What is a alligator shear used for?

Uses. Alligator shears are used for cutting long metal stock or scrap, generally where accuracy is not an important consideration, and the size or shape of the material makes other cutting or shearing options (such as a cutting torch) impractical.

How do you use a bench shear?

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What is alligator shearing machine?

Mask Hydraulic Machineries Alligator Shear is a metal-cutting shear with a hinged jaw, powered by a hydraulic cylinder. The jaw size can range from 4 to 36 in (100 to 900 mm) long. They are generally used to cut steel, such as rebar, pipe, angle, read more

What is a Beverly shear?

Beverly Throatless Shears are the ideal all-purpose metal cutting tools because they permit any desired cut in heavy gauges, yet handle lighter metals without distortion. Upper and lower blades are positioned to provide a clean knurl-free cut, regardless of material.

What is a plate shear?

Product Overview. Using a Plate Shear is the fastest way to cut sheet metal, plate stock and round stock to size. With slow and even pressure you will get a perfect cut every time. The M1041 can be mounted for stationary use and features compound lever action for tremendous mechanical advantage.

How do you use metal guillotine?

Place the metal into the front of the machine and feed it through until it touches the back gauge then activate the clamps to secure the metal. Engage the blade mechanism which may be a key pad, treadle, or lever depending on the machine.

Is Beverly Shear still in business?

Chicago, IL, U.S.A. Beverly Manufacturing Co., doing business as Beverly Shear, was established in 1931 by Kurt Nebel. On his death in 1971 the business was taken over by son Joseph Nebel. The business is now under the ownership of the third generation.

What is the purpose of the Beverly shear?

Beverly throatless shears are ideal all-purpose metal cutting tools because they allow any desired cut in heavy gauges, yet handle lighter metals without distortion. Uniquie sholder design allows work to be turned in any position during the cut. It features a geared rack and pinion which makes heavy metal cutting easy.

Who makes Beverly shear?

Beverly Shear Metal B3 Cutting Throat Shear – B-300 – Penn Tool Co., Inc.

What is a shear connection?

A shear connection is a joint that allows the transfer of shear forces between two members. It is a connection with pure normal force load (tension joint), pure shear loading, or combination of normal and shear force. Shear connections are generally the most commonly used connections.

What is steel plate shear wall system?

Steel shear wall is a lateral load resisting system consisting of vertical steel plate infills connected to the surrounding beams and columns and installed in one or more bays along the full height of the structure to form a cantilever wall. Shear walls are vertical elements of the horizontal force resisting system.

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