What is Ahistory?

: not concerned with or related to history, historical development, or tradition an ahistorical attitude also : historically inaccurate or ignorant an ahistorical version of events. Other Words from ahistorical More Example Sentences Learn More About ahistorical.

How do you use ahistorical in a sentence?

None of these factors, however, makes my work ahistorical or acontextual. First, evaluations have a strong tendency to be atheoretical and ahistorical. A puzzling feature of the book is its ahistorical character. In this book, as in so much of what is called “the sociology of language,” the analysis is ahistorical.

Is Ahistorically a word?

a·his·tor·i·cal adj. 1. Conceived or done without consideration of history or historical context. 2.

What does anti historical mean?

: opposed to or disagreeing with history : in opposition to the accepted historical record … his apocalyptic outlook makes his novel not merely ahistorical but in some sense antihistorical.—

What does Irascibly mean?

: marked by hot temper and easily provoked anger.

What is historicism theory?

: a theory, doctrine, or style that emphasizes the importance of history: such as. a : a theory in which history is seen as a standard of value or as a determinant of events. b : a style (as in architecture) characterized by the use of traditional forms and elements.

What does Acultural mean?

Without Acultural meaning Without, or irrespective of, culture (customs and habits). adjective.

What do fitfully mean?

fitful, spasmodic, convulsive mean lacking steadiness or regularity in movement.

What is the meaning of Aposite?

adjective. suitable; well-adapted; pertinent; relevant; apt. an apposite answer.

What does it mean to say someone is thinking Ahistorically?

Something that’s ahistorical completely ignores or disregards the history or tradition that came before it. People who are nostalgic about the past are often taking an ahistorical perspective, choosing not to think about advances in civil and human rights through history.

Is Pugnaciously a word?

adj. Combative in nature. See Synonyms at belligerent. [From Latin pugnāx, pugnāc-, from pugnāre, to fight, from pugnus, fist; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

Why do we say an historical?

They have their accented, or stressed, syllable second, not first. It used to be that an initial “h” was not pronounced in many such words, which is how “an historic” and “an historical” came to be used in the first place.


[KEY]What is mean by judiciously?[/KEY]

: having, using, or showing good judgment : wise The community deserves praise for its judicious use of water. Other Words from judicious. judiciously adverb.


What does Acontextual mean?

: not occurring in, relating to, determined by, or conforming to a particular context … identifies the contrasting acontextual self, in which the individual stands apart from family relationships and pursues her or his individual needs and desires with maximum independence.—

What is a female curmudgeon called?

Hag, noun. Belongs in the ‘crone’ category and defined as ‘an ugly old woman’. While some have suggested male equivalents – such as curmudgeon or git – it is the female-centric terms that specifically denote ugliness, unpleasantness and often poor hygiene.

What is an example of pretentious?

The definition of pretentious is someone or something that claims to be very important or grand. An example of pretentious is someone saying they deserve a table in a crowded restaurant because of who they are. Affectedly grand; ostentatious. Ostentatious; intended to impress others.

What is it called when you do something without thinking?

If someone is impulsive, it means that they act on instinct, without thinking decisions through. When you call the person you have a crush on after promising yourself all day to maintain an air of dignified reserve, that’s impulsive behavior.

What is the goal of New Historicism?

New historicism, a form of literary theory which aims to understand intellectual history through literature and literature through its cultural context, follows the 1950s field of history of ideas and refers to itself as a form of “Cultural Poetics”.

What are the main principles of historicism?

the theory that social and cultural phenomena are determined by history. ∎ the belief that historical events are governed by laws. 2. the tendency to regard historical development as the most basic aspect of human existence.

What are the 5 literary theories?

  • What Is Literary Theory?
  • Traditional Literary Criticism.
  • Formalism and New Criticism.
  • Marxism and Critical Theory.
  • Structuralism and Poststructuralism.
  • New Historicism and Cultural Materialism.
  • Ethnic Studies and Postcolonial Criticism.
  • Gender Studies and Queer Theory.

What is non cultural?

: not cultural noncultural organizations … so that all facets of Pittsfield life, cultural and noncultural, can thrive on a year-round basis.—

What is the meaning of acculturation?

Acculturation can be defined as the ‘process of learning and incorporating the values, beliefs, language, customs and mannerisms of the new country immigrants and their families are living in, including behaviors that affect health such as dietary habits, activity levels and substance use.

What does sleeping fitfully mean?

An adjective that sounds a little like what it means, fitful means stopping and starting, on-again off-again, switching suddenly. I had a fitful night’s sleep: I woke up several times throughout the night. A fit is a disturbance that happens without warning, like a tantrum, tremor, or spasm.

How do you use fitfully in a sentence?

Fitfully sentence example

  1. Carmen slept fitfully in a chair in the waiting room all night.
  2. Yully slept fitfully and awoke before dawn, unable to rest with her troubled thoughts.
  3. He slept, fitfully , though this time he remembered no dreams.

What is Melange in English?

It derives from the Middle French verb mesler, which means “to mix.” “Mélange” is actually one of several French contributions to the English body of words for miscellaneous mixtures. There’s also the lesser known “gallimaufry” (meaning “hodgepodge”), which comes from the Middle French galimafree (meaning “stew”).

What is apposite example?

The definition of apposite is something that is appropriate or suits a purpose. An example of an apposite tribute is a tribute for a musician where a concert hall is named after him. Chose an apposite name for the dog; felt the comments were not apposite to the discussion.

What is congruous mean?

congruous \\KAHNG-groo-us\\ adjective. 1 a : being in agreement, harmony, or correspondence b : conforming to the circumstances or requirements of a situation : appropriate 2 : marked or enhanced by harmonious agreement among constituent elements.

How do you use apposite in a sentence?

Apposite in a Sentence 🔉

  1. My daughter and I usually disagree about which clothing items are apposite for school.
  2. During the debate, the candidate implied his opponent’s employment plan was not apposite for the country.
  3. You will look stunning tonight because the red dress is apposite for your complexion.

What are the 4 historical thinking concepts?

The six “historical thinking concepts” are: historical significance, primary source evidence, continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical perspectives and ethical dimensions. Together, these concepts form the basis of historical inquiry.

What are the 5 C’s in history?

In response, we developed an approach we call the “five C’s of historical thinking.” The concepts of change over time, causality, context, complexity, and contingency, we believe, together describe the shared foundations of our discipline.

What are the 4 C’s of history?

AP History Poster – The Four C’s! (Historical Reasoning Processes)

  • Comparison.
  • CCOT.
  • Causation.
  • Contextualization.

What does hedonistic mean in English?

the pursuit of pleasure : devoted to the pursuit of pleasure : of, relating to, or characterized by hedonism a hedonistic lifestyle a city known for its wild, hedonistic nightlife The unabashedly hedonistic Allen pursued the good life for two or three years after leaving Microsoft.—


[KEY]How do you use pugnacious in a sentence?[/KEY]

Pugnacious Sentence Examples

  1. Squirrels are restless, courageous and pugnacious little animals.
  2. It is exceedingly fierce and pugnacious, the males especially fighting with each other for possession of the females.
  3. It is a clever, agile and powerful dog, extremely pugnacious in disposition.


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