What is famous in Agra?

What Agra Is Famous For

  • Majestic Gardens. Majestic Gardens.
  • Various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Taj Mahal, Agra.
  • Great Shopping Locations. Shopping Street in Agra.
  • Mughlai Food. Mughlai Food.
  • Petha. Petha.
  • Wildlife SOS. Wildlife SOS (source)
  • Kinari Bazaar. Kinari Bazaar (source)
  • One of The Largest Mosques in India.

Why is the Agra famous?

Agra is best known for the Taj Mahal (17th century), designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. A complex mausoleum, the Taj Mahal is often considered to be the world’s best example of Mughal architecture. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahān built it for his favourite wife, Mumtāz Maḥal, in the mid-17th century.

What is famous for Agra than Taj Mahal?

9 Best Places in Agra to Visit Besides the Taj Mahal

  • Agra Fort.
  • Jahangir Palace.
  • Khas Mahal.
  • Mehtab Bagh.
  • Tomb of Itimad-ad Daulah.
  • Akbar’s Tomb.
  • Kinari Bazaar.
  • Fatehpur Sikri.

Is Agra and Delhi same?

Both almost same any major difference. Red Fort Delhi & Red fort Agra both are almost same built in Indo- Islamic Mughal Architecture & Structure.

Is Agra famous for shoes?

Agra is a popular footwear industry and you can easily shop for the best pair of shoes from this market. It is in Hing Ki Mandi area of Agra and you cannot go back home without buying a pair of shoes. The market is famous for its shoes, which you can get at a reasonable price.

Is Agra worth visiting?

Although Agra is best known for the Taj Mahal, there is a world beyond this world-famous monument all worth sightseeing in Agra. From Akbar’s Tomb to Agra Fort and the walled city of Fatehpur Sikri, it is home to some of India’s most important monuments that tell the story of the country’s intensely colourful history.

What is the famous food of Agra?

The most famous food of Agra, Petha is a delicacy whose amazing taste will stay with your forever. Made from white pumpkin, this century old sweet can be very soft and syrupy or hard and chewy but it is always sweet with a delicate floral taste.

What religion is the Taj Mahal?

The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 for being “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”. It is regarded by many as the best example of Mughal architecture and a symbol of India’s rich history.

Why is Agra so special?

Agra was the foremost city of the Indian subcontinent and the capital of the Mughal Empire under Mughal emperors Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan. The Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How many days are enough in Agra?

How many days to spend in Agra? Although many visitors arrive from Delhi on a day-trip, Agra offers two to three days worth of sightseeing.

Which monument is near Taj Mahal?

the Agra Fort One of the famous tourist places near Taj Mahal, India, is the Agra Fort. Situated near Taj Mahal, it was constructed by the Emperor Akbar in the year 1565. However, numerous additions were carried on in this fort, till the time of Shah Jahan.

Which station is near to Taj Mahal?

Agra Fort Railway Station The nearest train station to Taj named Agra Fort Railway Station, 3KM to Taj Mahal. There is no direct train to Orchha. You can take train to Jhansi Junction and by bus to Orchha. All trains to Jhansi Junction are depart at Agra Cantonment railway station, the railway station is 6KM from Taj.

Who is DM Agra?

Revenue / Administration

Name Designation Phone
Agra Covid Control Center 0562-2551601
Shri Prabhu N. Singh District Magistrate 9454417509
Additional District Magistrate (Executive) ADM (E) 9454417656
Additional District Magistrate (LA) ADM (LA) 9454417682

Who built Taj Mahal?

Ustad Ahmad Lahouri Taj Mahal/Architects

Which state is under Agra?

state of Uttar Pradesh Agra is a city on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is 378 kilometres west of the state capital, Lucknow, 206 kilometres south of the national capital New Delhi, 58 kilometres south from Mathura and 125 kilometres north of Gwalior.

What can you buy in Agra?

Read here about the Top Things to Buy From Agra.

  • Leather Products. Leather products in Agra are very special and famous because they are almost made of fine and genuine leather.
  • Marble Replicas.
  • Rugs and Carpets.
  • Jewelry.
  • Embroidery Textiles.
  • Silk Saris Or Textiles.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Sweets.

Why is Agra famous for shoes?

Besides Taj Mahal, Agra is home to a lot of leather factories rolling out quality leather goods which means you can buy superior quality leather goods at rock bottom prices. The market in the city is located in the area by the name ‘Hing Ki Mandi’ which is also known as the shoe market.

Which city is famous for shoe making?

city of Agra Any mention of the city of Agra conjures up the image of the Taj Mahal every time. However, Agra has more to it than just this World Heritage Site, the shoemaking industry being one other feather on its cap. The history of the shoemakers of Agra is indeed an interesting one.

Is Agra safe at night?

Although quite rare, it’s still better to remain cautious, particularly if you are new to the city. Avoid walking alone at night (especially women), or if walking is unavoidable, then try to stay in well-lit public areas.

Which day Taj Mahal is closed?

Fridays Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays for general viewing. Other days it is always open.

Is Mobile allowed in Taj Mahal?

Tripods, mobile phone chargers, smoking items, food, drinks, and tobacco items are not allowed inside the Taj. You are only allowed to take with you a mobile phone, a water bottle and camera, which is included in your ticket.

What is the right time to visit Taj Mahal?

October to March: The best time to visit Agra is between autumn and winter as by this time the heat has ebbed and the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing. Spend an afternoon at the Taj complex ambling through the grounds and enjoying the beauty of this magnificent monument.

How much does it cost to enter the Taj Mahal?

Taj Mahal Ticket Booking

Entry Fee (Indian) INR 45 ( Additional INR 200 to see the main mausoleum)
Entry Fee (SAARC and BIMSTEC) INR 535 ( Additional INR 200 to see the main mausoleum)
Entry Fee (Foreigner ) INR 1050 (Additional NR 200 to see the main mausoleum)
Entry Below (Children Below Age 15) Free

What is Kolkata famous food?

10 Traditional Dishes From Kolkata You Need to Try

  • Macher jhol. Fish is an integral component of Bengali cooking.
  • Mishti Doi. This Bengali dessert consisting of fermented sweet yogurt is one of the area’s most famous culinary exports.
  • Kosha Mangsho.
  • Alur torkari.
  • Luchi.
  • Cholar dal.
  • Shukto.
  • Chomchom.


[KEY]Can we go inside the Taj Mahal?[/KEY]

First, YES, you CAN go inside the Taj Mahal building! If you have a “High Value Ticket” (as you likely will), you completely skip that line and go right to the center of the Taj Mahal inside the mausoleum itself, just as you skipped the line to get into the main doors to the courtyard.


Why Taj Mahal is 7 Wonders?

The dead body of Mumtaz has placed at the Banks of River Yamuna. As he promised he constructed the Taj Mahal over her grave. Even Shah Jahan dead body was laid beside Mumtaz Tomb. The love between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz made a beautiful monument which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Who lives in the Taj Mahal?

This gigantic mausoleum only houses two people’s remains: Mumtaz Mahal’s and Shah Jahan’s.

What can I see in Agra in one day?


  • #1 Visit the Taj Mahal for sunrise.
  • #2 Have a luxury breakfast at the most expensive hotel in India: The Oberoi.
  • #3 Visit the Agra Fort / Red Fort.
  • #4 Visit the Baby Taj Mahal / Tomb of Itimad Ud Daulah.
  • #5 Take a tuk-tuk to Akbar’s Tomb in Sikandra.

Who built Agra city?

Sultan Sikandar Lodī It is generally accepted that Agra was both an ancient city from the times of the Mahabharata (see above) and yet nevertheless Sultan Sikandar Lodī, the Muslim ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, founded Agra in the year 1504.

Which is better Agra or Jaipur?

Jaipur offers greater variety of tourist attractions and the standard of tourist facilities is better than Agra. The Taj is the most recognisable monument of India and Agra is worth visiting purely to see this magnificent building but Jaipur is the better destination.

When Agra Fort is closed?

Agra Fort is located on the banks of River Yamuna and is just 2.5 km from the global tourist magnet – Taj Mahal. The Agra Fort address is Agra Fort, Rakabganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003. There are no Agra Fort closed days as the fort remains open to the public throughout the week.

Is 2 days enough for Agra?

2 days are good enough to explore historical sites in Agra On day 1 you can visit Taj Mahal,Agra Fort and Fatehpur sikri after lunch On day 2 Visit Baby Taj,Mehtabh Bagh and Sikandra(Akbars Tomb) and Dayal Bagh and can also include Mathura and Vrindavan( if time permits).

What is beneath Taj Mahal?

Both of the cenotaphs are empty Inside the Taj Mahal, the cenotaphs honoring Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan are enclosed in an eight-sided chamber ornamented with pietra dura (an inlay with semi-precious stones) and a marble lattice screen.

Which city is famous for Taj Mahal?

Agra The Taj Mahal is located on the right bank of the Yamuna River in a vast Mughal garden that encompasses nearly 17 hectares, in the Agra District in Uttar Pradesh.

How far is Agra Fort from Taj Mahal?

Located at a distance of about 2.5 kms from the Taj Mahal, the Agra fort is spread over 94 acres along the banks of the river Yamuna. Owing to the Agra fort to Taj Mahal distance being very less, the Agra fort is frequented by tourists visiting the Taj Mahal.

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