What is a synonym to abate?

Some common synonyms of abate are ebb, subside, and wane. While all these words mean “to die down in force or intensity,” abate stresses the idea of progressive diminishing.


[KEY]When rain abates it meaning?[/KEY]

To fall off in degree or intensity; subside: waiting for the rain to abate.


How do you use the word abate?

Abate sentence example

  1. In an hour or so the storm would abate and they could leave.
  2. I took Laura some homemade cookies, hoping to abate her sadness.
  3. Taking pain medicine can cause headaches to abate .
  4. The crowd’s roar began to abate after a few minutes of excitement.

What does abate mean in legal terms?

Abatement Abatement, in law, the interruption of a legal proceeding upon the pleading by a defendant of a matter that prevents the plaintiff from going forward with the suit at that time or in that form. Pleas in abatement raise such matters as objections to the place, mode, or time of the plaintiff’s claim.

Whats the definition of abates?

1 : to decrease in force or intensity waiting for the storm to abate. 2a : to become defeated or become null or void (as of a writ or appeal) b : to decrease in amount or value The legacies abated proportionately.

What is abated sentence?

Definition of Abate. to lessen in degree or intensity. Examples of Abate in a sentence. 1. I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg.

What is abate in Tagalog?

Translation for word Abate in Tagalog is : pahupain.

What slacken means?

1 : to make less active : slow up slacken speed at a crossing. 2 : to make slack (as by lessening tension or firmness) slacken sail. intransitive verb. 1 : to become slack or slow or negligent : slow down.

What does abated by death mean?

Abatement ab initio (Latin for “from the beginning”) is a common law legal doctrine that states that the death of a defendant who is appealing a criminal conviction vacates the conviction.

What is the meaning of the word abided?

1 : to remain stable or fixed in a state a love that abided with him all his days. 2 : to continue in a place : sojourn will abide in the house of the Lord. abide by. 1 : to conform to abide by the rules. 2 : to accept without objection : to acquiesce in will abide by your decision.

What does owner abated mean?

“Abatement” means any action the city may take on public or private property and any adjacent property as may be necessary to remove or alleviate a nuisance, including but not limited to demolition, removal, repair, boarding and securing or replacement of property.

What does date abated mean?

Abatement date means a specific date provided by the division on the Notice of Violation on or before which the firefighter employer must correct a violation to avoid penalty.

What is abatement of suit?

Abatement of suit Abatement refers to a situation in which when any of the party in a civil suit dies and if their right to sue survives then the suit can be continued by the legal representative or legal heirs of the deceased party.

What is the meaning of to be abridged?

1 : to shorten by omission of words without sacrifice of sense : condense abridge a novel an abridged dictionary. 2 : to shorten in duration or extent Tess wished to abridge her visit as much as possible …— Thomas Hardy. 3 formal : to reduce in scope : diminish attempts to abridge the right of free speech.

What is an abatement hearing?

Upon the failure of a property owner or other responsible person to remove or correct the conditions described in the notice of violation by the date specified and the city’s election to pursue abatement administratively, the city manager may cause a notice of public nuisance abatement hearing to be issued and a

What does it mean to mitigate something?

mitigate \\MIT-uh-gayt\\ verb. 1 : to cause to become less harsh or hostile : mollify. 2 a : to make less severe or painful : alleviate. b : to lessen the seriousness of : extenuate.

What is the root of Abate?

Abate comes from the Old French verb abattre, “to beat down,” and means to reduce or become less intense or numerous.

What is an abstract description?

Overview. An abstract is a short summary of your completed research. It is intended to describe your work without going into great detail. Abstracts should be self-contained and concise, explaining your work as briefly and clearly as possible.

How do you use abstruse in a sentence?

Abstruse sentence example. Dr. Bell is proficient in many fields of science, and has the art of making every subject he touches interesting, even the most abstruse theories. He had the imagination that invested with personal being and ethical qualities the most abstruse notions.

How do you use abide in a sentence?

Abide sentence example

  1. I don’t need to abide by the rules.
  2. If the employee decides not to abide by the contract, he will surely lose his job.
  3. If you abide by the guidelines, you are sure to succeed with the project.
  4. The one thing my parents cannot abide is blatant disobedience.

How do you use abstain in a sentence?

Abstain sentence example

  1. During Lent, many religious people decide to abstain from something to focus more clearly on God.
  2. Next he must abstain from all flesh diet except fish.
  3. I am trying to abstain from sweets for my new diet.

What does abatement amount mean?

suppression or termination: abatement of a nuisance; noise abatement. an amount deducted or subtracted, as from the usual price or the full tax.

What does Constrainedly mean?

adjective. forced, compelled, or obliged: a constrained confession. stiff or unnatural; uneasy or embarrassed: a constrained manner.

What do savagely mean?

savagely Add to list Share. If you do something savagely, you do it with fury and violence. If you’ve ever seen a vulture feast on roadkill, you’ve seen something performed savagely. Use the adverb savagely to describe something that happens with brutal force or a cruel intention.

Can people be tumultuous?

You might hear the adjective tumultuous in news stories about riots because it’s one of the best words to describe a group of people in turmoil or disorder, but it can mean anything in a state of unrest.

What does JM mean in court?

n. abbreviation for Judge, as in the Hon. William B. Boone, J. Jane Doe.

What does CR mean in court?

CR stands for criminal. CV stands for civil. It’s just a way for the court of appeals to look at the case number and know whether it’s a criminal case or a civil case.

How do you sue a dead person?

The short answer is: you can’t, because that person, as a legal entity, no longer exists. However, you can sue that person’s estate through the estate’s representative. Generally, the estate representative, more commonly known as an estate trustee, is named in the deceased person’s Will, and appointed by the Court.

What is the best definition for the word abiding?

: continuing for a long time : enduring an abiding interest in nature.

What is difference between dwell and abide?

As nouns the difference between dwelling and abiding is that dwelling is a habitation; a place or house in which a person lives; abode; domicile while abiding is the action of one abides; the state of an abider .

What does abiding faith mean?

adjective. continuing without change; enduring; steadfast: an abiding faith.

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