What is an adventuring meaning?

adventuring in British English (ədˈvɛntʃərɪŋ) the act of doing adventurous things or having adventures. They would like to do a bit of adventuring as part of their holiday.

Is Adventuring an adjective?

inclined or willing to engage in adventures; enjoying adventures. full of risk; requiring courage; hazardous: an adventurous undertaking.

How do you use adventuring in a sentence?

When we were adventuring in the remoter parts of the world, he was my companion-friend. They are selfish in their adventuring, for a vision shared is only half a vision. He was adventuring, living in the wilderness with bow and arrow.

What is another word for adventurer?

What is another word for adventurer?

daredevil hero
voyager wanderer
mercenary swashbuckler
travellerUK buccaneer
crusader gambler

Who is an adventurous person?

The definition of adventurous is someone who is willing to take chances. A person who will eat anything put on their plate is an adventurous eater. (of a person) Inclined to adventure; willing to incur risks; prone to embark in hazardous enterprise; rashly daring.

Are love and adventure related?

Simply put, love is supposed to be an adventure; it’s supposed to be your own adventure. Being in love is about exploring, learning, trusting, breaking, and building each other up. It’s interacting with one another in a way that pushes your boundaries, and limitations to a point of daily growth.

What is the verb of adventure?

verb. adventured; adventuring\\ əd-​ˈven-​ch(ə-​)riŋ \\ Definition of adventure (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to expose to danger or loss : venture …

Is Adventurous a feeling?

Some common synonyms of adventurous are daredevil, daring, foolhardy, rash, reckless, and venturesome. While all these words mean “exposing oneself to danger more than required by good sense,” adventurous implies a willingness to accept risks but not necessarily imprudence.

What is a adjective for the letter A?

Adjectives that start with A to describe a person: Authentic. Attentive. Articulate. Angelic.

What is the full form of adventure?

There is no full form of adventure.

Where’s your sense of adventure meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English sense/spirit of adventurewillingness to try new things, take risks etc Come on – where’s your sense of adventure?

What is a sentence for sturdy?

Sturdy sentence example. Her attitude is one of sturdy adherence to the old paths of evangelical doctrine and Presbyterian polity.

What do you call a woman adventurer?

adventuresome, audacious, bold, dangerous, daredevil, daring, enterprising, foolhardy, have-a-go (informal) hazardous, headstrong, intrepid, rash, reckless, risky, temerarious (rare) venturesome.

What do you call an adventurous person?


  • daring, daredevil, intrepid, venturesome, bold, audacious, fearless, brave, unafraid, unshrinking, undaunted, dauntless, valiant, valorous, heroic, dashing.
  • confident, enterprising.
  • rash, reckless, heedless.
  • informal gutsy, spunky, peppy, pushy.
  • rare adventuresome, venturous.

What do you call a person who is a thrill seeker?

nounperson who seeks pleasure above other values. bon vivant. debauchee. epicure. epicurean.

What’s the meaning of adventurous woman?

1 adj Someone who is adventurous is willing to take risks and to try new methods.

Who is a famous adventurer?

No list of famous adventurers would be complete without the likes of Bear Grylls, Aron Ralston, and Steve Irwin. These famous adventurers names are widely known and regarded as brave and daring men and women who are willing to push themselves in the pursuit of great adventure.

What makes someone an adventurer?

If you often become engrossed in what you are doing, and feel hungry to learn more about it, then you’re adventurous. If you love studying every angle and easily shut out everything else while you are exploring an idea, then you have the mind of an adventurer.

How can I be adventurous in my relationship?

How To Add Adventure Into Your Relationship

  1. Go On Adventures. I mean, it sounds pretty obvious once you see it in writing, but going on adventures will make your relationship more adventurous.
  2. Do Things That Scare You.
  3. Open Up Your Options.
  4. Try Crazy Sex Stuff.
  5. Break Up Your Routine.
  6. Make New Friends.
  7. Take Up A New Hobby.

How can I be more adventurous in bed?

Top 6 Ways To Be More adventurous in Bed

  1. Make little changes.
  2. Bring in a special guest.
  3. Stimulate the sense organs.
  4. Experiment with fantasies.
  5. Ban certain things.
  6. Turn it into a game.

What are relationship benefits?

Here are seven proven health benefits from sharing a healthy relationship.

  • We live longer. Studies show that those engaged in positive relationships live longer.
  • We heal quicker.
  • We have lower blood pressure.
  • We bolster our immune systems.
  • We are more physically fit.
  • We enjoy good heart health.
  • We feel less pain.

What is the example of adventure?

An adventure is an exciting experience or undertaking that is typically bold, sometimes risky. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports.

Why adventure is important in our life?

An adventure involves challenging ourselves or trying out something new in life. Along with it, adventure expands and broaden our mind and makes us learn new and unique things which were unknown before. In each and every life of the individual, there is Importance of Adventure.

What is the adjective of adventure?

the adjective form of adventure is adventurous .

What is a good sentence for adventurous?

He is adventurous enough to risk his life to achieve his goals. He was of an adventurous nature from his childhood. He is an adventurous person by nature. We should be fearless and adventurous like them.

What is a positive word starting with Y?

List of Positive Words That Start With Y

Yahoo Yahweh Yare
Yay Yeah Yearn
Yeehaw Yell Yeoman
Yes Yes we can Yip
Yippee Ymca Yo

What does Zazzy mean?

Shiny or flashy (slang) Shiny or flashy. adjective.

What is a positive word starting with A?

Short Positive Words That Start With A

Word Definition Synonyms
adore (v.) to love intensely admire, cherish, esteem
adroit (adj.) very able or skilled able, adept, artful, skilled
affable (adj.) friendly agreeable, amiable, charming
affirm (v.) declare the truth of something approve, assert, declare

What does strong spirit of adventure mean?

participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure. a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

What is sense of fun Meaning?

Having a sense of fun means you know how to have a good time and people enjoy being around you because you lift everyone’s mood. eg. ” You have to invite Mark to the party he has a great sense of fun.”

Which facility provides a sense of adventure?

The Flight Simulator provides the visitors a sense of adventure.

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