What does accentuation mean?

the act of emphasizing a particular feature of something or making something more noticeable, or an instance of this: Accentuation when reading poetry is very important.


[KEY]How do you use accentuate in a sentence?[/KEY]

Accentuate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The bright colored eyeliner will accentuate Ann’s beautiful eyes.
  2. When shopping, Kathryn always picks out blouses that accentuate her tiny waist.
  3. Harry tried to accentuate the positive aspects of moving into a smaller home.


[KEY]What is a better word for has?[/KEY]

What is another word for has?

owns possesses
holds maintains
carries controls
enjoys has possession of
bears keeps


What is the meaning of inquisitorial in English?

asking a lot of questions, especially in a way that makes you feel annoyed: an inquisitorial manner.6 days ago

What’s a better word for beautiful?

admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, inviting


[KEY]What are the synonyms for briskly?[/KEY]

synonyms for briskly

  • nimbly.
  • rapidly.
  • vigorously.
  • brusquely.
  • enthusiastically.
  • in a lively manner.
  • promptly.
  • quickly.


[KEY]What does accentuate the positive mean?[/KEY]

accentuate. accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. accept. accept (something) as (something) accept (something) as gospel.


What is the best definition of alliteration?

Full Definition of alliteration : the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables (such as wild and woolly, threatening throngs) — called also head rhyme, initial rhyme.

What is the example of emphasis?

The definition of emphasis is special attention put on something to give it importance. An example of emphasis is bolding the font of a particular word in a document to bring attention to it. An example of emphasis is a woman wearing a low cut shirt in order to bring attention to her cleavage.


[KEY]What is the word for to give special attention to something?[/KEY]

To accentuate something is to emphasize it.


What are synonyms for experience?

synonyms for experience

  • contact.
  • involvement.
  • maturity.
  • patience.
  • practice.
  • training.
  • understanding.
  • wisdom.


[KEY]What is another word for have been?[/KEY]

“His works have been performed internationally by major ballet and modern dance companies.” What is another word for have been?

was were
seemed appeared
came to be had been
turned out to be has been
wus wast


What is the meaning of accusatorial?

Legal Definition of accusatorial : of, relating to, or being a form of criminal prosecution in which a person is accused of a crime and is tried in public by a judge who is not also the prosecutor — compare adversary, inquisitorial.

What does nuanced mean in English?

: having nuances : having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in character or tone) a nuanced performance Whenever the movie focusses on Van Doren and Goodwin and Stempel, it treats them as nuanced human beings.

What does inquisitorial power mean?

a. pertaining to a trial with one person or group inquiring into the facts and acting as both prosecutor and judge. b. pertaining to secret criminal prosecutions.

What are 5 synonyms for beautiful?


  • alluring.
  • cute.
  • dazzling.
  • fascinating.
  • fine.
  • graceful.
  • magnificent.
  • marvelous.

What is a beautiful woman called?

belle. noun. old-fashioned a very beautiful girl or woman.

What is the longest word for beautiful?

pulchritudinous What does pulchritudinous mean? Pulchritudinous is an adjective that means physically beautiful or attractive.


[KEY]How do I bring out the best in my team?[/KEY]

Here are some simple ways to bring out the best in your team.

  1. Give clear and simple directions.
  2. Inspire your team.
  3. Identify and utilize each team member’s strengths and knowledge.
  4. Create a plan for improvement and growth.
  5. Praise effort and reward your team.


How do I bring out the best in my man?

Six Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner

  1. See the Best. What do you love about your partner?
  2. Judge Not. Too often we forget about that warm hug feeling.
  3. Communicate with Compassion and Honesty.
  4. Pay Attention and Show Appreciation.
  5. Empathize.
  6. Be the Best You Can Be.

Can brisk mean cold?

If the weather is brisk, it is cold and fresh.

What does Brisky mean?

lively : brisk, lively, animated.

What’s a word to describe cold?

adjective. 1’a cold day’ chilly, cool, freezing, icy, snowy, icy-cold, glacial, wintry, crisp, frosty, frigid, bitter, bitterly cold, biting, piercing, numbing, sharp, raw, polar, arctic, Siberian. informal nippy, brass monkeys. British informal parky, Baltic.

What is accentuation in psychology?

the proposition that classification of items produces encoding biases, that is, that individuals tend to exaggerate (accentuate) the similarities among items placed in the same category and the differences among items placed in different categories.

How do you accentuate words in Spanish?

Spanish accents (tildes) can only be written over the five vowels (a, e, i, o, u), and the accent is written from lower left to upper right: á, é, í, ó, ú. In Spanish, an accent mark over one vowel of some word, indicates that the vowel is stressed.

What is meant by diminution?

: the act, process, or an instance of becoming gradually less (as in size or importance) : the act, process, or an instance of diminishing : decrease a diminution in value.

How do you get rid of a negative?

These six tips will help you overcome feeling negative (or at least improve your mood a bit).

  1. Understand the truth about fear.
  2. Negative thinking (done in moderation) can be good for you.
  3. Use lots of affirmations.
  4. Journal your thoughts.
  5. Always expect to win (Even if you know that no on one wins every time)
  6. Get enough sleep.

Who wrote accent the positive?

Harold Arlen Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive/Composers

What are two synonyms accentuate?

Synonyms & Antonyms of accentuate

  • accent,
  • emphasize,
  • feature,
  • foreground,
  • highlight,
  • illuminate,
  • play up,
  • point (up),

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