What does adores mean in a sentence?

to love someone very much, especially in a way that shows a lot of admiration or respect, or to like something very much: She has one son and she adores him. loveI love you. adoreHe absolutely adores his wife. dote onShe dotes on her grandkids.

What are two synonyms for adore?


  • admire.
  • cherish.
  • delight in.
  • fall for.
  • idolize.
  • revere.
  • worship.
  • glorify.

How do you use adore verb?

adore (informal) to like or enjoy something very much: She adores working with children.

  1. adore something I simply adore his music!
  2. Don’t you just adore that dress!
  3. adore doing something She adores working with children.

Is adore an emotion?

Adore comes from the Latin word adorare, meaning “to worship.” So when you adore someone, it’s more than just a crush. However, like many words of strong emotion, adore gets used in lighter situations as well.

Is adore stronger than love?

You meet a person who is beautiful and charming. Love is stronger than adore as it involves a commitment towards a person. Once you say I Love You to a person, you feel compelled to have feelings of love towards that person alone and this is natural and not forced.

What does adore mean in relationships?

‘Adore’ can be defined as an intense or rapturous love. A profound loving admiration, devotion, and respect for someone.

What do you call someone you adore?

When you adore someone, you might call them “love” or even your “little love”.


[KEY]Which word come into being to describe those who really adore themselves?[/KEY]

The adjective narcissistic describes those who are excessively self-absorbed, especially about their looks.


What does I adore you mean from a guy?

Saying you adore someone is like homing in on that specific part of love. When you feel like you adore someone, it’s saying that you look up to them and have a lot of affection for them, and you want to do things that will make them happy because making them happy makes you feel good.

Does adore mean worship?

As verbs the difference between worship and adore is that worship is to honor and adore, especially as a deity while adore is to worship.

What does it mean I adore you?

If you adore someone, you feel great love and admiration for them. She adored her parents and would do anything to please them. Synonyms: love, honour, admire, worship More Synonyms of adore.

Why do you adore someone?

To adore someone signifies that you regard her with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; you honor, admire and worship her; you are devoted to her. You can love and care about your best friend without adoring him/her. You can also love someone and want the best for him/her without necessarily expressing affection.


[KEY]Is admire and adore the same thing?[/KEY]

To ‘admire’ means to show respect or warm approval. I admire you greatly. To ‘adore’ is to love greatly.


How do you know if a guy adores you?

7 Signs That He Totally Adores You (And 5 Signs He’s A KEEPER)

  • He shows you his goofy side.
  • He can’t go a day without hearing from you.
  • He’ll throw caution to the wind.
  • He gives you the last one.
  • He’ll overlook the things that aren’t adorable.
  • He’ll want to hold you, hold your hand, cuddle, and gaze into your eyes.


[KEY]What is more powerful than love?[/KEY]

Cherish – I cherish my time with you. This is stronger than the word ‘love’ in that it shows just how much you value spending time with them. It’s very sweet to hear someone say this to you, and will make your loved ones feel really important and considered in your life choices and future.


Is adore another word for love?

Some common synonyms of adore are reverence, revere, venerate, and worship. While all these words mean “to honor and admire profoundly and respectfully,” adore implies love and stresses the notion of an individual and personal attachment.


[KEY]What do American guys call their girlfriends?[/KEY]

Boo: One common slang term is boo, which means boyfriend or girlfriend.


[KEY]Is Adorement a word?[/KEY]

noun. The action of adoring; adoration.


[KEY]What is the full meaning of adore?[/KEY]

1 : to worship or honor as a deity or as divine. 2 : to regard with loving admiration and devotion He adored his wife. 3 : to be very fond of adores pecan pie.


What is adjective of adore?

adoring. Showing adoration or admiration.

What’s the word when someone thinks they are better than you?

conceited. someone who is conceited behaves in a way that shows they think they are very intelligent, skillful, or attractive.

How do you adore someone?

19 Tiny Ways To Show Your Partner You Adore Them

  1. Leave cheerful little notes for them to find in coat pockets and lunch bags.
  2. Ditch your phone when you two are having one on one time, even if it’s just a casual conversation.
  3. Applaud their positive habits instead of berating their negative ones.

How do you use adore in a sentence?

love intensely.

  1. We adore them for their generosity.
  2. Don’t you just adore that dress!
  3. Let us adore God for all his works.
  4. I would adore to settle back homeland.
  5. I would adore to go home.
  6. He’s always been surrounded by people who adore him.
  7. I simply adore the way your hair is done!

What does it mean to be adoring?

: feeling or showing great affection and devotion his adoring fans her adoring husband her adoring eyes He was twenty then, an only son, spoiled by his adoring family.—

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