What is admiration defined as?

1 : a feeling of respect and approval They had/felt great admiration for her courage. 2 : an object of esteem … his perfect horsemanship … was one of my earliest admirations.—

What does it mean to Bejaded?

1 : fatigued by overwork : exhausted a jaded horse. 2 : made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by having or seeing too much of something jaded network viewers jaded voters. Other Words from jaded Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About jaded.

What are two synonyms for admiration?

synonyms for admiration

  • adoration.
  • applause.
  • appreciation.
  • delight.
  • love.
  • praise.
  • recognition.
  • wonder.

What is the synonym of admiration?

adoration, applause, love, praise, recognition, wonder, delight, appreciation, affection, reverence, pleasure, wonderment, fondness, esteem, obeisance, account, veneration, homage, idolization, regard.

What is the difference between admiration and respect?

As verbs the difference between respect and admire is that respect is to have respect for while admire is (obsolete|transitive) to be amazed at; to view with surprise; to marvel at.

How do you say you admire someone?

75 Compliments to Use When You Want to Say Something Nice

  1. 1 Your positivity is infectious.
  2. 2 You should be so proud of yourself.
  3. 3 You’re amazing!
  4. 4 You’re a true gift to the people in your life.
  5. 5 You’re an incredible friend.
  6. 6 I really appreciate everything that you do.
  7. 7 You inspire me to be a better person.

What is a jaded heart?

Jaded. The word typically means to be completely exhausted, worn out, or if simply put, bored the hell out of your mind. Have you ever had so much of something that you are simply not interested in it anymore? Well, that’s exactly the emotion referred to as feeling jaded.

What does it mean when a woman is jaded?

If you’ve done something so much that it doesn’t excite you anymore but just leaves you tired, consider yourself jaded. If someone says you look a little jaded, it just means that you look tired.

Whats the opposite of jaded?

Antonyms: insatiate, rested, unsatiable, insatiable. Synonyms: wearied. jadedadjective.

What do you call a person who is admirable?

hero. noun. someone who you admire for their intelligence, abilities, or personal qualities.


[KEY]What do you call someone who admires someone?[/KEY]

Definitions of admirer. a person who admires; someone who esteems or respects or approves. types: venerator. someone who regards with deep respect or reverence. marveller, wonderer.


What can I say instead of I like?

7 Ways to Say You Like Something in English

  • I enjoy it. This verb means to “take delight or pleasure in” something.
  • I love it.
  • I am passionate about it.
  • I am fond of it.
  • I am a fan of it.
  • I am interested in it.
  • I am into it.

How do you express admiration for someone?

Express your admiration verbally and non-verbally. Say what you find admirable about your man and mean it. Don’t make something up just to make him feel good. Sincerely compliment your man and tell him how much you respect him for what he does.

What word means causing interest attention or admiration?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for CAUSING ADMIRATION OR RESPECT [awe-inspiring]

Does respect mean admiration?

Respect, also called esteem, is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important or held in high esteem or regard. It conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities.

What is the difference between respect and esteem?

As nouns the difference between esteem and respect is that esteem is favourable regard while respect is (uncountable) an attitude of consideration or high.

What is the phrasal verb of respect?

List search

40 »abide by exp. & v.obey, comply, observe
3 »deal with exp. & v.hold, take, play
3 »entertain respect for v. & idi. & exp.
3 »have good opinion of exp. & idi. & v.admire, idiolize, obey
3 »observe of v. & exp.admire, revere, esteem

What do you admire about a person?

They respect people’s time, efforts, and desires. They take care of tiny things because small things matter. We tend to admire people who think big because, whenever we do not dare to follow our own dreams, they prove us that big goals are possible. And this is clearly admirable.

How do you say you admire someone’s work?

For a job well done

  1. Perfect!
  2. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Wonderful, this is more than I expected.
  4. This is so great I don’t need to make any revisions to it at all.
  5. I appreciate your critical thinking around this project.
  6. Well done—and ahead of deadline too!
  7. You are such a team player.

What does I admire your dedication mean?

2 : a message at the beginning of a work of art (as a book or a song) saying that it is written or performed to honor someone. 3 : extreme devotion We admire his dedication to the cause.

How do I stop being so jaded?

38 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Avoid Becoming Jaded In

  1. Create an upbeat playlist.
  2. Go out of your way to help somebody you don’t really know.
  3. Pay for somebody’s Starbucks order.
  4. When someone treats you poorly, imagine that they are having the worst day of their life.
  5. Take mini social media holidays.

Is being jaded a bad thing?

Being jaded is depressing and unhealthy. It just doesn’t feel good. There is a certain heaviness and resignation to people who are feeling discouraged and defeated.

What is a jaded horse?

It was first used in Middle English to mean “a broken-down horse.” Later the word for a worthless horse was often applied to a woman (or, very rarely, to a man) considered worthless. Now a jade is more often a disreputable woman than a broken-down horse. Jaded, meaning “worn out,” is also derived from the equine jade.

How can you tell if someone is jaded?

They’re often bored and cynical. They observe and criticize more often than they participate. Because they believe they’ve been burned, they no longer have the trust necessary to build solid, positive relationships. They believe the world is unfair and freely express their impatience and anger.

What does it mean to be jaded and cynical?

As adjectives the difference between jaded and cynical is that jaded is worn out, wearied, exhausted or lacking enthusiasm, due to age or experience while cynical is of or relating to the belief that human actions are motivated only or primarily by base desires or selfishness.

Are jaded and cynical the same?

Being cynical is a cognitive state of viewing the motives of other as self-serving. Jaded is when cynicism reaches a point of callous insensitivity.

What is the opposite of cynical?

cynical. Antonyms: genial, lenient, complaisant, urbane. Synonyms: sarcastic, snarling, snappish, sneering, cross-grained, currish, carping.

What does Burdend mean?

: to make (someone) hold or carry something heavy or accept or deal with something difficult : to put a heavy burden on (someone)

What is the meaning of Unsatiable?

adjective. impossible to satisfy. “his passion for work was unsatiable” synonyms: insatiable, insatiate quenchless, unquenchable. impossible to quench.

What is the difference between love and admiration?

The words love and admiration are two strong emotions felt by an individual, between which a difference can be identified. Admiration is a great respect that we feel for another person. The key difference between love and admiration is that while love focuses on affection, admiration focuses on respect and approval.


[KEY]What are 5 synonyms for beautiful?[/KEY]


  • alluring.
  • cute.
  • dazzling.
  • fascinating.
  • fine.
  • graceful.
  • magnificent.
  • marvelous.


What is a word for inner beauty?

What is another word for inner beauty?

generosity compassion
care considerateness
selflessness benignity
clemency beneficence
goodness friendliness

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