseverated that he did not know— G. K. Chesterton.

What is the meaning of the word Yare?

1 archaic : set for action : ready. 2 or yar \\ ˈyär \\ a : characterized by speed and agility : nimble, lively.

What is limn?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1a : one of the projecting paired appendages (such as wings) of an animal body used especially for movement and grasping but sometimes modified into sensory or sexual organs. b : a leg or arm of a human being combat soldiers who had lost limbs. 2 : a large primary branch of a tree.

Is Unfaded a word?

Definition of ‘unfaded’ It is totally unfaded glamour — something of a find on this stretch of coast.

What does the word undefiled mean in the Bible?

: not made corrupt, impure, or unclean : not defiled : untainted, uncorrupted English undefiled … a spot as yet undefiled by the foot of a human being.—

What is the opposite form of fade?

Antonym of Fade

Word Antonym
Fade Brighten
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the most unused color?

13 Incredibly Obscure Colors You’ve Never Heard of Before

  • Amaranth. This red-pink hue is based off the color of the flowers on the amaranth plant.
  • Vermilion.
  • Coquelicot.
  • Gamboge.
  • Burlywood.
  • Aureolin.
  • Celadon.
  • Glaucous.

Why amaranth is red in Colour?

This color is also called amaranth red to distinguish it from the varying colors of other varieties of the amaranth flower. The color amaranth is similar to printer’s magenta (pigment magenta), but redder. It is the color of the flower of those amaranth plants that have amaranth red colored flowers.

What colors symbolizes longevity?

Green is attributed to Spring and births of all things positive and new. It usually depicts the element of wood and signifies healing, cleanliness, longevity or immortality and calmness, even harmony.

What are fine press books?

A fine press is a type of publisher that produces books of a high intrinsic and artistic quality. A fine press will often publish books in limited edition, include additional illustrations from a famous artist, use higher quality paper, or employ a famous bookbinder for their volumes.

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