What is an alligator wrench used for?

This “alligator” wrench (so-called because of its shape, like an “alligator’s mouth”) was used to turn iron and steel pipes and rods which could not be turned with a regular wrench. A pipefitter often used such a tool in fitting or removing air- and water-piping from a locomotive.

What is a crocodile wrench?

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Why do they call a pipe wrench a monkey wrench?

Hall sent a clip from World Wide Words, an etymology website, which suggested that the wrench got its animalistic moniker because it was similar to a “key wrench,” but was different enough to be called a “non-key” wrench. That awkward phrasing was then corrupted to “monkey wrench.”

What is the difference between a monkey wrench and a crescent wrench?

Crescent wrenches have one fixed jaw and one movable jaw; they differ from monkey wrenches in that the jaws on a crescent wrench are nearly parallel to the handle, whereas the jaws on a monkey wrench are perpendicular to the handle. In both types, the jaws are adjusted using a worm gear that you turn with your thumb.

What is a goat wrench used for?

The Goat Wrench is useful on pole line hardware and electrical conduit and pipe. Jaw design grips various sizes and has self-ratchet action. Widest part of the jaw measures approximately 1-1/2” and is angled to 1/2” at the base tooth. Heavy forged, chrome plated construction will give years for service.

Who wrestled alligators?

The Seminole Tribe Perfected Alligator Wrestling. The documentary “Halpate” shows how the dangerous sport evolved from a means of survival and an exploitative spectacle, in Florida’s changing landscape. When an American alligator bites down, its jaws can exert up to three thousand pounds of force.

How do you use a goat wrench?

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