What is a L Americaine?

: in the American manner : of the American kind.

Why is it called sauce Americaine?

A popular story is that a chef by the name of Pierre Fraisse, (who hailed from the Languedoc region of France), whipped up the dish circa 1860 in Paris for a group of late night diners. He had spent time cooking in the US and thus gave the dish its American tag line, “Americaine,” or so they say.

How do you pronounce Americaine?

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What is a sauce American?

Sauce américaine (pronounced [sos ameʁikɛn]; French for ‘American sauce’) is a recipe from classic French cookery containing chopped onions, tomatoes, white wine, brandy, salt, cayenne pepper, butter and fish stock.

What is Algerian sauce made of?

Rapeseed oil, onions (contains sulfite), glucose-fructose syrup, tomato puree, vinegar, egg yolk, salt, modified starch, bell pepper, onion powder, wheat starch, spice extract, preservatives: potassium sorbate – sodium benzoate, acidifier: lactic acid, chili powder 0.1%, thickener: carob seed meal, natural capsicum

What is Mcdonalds Fritessaus?

Fritessaus or frietsaus (“fries sauce”) is a Dutch accompaniment to French fries, served popularly nationwide. It is similar to mayonnaise, but with at most 25% fat, is leaner and usually sweeter than mayonnaise.

What is Samourai sauce?

Samurai sauce (French: Sauce samouraï) is a Belgian condiment prepared from mayonnaise, ketchup, and harissa or Sambal Oelek commonly served with french fries.

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