What is a bonne heure?

: at the right time : that’s fine : all right.

What is the meaning of la bonne?

feminine noun. la bonne chère good food. feminine adjective.

What does labonne mean?

adjective. well and good; just right; excellent.

Is Bonne feminine or masculine?

Another important distinction from English is that French adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun they’re modifying. So, possible variations of bon include: bonne (feminine), bons (masculine plural) and bonnes (feminine plural).

What does Bonne Bouche mean in French?

good mouth : good mouth(ful) : a tasty morsel : a treat.

What is Bonne nuit called in English?

Good night Translation of bonne nuit – French–English dictionary Good night, everyone – I’m going to bed.6 days ago

What is the feminine of gros in French?

The feminine form is “grande” (ends on a final d sound). When followed by a noun starting with a vowel, D “grand” makes a liaison in T.

What is the feminine of Gentil in French?

Adjective. gentil (feminine singular gentille, masculine plural gentils, feminine plural gentilles)

What is the feminine of Mignon in French?

mignon (feminine singular mignonne, masculine plural mignons, feminine plural mignonnes)

What is a Bonne Mouche?

a tasty titbit or morsel.

How do you pronounce bonne bouche?

0:01 0:23

How do you pronounce la bouche?

0:00 0:05

How do you say Bonne nuit in French?

0:02 0:52

How do you say salute in French?

3:10 3:50

How do you respond to Bonne nuit in French?

Everyone can reply as well “bonne nuit” to wish you a good night as well. For example: You: Il est l’heure d’aller dormir, bonne nuit à tous (It’s time to go to sleep, good night everyone!)

What is opposite of gros in French?

Answer: mince ..

Is Gros masculine or feminine French?

The French translation for “big; fat (masculine)” is gros.

What does groose mean in French?

big, large, fat.

What is the feminine form of Joli?


singulier pluriel
masculin joli jolis
féminin jolie jolies

What does Genti mean in French?

A gentle person is kind, mild, and calm.

What is the feminine form of Sportif?


number feminine masculine
plural sportifs
singular sportive sportif

Is Mignon a French word?

From French mignon, from Middle French mignon (“lover, darling, favourite” ), from Old French mignot (“dainty, pleasing, gentle, kind” ), from Frankish *minnjo (“love, friendship, affection, memory” ), from Proto-Germanic *minþijÅ , *mindijÅ (“affectionate thought, care” ), from Proto-Indo-European *men-, *mnÄ – (“to

What does mignon mean in Spanish?

adjective. small and pretty; delicately pretty.

What is the feminine of Travailleur?

travailleur m (plural travailleurs, feminine travailleuse), worker, one who works.

Is Bonne a word?

Yes, bonne is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is Bonne Bouche stew?

“Bonne bouche” is French for “tasty bite”. Made with fresh pasteurized goats’ milk from Vermont and Canadian farms, the curd is hand ladled, sprinkled with poplar ash, and aged to develop a rind. As a young cheese, the rind has a pleasant yeast flavor and creamy interior becoming softer and more piquant with time.

What is the meaning of amuse bouche?

it amuses the mouth In French, “amuse bouche” means literally “it amuses the mouth.” The French were using “amuse-bouche” as a word for appetizers when English speakers embraced the culinary term almost a quarter of a century ago. It’s not just any appetizer!

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