What is Albergo English?

noun, plural al·ber·ghi [ahl-ber-gee]. / ɑlˈbɛr gi/. Italian. an inn or hotel.

What is the plural of albergo in Italian?

The plural of Albergo is Alberghi (an H is added to keep the sound of the hard G, the word Hotel is often not pluralized!)

How do you say pictures in Italian?

  1. 写真…
  2. fotoğraf…
  3. photo [feminine], photo…
  4. foto…
  5. صورة…
  6. fotografie…
  7. fotografi, billede…
  8. foto…

Is Stazione masculine or feminine?

You just saw “stazione,” “ospedale,” and “ristorante.” Nouns ending with ” – e ” can be either masculine or feminine: stazione is feminine, ospedale and ristorante are masculine.

What is the plural of lezione?

lezione f (plural lezioni) lesson (also figuratively), class, lecture.

What is the plural of attrice?

Noun. attrice f (plural attrici, masculine attore) actress.

What is Article Italian?

There are two main types of Italian articles: definite, which are called determinativi in Italian language, and indefinite indeterminativi. The definite articles are used to introduce nouns which refer to a specific item, in English we would use the article the. The indefinites have no plural.

What is Photos in Spanish?

nounWord forms: plural photos. foto f.

How do you say pictures in German?

2:40 5:40

How do you write a picture in French?

Photo vs photographer in French une photo – a photo, a photograph. une photographie – a photo, a photograph.

Is sport in Italian feminine?

Also, nouns ending in -ore or a consonant are always masculine. Like, sport or bar, which, fun for you, are Italian words that are the same in English.

Is Caffe masculine or feminine?

[Il] caffè (coffee, masculine). Plural: [i] caffè. [La] virtù (virtue, feminine).

Is the word problema masculine or feminine?

Problema is one of a surprisingly long list of Italian nouns that are actually masculine, and take a masculine article (il/un), despite having a feminine-looking form (ending in a).

What is the plural of quaderno?

Noun. quaderno m (plural quaderni) notebook, notepad.

What is the plural of studente?

Noun. studente m (plural studenti, feminine studentessa) student.

Is Amici plural or singular?

The word for friend in Italian is amico (when referring to a male friend or the generic concept) or amica (when referring to a female friend). The plural forms are amici (male friends) and amiche (female friends) respectively.

What is the plural of sport?

sports They tend to list “sport” as a noun and “sports” as its plural. “Sports” can also be an adjective, as in “sports car,” though The Associated Press insists that an SUV is a “sport utility vehicle.”

What is a plural word?

The word plural is used in grammar to mean “noting or pertaining to a member of the category of number, found in many languages, indicating that a word has more than one referent.” So, a plural noun is a noun that refers to more than one of something.

What is the plural of tiramisu?

Noun. tiramisu (countable and uncountable, plural tiramisus)

How do you say GLI in Italian?

1:56 5:46

Is Le used in Italian?

la is used for all feminine singular (just one) nouns beginning with a consonant. Le is used for all feminine plural nouns, even if they start with a vowel.

What are the 4 indefinite articles in Italian?

In Italian there are four indefinite articles: un, uno, una and un’. Which one you need to choose depends on the gender of the noun it goes with, and the letter the noun starts with.

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