What is the meaning of alapa?

Alapa, (Sanskrit: “conversation”) in the art musics of South Asia, improvised melody structures that reveal the musical characteristics of a raga. Variant forms of the word—alap in northern Indian music and alapana in Karnatak music (where the term ragam improvisation is also used)—are often found.

What are Pescadores?

Pes·ca·do·res An island group in Taiwan Strait between the western coast of Taiwan and mainland China. The name, meaning “fishermen’s islands,” was given to the group by the Portuguese in the 1500s.

What is the meaning of Dacker?

to waver or shake. to saunter; move slowly or idly. to vacillate; act irresolutely or indecisively. Also daiker.

What is the meaning of Nirantharam?

/nirantara/ non-stop adjective. Something that is non-stop continues without any pauses or breaks.

What is alapa Yoruba?

It’s called “alapa” and refers to the implant family planning method. “Apa” translates to “arm” in Yoruba and because the implants are inserted in the arm, demand for it has increased as well as demand for other family planning methods.

How do you pronounce Pescadores?

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