What is the meaning of All Shook Up?

Greatly disturbed or upset, as in His letter left her all shook up. This slangy idiom uses shook instead of the grammatically correct “shaken” (for “agitated”) and adds all for emphasis. [

Why was All Shook Up controversial?

School administrators in Utah cancelled the musical after a parent complained that All Shook Up was too racy. In the 1957 classic, the king of rock and roll warbles about a sweetheart whose ‘lips are like a volcano that’s hot’. The song continues: ‘I’m proud to say she’s my buttercup. I’m all shook up.

Who wrote All Shook Up by Elvis Presley?

All Shook Up/Lyricists

What is the musical All Shook Up based on?

Elvis Presley All Shook Up is a 2004 American jukebox musical with music from the Elvis Presley songbook and with a book by Joe DiPietro. All Shook Up (musical)

All Shook Up
Basis Inspired by the music of Elvis Presley and the works of William Shakespeare

What is another word for Shook Up?

What is another word for shook up?

excited provoked
boosted keyed up
put up to uplifted
propelled buoyed up
emboldened pressed

Who sings the song All Shook Up?

Elvis Presley All Shook Up/Artists

Where to watch all shook up?

Watch All Shook Up | Prime Video.

Did Elvis write any songs?

Elvis Presley had many hit songs throughout his career. But the King of Rock ‘n Roll never actually wrote any of his own music. It turns out Presley’s contributions to some of his tunes may have been greatly exaggerated.

Where was all shook up recorded?

Elvis Presley All Shook Up/Artists

What songs did Elvis write himself?

Elvis Never Wrote a Single Song Elvis recorded more than 600 songs in his music career but did not write a single song (impossible to confirm, but he was given co-writing credit on many songs because his label demanded songwriters give up 50% of the credit before Presley would record it).

When was all shook up by Elvis Presley released?

1957 All Shook Up/Released

Who wrote Don’t Be Cruel?

Don’t Be Cruel/Composers

Who is Henrietta in all shook up?

Character / Actor

Natalie /Ed Laura Hauersperger
Sheriff Earl John Hardaway
Henrietta Katrina Hardwick
Townspeople and Chorus:
Stevi Begley

Who is Lorraine in All Shook Up?

Lorraine is the daughter of Sylvia, who runs the local honky tonk/blues nightstop and bar. She is also looking for youthful love. Sylvia is the owner of the local nightstop and bar where folks gather to have a good time with good music be it rock or blues.

What to sing for All Shook Up audition?


  • “Heartbeat” – Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story Music➝
  • “Music of My Soul” – Memphis Music➝
  • “Radio” – Memphis Music➝
  • “Serve Yourself” – Pump Boys and Dinettes Music➝
  • “Alone at the Drive-In Movie” – Grease Music➝
  • “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” – Jersey Boys Music➝
  • “Cry for Me” – Jersey Boys Music➝

What does shook mean?

Shook is the past tense form of shake, used as a slang term to describe feelings ranging from discombobulation and fear to rage and elation, kind of like “all shaken up.”

What is shaken up?

1. To upset by or as if by a physical jolt or shock: was badly shaken up by the accident. 2. To subject to a drastic rearrangement or reorganization: new management bent on shaking up the company.

What does shook up mean in slang?

: nervously upset : agitated.

How do you spell all shook up?

The English idiom all shook up is used to refer to extreme emotional states, most commonly extreme upset or excitement. Sometimes this idiom is shortened to shook up.

What instruments are in all shook up?

Title: All Shook Up
By: Elvis Presley
Instruments: Bb Instrument, range: C4-A4 (Trumpet, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone or Clarinet)
Scorings: Instrumental Solo
Original Published Key: C Major

What genre is all shook up by Elvis Presley?

Rock Pop Blues All Shook Up/Genres

What songs does Natalie sing in all shook up?


  • *Jailhouse Rock – Chad and Prisoners.
  • Love Me Tender – Natalie and Dennis.
  • Heartbreak Hotel – Henrietta, Dennis, Sylvia, Lorraine, Jim, and Barflies.
  • Roustabout – Chad.
  • One Night With You – Natalie.
  • *C’mon Everybody – Chad, Natalie, Dennis, and Company.
  • Follow That Dream – Chad and Natalie.

What was Elvis favorite song?

“Don’t Be Cruel” was a big hit for Presley. And it was also a favorite of his to perform, mostly because of the reaction it elicited from fans, according to Rock and Roll Garage. The song was written by Otis Blackwell in 1956. Throughout its lifetime, “Don’t Be Cruel” has seen quite a bit of success.


[KEY]Did Elvis have perfect pitch?[/KEY]

‘I am reminded of a comment made shortly after the death of Elvis Presley by a musician he had worked with. He pointed out that despite an impressive vocal range of two and a half octaves and something approaching perfect pitch, Elvis was perfectly willing to sing off-key when he thought the song required it.


Who wrote Jailhouse Rock?

Mike Stoller Jailhouse Rock/Composers

When was Jailhouse Rock released?

1957 Jailhouse Rock/Released

Who wrote Heartbreak Hotel?

Heartbreak Hotel/Composers

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