What is an allision in legal terms?

In the context of maritime law, the term allision means the act of striking or collision of a moving vessel against a stationary object. Allision is different from collision. The term collision signifies the running of two vessels against each other.

What is the past tense of allision?

Verb. allide (third-person singular simple present allides, present participle alliding, simple past and past participle allided)

What is it called when two ships collide?

Ship collision is the name given to the physical impact that occurs between two ships resulting in a damaging accident. This particular collision can also occur between a ship and a stable or a floating structure like an offshore drilling platform or an ice berg or even a port.

What is stranding of ship?

The placing or landing of a vessel on a beach, a submerged object or reef, whereby vessel is no longer fully afloat and free.

What is the difference between collision and allision?

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but technically, a collision is when two vessels strike each other, while an allision occurs when a vessel strikes a stationary object, such as a bridge or dock.

What is the meaning of allision?

The nautical definition of an allision is “the running of one ship upon another ship that is stationary.” The distinction between it and a ‘collision’ is that in the latter, both ships are moving.

How do you pronounce allision?

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What is vessel making way?

A vessel being propelled through the water becomes a vessel making way. Whether this propulsion comes from oars, sails or propellors, once a vessel s moving, we can consider it to be making way.

What are other synonyms that can be used for an allusion?


  • quotation.
  • citation.
  • connotation.
  • inference.
  • innuendo.
  • insinuation.
  • remark.
  • suggestion.

What is the biggest danger to life when your vessel has collided?

The loss of human life. The environmental impact of oil spills, especially where large tanker ships are involved. Financial consequences to local communities close to the accident. The financial consequences to shipowners, due to ship loss or penalties.

What corrective action must be taken to avoid collision from both ship?

Action to avoid collision should always be: Positive – make a big alteration of course and/or speed. Made in good time – which means early. Seamanlike – do not make the situation worse for any other ship in the vicinity, assess what they may have to do.

What is Bilging and permeability?

Since the distribution of weight within the vessel has not been altered the KG after bilging will be the same as the KG before bilging. Permeability, Permeability is the amount of water that can enter a compartment or tank after it has been bilged.

What are the actions that must be taken during grounding or stranding?

In case of stranding, take at least following actions:

  • Stop engines immediately (it happens that a ship runs aground with very little speed on a very soft bottom with very little slope) and that nobody on the bridge or in the engine room has felt it)
  • Sound general alarm.
  • Watertight doors to be closed.

What actions you will take to refloat the ship?

If the ship is intact after grounding, there are two options for re-flotation: lightering weight or transfer weight within the ship tanks to free the ship. Weight Lightering is usually the common method to refloat the ship.

What is the difference between beaching and grounding?

The word Beaching is used for such process because the type of emergency grounding is done only in those areas where the ground is of soft mud or sand (as in a Beach) in order to avoid damage to ship’s hull, propeller, rudder etc.

How do you stop a ship from grounding?

What is the Best Way to Avoid Running Aground?

  1. #1. If you’re boating in unfamiliar waters, take some time before launch to consult a nautical chart of the area.
  2. #2. Always keep a proper lookout while boating.
  3. #3. Always maintain a safe speed.
  4. The first is reversing off.
  5. Another method is pushing off.

What are the actions to be taken following a collision?

If collision occurred:

  • consider and analyze situation (if possible, take pictures)
  • establish contact with other vessel and exchange all relevant information.
  • hold other vessel responsible for the collision.
  • if possible, offer assistance to the other vessel.
  • collect all facts about occurrence.

What is beaching of ships?

Beaching is the process in which a ship is laid on a tidal mudflat. The vessel is grounded deliberately during high tide and breaking operations usually take place during low tide when the vessel is not submerged by the sea. 70% of ships are scrapped using the beaching method as practiced in South Asia.

What is the difference between illusion and allusion?

Allusion refers to the act of making an implied or indirect reference to something. An illusion is either a mistaken idea or something that is false or not real but that seems to be true or real.

What does Allison mean in French?

French. Origin. Meaning. “Alice’s son” or “little Alice” Other names.

What does the name Alison mean for a girl?

noble Meaning:noble, exalted. JUMP TO: Famous Alisons.

What is the difference between under way and making way?

What is the difference between a vessel “underway” and a vessel “making way” ? A vessel “underway” is a vessel that is not attached to any fixed object such as the shore, the bottom or at anchor. A vessel “making way” is a vessel that floats on the water without any attachement to a fixed object or the bottom.

What does it mean when a boat is drifting?

be in motion due to some air or water current. “The leaves were blowing in the wind”; “the boat drifted on the lake”; “The sailboat was adrift on the open sea”; “the shipwrecked boat drifted away from the shore”

How do vessel at night indicate they are making way?

Navigation Lights – side, stern and masthead (steaming) lights. Pilot vessels show side and stern lights and their special white over red lights. All these vessels can only be determined as under way at night and for 99.9% of the time they will actually be making way, but you cannot assume that.

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