What does present and accounted for mean?

Definition of all present and accounted for —used to say that all the people who are supposed to be at a place or event are there The students are all present and accounted for.

What does all accounted for mean?

Usually, something is being counted. For example, if I asked you “are all the students here?” and you respond with “they’re all accounted for”, you mean that they have all been counted and proven to be there. a similar phrase for “they’re all accounted for” would be “they’re all here/they’re all there”


[KEY]What does it mean when money is accounted for?[/KEY]

an amount of money deposited with a bank, as in a checking or savings account. 8. an accommodation extended to a customer permitting the charging of goods or services.


[KEY]Will be accounted for meaning?[/KEY]

phrasal verb. If a sum of money is accounted for in a budget, it has been included in that budget for a particular purpose. The really heavy redundancy costs have been accounted for. [ be VERB-ed PARTICLE]


[KEY]What does all present mean?[/KEY]

adjective. Existing or occurring everywhere. ‘the all-present Spirit’


What does on both counts mean?

: on both points I agree with you on both counts.


[KEY]What’s the difference between count and account?[/KEY]

As verbs the difference between count and account is that count is to enumerate the digits of a numeral system while account is to provide explanation.


[KEY]How do you know if its debit or credit?[/KEY]

For placement, a debit is always positioned on the left side of an entry (see chart below). A debit increases asset or expense accounts, and decreases liability, revenue or equity accounts. A credit is always positioned on the right side of an entry.


[KEY]Is Accounts Payable a debit or credit?[/KEY]

Debit and credit accounts

Account When to Debit When to Credit
Accounts payable When a bill is paid When entering a bill for future payment
Revenue When a product is returned, or a discount is given When a sale is made


Is not accounted for meaning?

unaccounted not accounted for; not understood; unexplained: an explosion resulting from some unaccounted-for mechanical failure.

What does it mean when someone is unaccounted for?

—used to say that what happened to someone or something is not known Many people were unaccounted for after the disaster. A great deal of money remains unaccounted for.

What is a word for taken care of?

What is another word for taken care of?

babysat watched
mothered nursed
protected superintended
administered to attended to
cared for kept an eye on


[KEY]How do you use accounted for?[/KEY]

account for somebody/something

  1. 1to know where someone or something is or what has happened to them, especially after an accident All passengers have now been accounted for. Three files cannot be accounted for.
  2. (informal) to defeat or destroy someone or something Our antiaircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.


[KEY]What is Omnificent?[/KEY]

: unlimited in creative power.


[KEY]What is the meaning of omni present?[/KEY]

: present in all places at all times the museum’s omnipresent security apparatus big-city crime dramas, with omnipresent gloom and seedy, nocturnal settings— R. F. Moss.


What is meant by there’s no time like the present?

Definition of there’s no time like the present —used to say that the best time to do something is right now “Should we do it now?” “Sure. There’s no time like the present.”

What are the three Omni words?

In order to describe God’s attributes, or characteristics, theologians use three important terms: omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Omni is the Latin root, meaning ‘all.

Which is correct all is present or all are present?

If a writer means “all of it,” she should use “is.” If she means “all of them,” she should go with “are.” So it depends on whether your contributor was thinking of the whole dish or the various things in it: “All [the soup] is returned to a simmer” or “All [the ingredients] are returned to a simmer.”

What does Guilty on all counts mean?

1 responsible for an offence or misdeed. 2 (Law) having committed an offence or adjudged to have done so.

What does on all fronts mean?

For example, “The current national government is being attacked on all fronts” means that everyone is criticising them and for a wide range of reasons. It is using a war metaphor to describe the criticism.

What are counts in court?

Count refers to the basis for which someone can be held liable or guilty in court. A count is a cause of action in civil cases or an offense in criminal cases. Each lawsuit can involve multiple counts in which someone can be held liable.


[KEY]What does the idiom What a small world mean?[/KEY]

Meaning/Usage: Used when a person knows someone you know by chance. Explanation: The world is very large with a lot of people in it. When two people know the same person by chance, then the world doesn’t seem so big. In this case, the phrase “what a small world” is commonly used.


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