What is the meaning for alcove?

1a : a small recessed section of a room : nook. b : an arched opening (as in a wall) : niche. 2 : summerhouse sense 2.

What does alcove mean sentence?

Definition of Alcove. a small area that is secluded from a large space. Examples of Alcove in a sentence. 1. The alcove above the living room is the perfect place for the kids to hang out and play videogames.

Why do walls have alcoves?

In more modern architecture, bed and kitchen alcoves developed as a way of conserving space in constricted buildings such as residential apartments. They now often appear to one side of a chimney breast. Smaller alcoves can be used to contain ornaments, shelving, and so on.

What is an alcove opening?

In architecture, an alcove is a small recessed section of a room or an arched opening (as in a wall). The section is partially enclosed by such vertical elements as walls, pillars and balustrades.

What is the alcove used for?

Alcove, recess opening off a room or other space enclosed by walls or hedges. In medieval architecture it was commonly used as a sleeping space off the main body of a drafty hall.

What is the synonym of alcove?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for alcove, like: recess, compartment, niche, nook, roomlet, anteroom, corner, cubicle, study, arbor and cranny.

What is the difference between an alcove and a niche?

is that niche is (architecture) a cavity, hollow, or recess, generally within the thickness of a wall, for a statue, bust, or other erect ornament hence, any similar position, literal or figurative while alcove is a small recessed area set off from a larger room.

What is the opposite of an alcove?

Opposite of the area inside a room or other space near the place where two walls or other surfaces meet. side. edge. flank.

What is an alcove in nature?

Alcove is the geographical and geological term for a steep-sided hollow in the side of an exposed rock face or cliff of a homogeneous rock type, that was water eroded. Alcoves are weathering features common in dissected horizontal strata.

What can I do with alcove in bedroom?

Alcove ideas: 15 ways to make the most of a small space

  1. Build alcove shelving to create a small home office.
  2. Build in alcove cupboards to display and disguise.
  3. Fake a built-in look with freestanding alcove cupboards.
  4. Create a home bar in an alcove.
  5. Add a pop of colour by painting an alcove.
  6. Create a library in your alcove.

Should an alcove be painted lighter or darker?

Paint alcoves in a pale shade that ties into the design to reduce their visual depth and create more of a classic look. Picking up on a dark tone instead will cause your alcoves to recede, visually, and the overall effect will look more dramatic.

What is a sleeping alcove?

An alcove studio is a studio apartment with a separate sleeping area on either side, at the far end of the main room. This nook or “alcove” is typically left open to the main room, and is typically only large enough to fit a modestly sized bed.

What is difference between alcove and drop in tub?

Drop-in bathtubs are installed anywhere a carved out deck or structure is implemented, often times in the center of the bathroom. Alcove bathtubs on the other hand, are installed in a recess, against the wall or an alcove.

What is the difference between alcove and skirted tub?

An alcove tub is made to fit into a space joined by three walls, whereas a skirted tub will always have one completely open side. Besides this fact, there really isn’t much difference between the two.

What is the deepest alcove tub available?

19-20 inches On the other hand, alcove soaking tubs can vary on their depth and size, but will generally have a depth of 19-20 inches with 14 or more inches of soaking depth.

How do you turn an alcove into a wardrobe?

Build a Closet into the Space of an Existing Alcove by Adding Simple Framing and Doors

  1. Remove Carpet and Baseboard Molding from the Alcove.
  2. Cut Bottom and Top Plates to Measure and Secure Them.
  3. Cut Two-by-fours to Fit between the Top and Bottom Plates.
  4. Secure the Walls Studs between the Top and Bottom Plates.

How do you make an alcove?

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How do you use alcove in a sentence?

Alcove sentence example

  1. They knelt on a patch of dried ground in the opening of the carved alcove and examined the site.
  2. The shadowy figure disappeared into an alcove .
  3. Other women may prefer a small alcove seated at her makeup vanity with a free-standing mirror.

What is a small alcove?

The definition of an alcove is a small recessed section in a room, such as a nook. An example of an alcove would be a small area in a restaurant, only partially enclosed, intended for private dining for a couple or small group. noun. 2. A secluded structure, such as a bower, in a garden.

What does astronomically mean in English?

1 : of or relating to astronomy astronomical observations. 2 : enormously or inconceivably large or great astronomical numbers an astronomical price.

What is a synonym for compactness?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for compactness, like: density, solidity, thickness, thick, concentration, denseness, tightness, distribution, ruggedness, controllability and user-friendliness.

What is alcove installation?

An alcove installation means that the tub is installed against (normally) 3 walls. Your walls should be framed so that the tub fits right up to the studs. You need to frame the alcove about 1⁄4” longer than the actual tub size at the most. After the walls are framed, set the tub into the space.

What can I do with a large niche?

Make Wall Niches Stand Out

  1. Paint, tile, and moulding.
  2. Add in a statement piece.
  3. Highlight the space with art.
  4. Turn Your Wall Niche Into a Functional Area.
  5. Add a Decorative Sculptural Element.
  6. Fake Built Ins.
  7. Fill in the Wall Niche with Furniture.

What do you do with a niche?

The most common way to use a niche in the home is to use it as a bookcase. Whether the niche is in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, it makes a good place to store your books without having to buy a separate shelving unit.

Is an alcove a recess?

As nouns the difference between alcove and recess is that alcove is a small recessed area set off from a larger room while recess is (countable|or|uncountable) a break, pause or vacation.

What is the opposite of recess?

recess. Antonyms: promontory, protrusion, projection, publicity, worktime. Synonyms: cavity, nook, withdrawal, retirement, retreat, seclusion, privacy, vacation, holiday.

What is the meaning of Reces?

Recess is a break from doing something, like work or school. Recess comes from the Latin word recessus, meaning “a going back, retreat.” You may have heard children talking about recess as their favorite part of school.

What does alcove bathtub mean?

Alcove Bathtubs Alcove tubs, which are surrounded by walls on three sides. The front side is then covered with an integral tub apron. Right and left-handed drains are available and are selected depending on your bathroom configuration.

Which word has almost the same meaning as the word stifling?

Synonyms for stifle Synonyms: Verb. choke, smother, strangle, suffocate Visit the Thesaurus for More.

When was alcove first used in English?

Late 16th century from French alcôve, from Spanish alcoba, from Arabic al-qubba ‘the vault’.

What should I put on my chimney breast wall?

Feature wall Consider decorating your non-active chimney breast by installing a mantelpiece (if you don’t already have one), putting flowers, logs, ornaments, books, bunting or even artwork in the hearth.

How do you make an alcove shelf?

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Is GREY still in for 2020?

All you have to do is look the Colors of the Year for 2020 and 2021 to see we are definitely moving away from our love of cool neutrals. While Pantone chose the pale Ultimate Gray as one of its 2021 Colors of the Year, it’s second color, the bold yellow Illuminating is as far from gray as you can get.

Should floors be darker or lighter than walls?

Many home experts agree that the floor color should be darker than the walls. The rule generally applies because lighter walls and a dark floor make the room seem larger. Most homeowners prefer a spacious looking interior. However, the rule can change with low ceilings.

When painting a room two colors which wall should be darker?

Out-of-square rooms can be visually brought into square by painting two connecting walls the same color—warm, darker walls will pull the space in toward the center, while light colors or cool, dark colors will push the space away from the center.

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