What is an Alaman?

Alaman. Alaman (Persian: الامن‎, also Romanized as Alāman; also known as Elāyen and Ţalāben) is a village in Estarabad Rural District, Kamalan District, Aliabad County, Golestan Province, Iran.

What is the meaning of al aman?

security, safety, refuge, freedom from persecution or fear, protection.

Was lucas Alaman a conservative?

The Mexican statesman Lucas Alamán (1792-1853) was the leading spokesman and theorist for the Conservative party. He is also one of Mexico’s major historians, especially of the 19th century, although his works were written to justify the Conservative position.

What did lucas Alaman do?

Lucas Alamán, (born October 1792, Guanajuato, Mex. —died June 2, 1853, Mexico City), politician and historian, the leader of Mexican conservatives for nearly 30 years and the spokesman for a strong, centralized government that would support industrialization, educational expansion, and agricultural modernization.

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