What is an example of amelioration?

What is the other term of amelioration?

Some common synonyms of ameliorate are better, help, and improve.

How do you use amelioration in a sentence?

Amelioration in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The publishing editor used a grammar enhancing program to help with the amelioration of editing the article.
  2. Farmers learned that the amelioration of their crops could be assisted by allowing the soil to rest between plantings.

What is the most appropriate word for sweltered?


  • scalding,
  • scorching,
  • searing,
  • sultry,
  • superheated,
  • torrid,
  • ultrahot,
  • white-hot.

What does ameliorative mean?

transitive verb. : to make better or more tolerable medicine to ameliorate the pain. intransitive verb. : to grow better.

What is amelioration of symptoms?

Amelioration: Improvement in a patient’s condition, or the activity of making an effort to correct, or at least make more acceptable, conditions that are difficult to endure related to patient’s conditions.

What is amelioration in semantic change?

Amelioration is a type of semantic change that happens when a word’s meaning improves or becomes more positive over time.

What was the purpose of amelioration?

In the history of the former British territories in the Caribbean, the term Amelioration (literally, “making better”) refers to the efforts of the Imperial government to improve the situation of the enslaved people in its colonies during the decade between 1823 and the abolition of slavery by Parliament in 1834.

What is amelioration in language?

In linguistics, amelioration is the upgrading or elevation of a word’s meaning, as when a word with a negative sense develops a positive one. Also called melioration or elevation. Amelioration is less common than the opposite historical process, called pejoration.

What is semantic pejoration?

(ˌpiːdʒəˈreɪʃən) n. 1. ( Linguistics) linguistics semantic change whereby a word acquires unfavourable connotations: the English word “silly” changed its meaning from “holy'”or “happy” by pejoration.

What’s meaning of suffocating?

1 : to kill by stopping the breathing of or by depriving of oxygen to breathe. 2 : to die from being unable to breathe. 3 : to be or become choked or smothered Weeds are suffocating the flowers we planted. 4 : to suffer from lack of fresh air.

What is the meaning of indefatigably?

: incapable of being fatigued : untiring an indefatigable worker.

What does sweltering heat mean?

uncomfortably hot Sweltering means uncomfortably hot. Walking home from work on a sweltering day will leave you sweating. A sweltering summer afternoon might cause you to turn on the air conditioning in your apartment or take a cool shower.

When you take something and make it better?

To ameliorate is to step in and make a bad situation better. You could try introducing a second lollipop to ameliorate a battle between two toddlers over a single lollipop. The verb ameliorate comes from the Latin word meliorare, meaning “improve.” Food drives can ameliorate hunger.

What is the best antonym for trite?

antonyms for trite

  • fresh.
  • new.
  • original.
  • desirable.
  • important.
  • pertinent.
  • relevant.
  • uncommon.

Which adjective mean the same as picturesque?

The words graphic and vivid are common synonyms of picturesque.

What was the purpose of the amelioration proposals?

Amelioration proposals were introduced in 1823 in the British and French Caribbean islands. They were introduced by the members of the West India Interest to improve the lives of the slaves. – Slaves were to have Saturday for market and Sunday to attend mass.

When was the amelioration bill passed?

The Amelioration Act 1798 (sometimes referred to as the Melioration Act or the Slavery Amelioration Act) was a statute passed by the Leeward Islands to improve the conditions of slaves in the British Caribbean colonies.

What is soil amelioration?

Physical soil amelioration includes all soil break-up measurements (aeration). These interventions improve the substantial prerequisites in soils extremely acid, extremely alkaline, poor in nutrients or contaminated, such that sound plant growth is possible with reclamation and erosion control measures.

What is the meaning of social amelioration?

The Social Amelioration Program grants a P5,000 to P8,000 monthly cash subsidy to low-income families for two months, depending on the area of residence. The subsidies provide marginalized sectors of society the means to afford basic needs during the pandemic.

When to use ameliorate in a sentence?

Ameliorate Sentence Examples He wanted to ameliorate the present suffering. She wanted to ameliorate the situation. A centralized policy would compound, not ameliorate, the problem. A solution to ameliorate the negative impact of these areas is needed.

What is the meaning of amalgamates?

: to unite in or as if in an amalgam especially : to merge into a single body They amalgamated the hospital with the university.

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