What does altiloquent mean?

adjective Archaic. (of language) high-flown or pretentious.

What does Intetive mean?

1 : an introductory step took the initiative in attempting to settle the issue. 2 : energy or aptitude displayed in initiation of action : enterprise showed great initiative. 3a : the right to initiate legislative action.

What do you call a person who has initiative?

Initiative. Conscientious. Flexible. A roll-up-his-sleeves person. dedicated.

What does taking the initiative mean?

: the power or opportunity to do something before others do If you want to meet her, you’re going to have to take the initiative and introduce yourself.

What do you call someone who does things without being asked?

Unsolicited is the word for doing something without being told. The definition: Not looked for or requested; unsought. unprompted: proceeding from natural feeling or impulse without external stimulus. unasked: not asked for, unrequested.

What is it called when you can do things without being told to do them?

If someone is impulsive, it means that they act on instinct, without thinking decisions through. We might also call impulsive behavior whimsical or capricious.

Whats the meaning of prudence?

1 : the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. 2 : sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs. 3 : skill and good judgment in the use of resources. 4 : caution or circumspection as to danger or risk.

What does injudicious mean in English?

: not judicious : indiscreet, unwise injudicious outbursts.

How can a person be initiative?

Defining Initiative When you show initiative, you do things without being told; you find out what you need to know; you keep going when things get tough; and you spot and take advantage of opportunities that others pass by. You act, instead of reacting, at work. Most of us have seen initiative in action.

What is an example of taking initiative?

Taking initiative shows the hallmarks of a leader in the making. Examples of initiative include: when you see others struggling reach out and offer help. When you see areas where your life is not going as well as you would like to and you decide to do something about it.

Does not take initiative Meaning?

to be the first one to do something, esp. to solve a problem: Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and say what you think.

What can I say instead of doing things?

synonyms for way of doing things

  • rule of thumb.
  • approach.
  • manner.
  • means.
  • method.
  • modus vivendi.
  • procedure.
  • process.

What do you call someone who takes responsibility for their actions?

Some common synonyms of responsible are accountable, amenable, answerable, and liable.

What is the ability to do things on your own without being told to do?

initiative noun (JUDGMENT) the ability to use your judgment to make decisions and do things without needing to be told what to do: Although she was quite young, she showed a lot of initiative and was promoted to manager after a year.

What means doing the right thing without being told what to do?

Explanation: Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.

Do things spontaneously without being told or ordered?

Shitsuke (Self-discipline) – This entails doing things spontaneously without being told or ordered and training people to follow good housekeeping rules.

What is the Bengali meaning of impugned?

attack as false or wrong.

What is an impugned decision?

Impugned judgement refers to a judgement under Indian law that is challenged as being illegal rendered or defective is some manner.

What is example prudence?

Prudence is defined as the act of being careful, often with money. An example of prudence is checking your bank account before you spend money. The quality or fact of being prudent.

How do I become prudent?

Practicing prudence means practicing counsel, judgement, and decisiveness. You can be prudent at home by offering counsel to family members who are arguing and using good judgement to try to settle any disputes.

What does Impractable mean?

1 : impassable an impracticable road. 2 : not practicable : incapable of being performed or accomplished by the means employed or at command an impracticable proposal.

What is the meaning of tactlessly?

: tending to offend or upset people : not showing or having tact. See the full definition for tactless in the English Language Learners Dictionary. tactless. adjective. tact·​less | \\ ˈtakt-ləs \\

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