What is an example for adversity?

The definition of adversity refers to hardships, challenges or misfortune. An example of adversity is poverty.

How do you use adversities in a sentence?

They are studying the ‘ glue’ of a couple – the bond that keeps them together despite adversities. His grounding has prepared him for many adversities, but he is also making his mistakes in an unforgiving environment. The idea that he should give his past adversities credit for his current success horrifies him.

What is the opposite of adversity?

adversity. Antonyms: good-luck, prosperity, happiness, success, advancement. Synonyms: ill-luck, misfortune, misery, calamity, disaster, distress, unsuccess, failure, ruin, trouble, affliction, sorrow.

What does Despite adversity mean?

a person who is optimistic regardless of the circumstances and especially in the face of unrelieved hardship or adversity. From the name of the tutor and philosopher in Voltaire’s Candide (1759).

What are adversities in life?

Adversity is a state of hardship, difficulty, or misfortune that one deals with in life.

What is an example of overcoming adversity?

Here are a few examples – car trouble (which can be a big thing), job stress, relationship stress, your daily commute (big where I live), an annoying neighbor, and lots of things that make up the day-to-day hassles in life. These are the “death by a thousand cuts” types of adversity that can grind at us if we let them.

What does adversities mean in English?

: a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune showing courage in the face of adversity.

How does adversity affect a person?

Adversity forces us to reach out for help, to create social networks and to realize that we cannot and should not overcome our struggles on our own. Resiliency can make us feel we have a little more mastery in life. This is not to say that we can’t reach a breaking point in life. There times when life is just too hard.

How does adversity develop character?

Adversity also allows us the very important character trait of resilience; through resilience, one is able to be bolder and more level headed, one’s character is strengthened and one is able to move on from very painful circumstances.

Is happiness opposite of adversity?

“Unlike Marshal, who cussed everyone and everything, Deuce found fortune in his life and raised his face so the sun could shine upon him.” What is the opposite of adversity?

fortune luck
contentment encouragement
happiness peace
good times good fortune
good luck health

What word do you think of when facing adversity?

Some common synonyms of adversity are mischance, misfortune, and mishap. While all these words mean “adverse fortune or an instance of this,” adversity applies to a state of grave or persistent misfortune.

What is the meaning of prosperity and adversity?

As nouns the difference between prosperity and adversity is that prosperity is the condition of being prosperous, of having good fortune while adversity is (uncountable) the state of adverse conditions; state of misfortune or calamity.

Does adversity make you stronger?

When faced with a crisis, it can be difficult in the moment to imagine the experience will eventually lead to some type of growth. Resilience is a person’s ability to bounce back from adversity and grow from the challenge, and research now shows that past adversity can help you persevere in the face of current stress.

What does the word adversity mean in the Bible?

adverse or unfavorable fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress: Friends will show their true colors in times of adversity. an adverse or unfortunate event or circumstance: You will meet many adversities in life.

What the Bible says about adversity?

Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Deuteronomy 31:6,8 Be strong and bold; have no fear or dread of them, because it is the Lord your God who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you.

How one can manage adversities and disasters in life?

Here are 10 ways successful people push through adversity and bolster themselves, even when facing disaster.

  1. Find your sense of humor.
  2. Be mentally prepared.
  3. Take stock of all you’ve been through already.
  4. Adversity offers valuable insights.
  5. Make peace with the situation.
  6. Embrace adversity as a chance for opportunity.

What is a challenge in life?

What is a challenge in life? Life is an uncertain roller coaster. Challenges in life are a given, and they can be used to your advantage. Each one is an opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement. Ultimately, the goal is to use what you learn as you grow to become the best version of yourself.

How do you deal with adversities in everyday life?

4 Proven Ways to Overcome Adversity

  1. Surround yourself with positive people. Be selective with the people you surround yourself with.
  2. Write. There is something so peaceful in writing down your thoughts.
  3. Be in nature. Nature is very therapeutic.
  4. Start investing in yourself.

Is adversity the true test of character?

In times of trouble, when adversities are faced, ones true character is revealed. As Horace said, prosperous circumstances do not elicit the same talents that times of struggles do. Adversity plays a large role on developing a person’s character. Adversities are ultimately inevitable in life.

How do you answer the time you faced adversity?

How to answer “Tell me about a time you faced adversity”

  1. Choose an experience that shows resiliency.
  2. Provide context for the specific situation.
  3. Explain your roles and responsibilities.
  4. Detail the action you took to face adversity.
  5. Describe the positive results you produced.

What are some hardships in life?

9 Hardships You Have To Face In Life

  • Failure. If you have never experienced any kind of failure in your life, I’d be seriously worried.
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Someone betrays your trust.
  • Physical Pain.
  • Emotional Distress.
  • Aging.
  • You will hurt someone.
  • Difficult family members.

What is the difference between hardship and adversity?

As nouns the difference between hardship and adversity is that hardship is (countable or uncountable) difficulty or trouble; hard times while adversity is (uncountable) the state of adverse conditions; state of misfortune or calamity.

How do you respond to adversity?

Taking Positive Action

  • Stay Focused and Mindful. When dealing with adversity it’s important to stay present and mindful of the moment.
  • Break Things Down. Facing adversity and setbacks can become rather overwhelming very quickly.
  • Take Immediate Action.
  • Find Heroes and Mentors.
  • Future Proof Scenarios.

What is the meaning of Sweet are the uses of adversity?

The banished duke is made to remark: “Sweet are the uses of adversity.” He means that his misfortunes have driven him into closer contact with Nature in both the stern and gentle moods, that he has achieved that calm and sweet content which comes only from sincere efforts and simplicity, that he has learned to listen

Does adversity play a role in a person’s character?

Adversity plays a large role on developing a person’s character. Adversities are ultimately inevitable in life. When these problems come about, individuals are generally in shock at the response to such difficult situations.

What is the purpose of adversity?

So, instead of wasting our time focusing on everything we see going wrong, lets take the time and do something right. The purpose of adversity is to make us stronger. Who have you strengthened today?

What can adversity teach us?

4 Lessons Learned From Hardships & Adversity

  • Compassion & Sensitivity. A significant dose of humility usually comes with hardship.
  • Self-Knowledge & Perspective. Hardships force you to come face-to-face with who you are.
  • Limits of Control.
  • Flexibility.

What reveals true character?

“True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure – the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.”

What builds a person’s character?

Here are five ways to build your character:

  • Be Humble. Humility is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Live out your principles and values.
  • Be intentional.
  • Practice self discipline.
  • Be accountable.

Is overcoming adversity The key to success?

When adversity is avoided or kept from us, it prevents the rich roots of character, learning, resilience, creativity and conviction to germinate. Adversity plays a vital role in growth and greatness. In simple terms: no adversity, no growth. Instead of avoiding adversity, we need to hug it!

What are the synonyms for adversity?

synonyms for adversity

  • crunch.
  • difficulty.
  • disaster.
  • hardship.
  • misfortune.
  • mishap.
  • sorrow.
  • suffering.

What is the opposite of terribly?

What is the opposite of terribly?

wonderfully astonishingly
kindly nicely
amazingly extraordinarily

How does adversity shape an individual’s identity?

A man is insensible to appreciate prosperity until he has tasted adversity. Adverse situations shape an individual’s identity and play a significant role in one’s life by shaping personal values, determining one’s own potential and self worth. Another example of shaping identity is society pressure.

How do you describe a persistent person?

Someone who is persistent continues doing something or tries to do something in a determined but often unreasonable way: Be persistent – don’t give up. He has been a persistent critic of the president.


[KEY]What do you call a strong person?[/KEY]

1 athletic, beefy (informal) brawny, burly, capable, fighting fit, fit, fit as a fiddle, hale, hardy, healthy, Herculean, lusty, muscular, powerful, robust, sinewy, sound, stalwart, stout, strapping, sturdy, tough, virile. 2 aggressive, brave, courageous, determined, feisty (informal, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)


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