What does against the clock mean?

In a great hurry, as fast as possible, as in With her term paper due on Monday, she was racing against the clock to finish it, or They were working against time to stay on schedule.

What does I off the clock mean?

Prepositional phrase off the clock. Not at work; off duty. Not being paid for working. Relaxing.

What is the movie against the clock about?

An ex-CIA operative investigates when her husband is seriously injured on a mission. The women is determined to find out what happened but the CIA director will go to any length to conceal the truth. Against the Clock/Film synopsis


[KEY]What is the meaning of the idiom a slap on the wrist?[/KEY]

a punishment that is less severe than is expected or usual. All he got was a slap on the wrist and he kept his job.


Are you still on the clock meaning?

To be on the clock is an idiom meaning “working” or “getting paid.” It can also refer to the amount of time a taximeter has on the clock or the amount of time left in a sporting match. Related words: clock in. clocked.

Can you be fired for refusing to work off the clock?

The Right to Be Paid for Off-the-Clock Work in CA Under California labor law, an employer can’t force you to work off-the-clock. That’s illegal.

What does back on the clock mean?

to remember or imagine times in the past: Now we’re going to turn back the clock with some rock and roll from the 1950s. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is around the clock mean?

: being in effect, continuing, or lasting 24 hours a day : constant around-the-clock surveillance.

What does bolt from the blue mean?

: a complete surprise : something totally unexpected.


[KEY]Are you still kicking meaning?[/KEY]

if someone or something is alive and kicking, they are still active or still exist, even though a lot of people might have expected them to have stopped or disappeared a long time ago. Romance is still alive and kicking for a couple who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week.


What does it mean to slap a girls wrist?

slap (one) on the wrist To issue one with a very mild, inconsequential punishment or warning.

What figurative language is a slap on the wrist?

idiom A slap on the wrist is an idiom that has risen sharply in popularity since the mid-1900s. An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal definition.

Who invented the slap bracelet?

Stuart Anders A slap bracelet (or snap bracelet) was a bracelet invented by Wisconsin teacher Stuart Anders in 1990, sold originally under the brand name of “Slap Wrap”.

What does clock someone mean?

To clock someone or something means to see or notice them/it.

What does the clock mean on WhatsApp?

The clock icon on WhatsApp means that your message is currently unable to be sent because there is not an appropriate connection. Usually, the clock symbol means that you do not have a strong enough internet connection for your message to be sent, but sometimes it means that the entire app is down.

What does it mean to always be on time?

on time Add to list Share. If you’re always on time, you’re punctual: you can be depended on to arrive when you say you will. If you pay your bills on time, you’ll never get a late notice or fee. People who are never on time, however, are always late.

Can your boss text you off the clock 2020?

Company management must exercise control over employees to ensure that work is not performed off the clock. For example, a supervisor can now text or email an employee 24/7. If the employee is expected to answer, they must be paid for their time in reviewing and responding to the message.

Why is working off the clock illegal?

Working off the clock labor is that which is unpaid or not contributing to overtime pay, and is usually illegal. The United States Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), is legislation designed to protect workers in most states. The FLSA articulates that employees be paid overtime for more than 40 hours a week.

What counts as working off the clock?

Work that is off the clock is any work done for an employer which isn’t compensated and not counted towards a worker’s weekly hours for overtime purposes. An employer may still be required to pay a worker whose work is “suffered”.

Which hand on a clock is the hour hand?

little hand The little hand is the hour hand. The hour hand tells you what hour it is. When the hour hand is between two numbers, it tells you we are between those two hours. The short hand or hour hand makes one full rotation around the dial in 12 hours.

What is the contraction of o clock?

An apostrophe is used in o’clock because the word is a contraction of the phrase “of the clock.” Just like other contractions, the apostrophe takes the place of missing words or letters from a longer word or phrase.

What does toilet around the clock mean?

around the clock Add to list Share. Around the clock means for an entire 24-hour day. The phrase around the clock is used most commonly when someone is hard at work, or is doing something difficult.

What means at the eleventh hour?

: the latest possible time before it is too late still making changes at the eleventh hour.

What figure of speech is around the clock?

Adverb: Around the clock is often used figuratively to describe someone working hard / doing something difficult – working around the clock to achieve something. It’s often used for: Doctors/ nurses.

What does Blue Blood represent?

English Language Learners Definition of blue blood : membership in a royal or socially important family. : a member of a royal or socially important family.

What is the meaning of to go down in flames?

To fail spectacularly or to a great degree.

Is out of the blue a metaphor?

An idiom is a metaphorical figure of speech, and it is understood that it is not a use of literal language. The idiom out of the blue is actually the abbreviated form of the idiom a bolt out of the blue. Another version of the idiom is a bolt out of the clear, blue sky.

Is dime a dozen an insult?

The phrase a dime a dozen refers to something very plentiful, common, and therefore, inexpensive. A phrase that began as a way to tout good value for the money evolved into a phrase that means something nearly worthless by virtue of its commonness and easy availability.

What is the opposite of a dime a dozen?

What is the opposite of a dime a dozen?

rare infrequent
unusual unique
scarce unlikely
scant unexpected
unfamiliar unheard of

What does they come a dime a dozen mean?

So plentiful as to be valueless. For example, Don’t bother to buy one of these—they’re a dime a dozen.

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