What is Ahern?

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hEachthighearna ‘descendant of Eachthighearna’, a personal name meaning ‘lord of horses’, from each ‘horse’ + tighearna ‘master, lord’. In Ireland, the name is most common in the southwest. Compare Hearn.

Who owns Ahern?

Don Ahern Don Ahern and his brother own more than 97 percent of the equity. According to recent court documents the company had 2012 revenues of approximately $389 million, from 72 rental stores mostly operated in the western portion of the U.S., and a net loss of $51 million.

How much is Ahern Rentals worth?

Ahern Rentals Fast Facts Ahern Rentals’s annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Commercial & Industrial Machinery & Equipment Rental & Leasing industry.

Is Ahern a corporation?

Ahern Engineering is an independent company providing engineering design services for new tools, parts or equipment to all Ahern family of companies divisions and third-party companies.

How common is the surname Ahern?

How Common Is The Last Name Ahern? This surname is the 25,388th most prevalent last name globally It is held by around 1 in 342,879 people.

Who are the Ahern family?

The Ahern Family is composed of American vlogger Brian Ahern, his Filipina wife Jodalyn, and their five kids Erica, Kathleen, Michael, Josephyn, and Braeden. This one big and happy family is based in Bohol.

What Las Vegas hotel does Don Ahern own?

The resort is located on 2.5 acres (1.0 ha) of land at 300 West Sahara Avenue, near the Las Vegas Strip. The Ahern Hotel is adjacent to the Allure Las Vegas high-rise condominium, opened in 2008 by developer Andrew Fonfa. Ahern Hotel.

Ahern Hotel and Convention Center
Website ahernhotel.com

How many locations does Ahern Rentals have?

116 locations Through organic growth, Ahern Rentals is today the largest independent rental company in North America, with 116 locations.

Who is the president of Ahern Rentals?

Don F Ahern Chairman/PRESIDENT/CEO, Ahern Rentals Inc.

How many employees does Ahern Rentals have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Sept 2021) 1,464
Website Visits (Apr 2021) 40.4 k
Cybersecurity rating C

How do you pronounce Ahern?

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What is the Ahern family motto?

The Ahern Motto + Motto Translation: I rise through difficulties.

Are Cecelia Ahern and Caroline Aherne related?

Caroline Aherne is an English actress and comedian. She co-created and starred in the ground-breaking TV series ‘The Royle Family’ and is also famous for playing quick witted old lady Mrs Merton. Cecelia Ahern is an Irish writer and TV producer, her father is Bertie Ahern.

What does Ahearn mean?

The name Ahearn originally appeared in Gaelic as O hEachthigheirn or O hEachthigheirna, made up of the words “each” meaning “steed,” and “thighearna,” meaning “lord.” This was first Anglicized O’Hagherin, which was later changed to O’Aherne before the prefix was eventually dropped.

What happened to Lucky Dragon Las Vegas?

The failed Lucky Dragon off-Strip casino resort that cost $165 million to construct but shuttered less than two years after its November 2016 opening is back and open for business. Sahara Avenue is now the Ahern Hotel. “The hotel portion is up and running and working beautifully,” Ahern told FOX5.

What casino did they use for the Red Dragon?

Desert Inn One of the primary locations of 2001’s comedy-action Rush Hour 2 film is the exotic Red Dragon Casino, which features later in the movie when the protagonists return to the United States. The fictional Las Vegas casino The Red Dragon, owned by the Triads, was actually filmed at the Desert Inn in Vegas.

Who bought the Lucky Dragon?

Don Ahern LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Lucky Dragon near the Las Vegas Strip has reopened as the Ahern Hotel. The hotel and casino was sold to Don Ahern at an auction in 2019. He bought it for $36 million.

Who owns Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson Nevada?

owner Don Ahern Dissatisfied with the telehandlers available in 2003, Xtreme Manufacturing owner Don Ahern decided to create his own telehandler to deliver outstanding performance and high quality, reliable components.

How do you pronounce Eadlyn?

It’s Eadlyn. There’s already been a little confusion, so let me help you out here: It’s prounounced EED-len. And, yes, Eadlyn is telling the story.

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