What does abridgment mean?

1 : the action of abridging something : the state of being abridged abridgment of rights a book shortened by careful abridgment. 2 : a shortened form of a work retaining the general sense and unity of the original reading an abridgment of the original book.

What is abridgement law?

Legal Definition of abridge : to diminish or reduce in scope no State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States — U.S. Constitution amend. XIV. Other Words from abridge.

How do you use abridgement in a sentence?

(1) An abridgement of the book has been published for young readers. (2) The expressive notation facilitates abridgement in order to specify broader categories. (3) He read abridgement of the long novel. (4) He read an abridgement of the long novel.

What is a synonym for abridged?

Some common synonyms of abridge are abbreviate, curtail, retrench, and shorten.

What does lack of permanence mean?

​the state of lasting for a long time or for all time in the future. The spoken word is immediate but lacks permanence. We no longer talk of the permanence of marriage. lacking a sense of permanence in his life.

What does it mean if someone is promiscuous?

1 : having or involving many sexual partners : not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners. 2 : not restricted to one class, sort, or person : indiscriminate education … cheapened through the promiscuous distribution of diplomas— Norman Cousins. 3 : casual, irregular promiscuous eating habits.

Why is abridge called abridge?

Abridge is a village in Essex, England. It is on the River Roding, 16 miles (26 km) southwest of the county town of Chelmsford. It takes its name from the brick bridge over the River Roding, which is situated just to the north of the modern centre, on the road to Theydon Bois.

What is the example of abridge?

The definition of abridge is to reduce or condense the size or scope. An example of abridge is to shorten a novel to record it as an audio book. To reduce the length of (a written text); condense. The editor abridged the manuscript by cutting out two chapters.

What does process mean in due process?

What Is Due Process? Due process is a requirement that legal matters be resolved according to established rules and principles, and that individuals be treated fairly. Due process applies to both civil and criminal matters.

How do you write abridged sentences?

Abridged sentence example

  1. He abridged his Dictionary.
  2. This work was abridged by Bleek for his college lectures, and was published in that condensed form in 1868.
  3. The very period of sleep, so necessary for the young, is too often abridged .
  4. You can purchase an abridged version of Amor Real on DVD.

How do you use dissent in a sentence?

Examples of dissent in a Sentence Noun Church leaders permitted no dissent from church teachings. He did everything in his power to suppress political dissent. These dissents come from prominent scientists and should not be ignored. She argued in her dissent that Congress had exceeded its authority.

How do you use the word abridge?

Abridge in a Sentence 🔉

  1. His agent told him that he needed to abridge some of the content of his novel so that it would be under 400 pages.
  2. Scott and Hillary agreed to abridge their story, leaving out some of the more frightening details so that their parents wouldn’t be worried about them.

What does it mean if something is moot?

1a : open to question : debatable. b : subjected to discussion : disputed. 2 : deprived of practical significance : made abstract or purely academic. moot.

What is it called when you do things on a whim?

Some common synonyms of whim are caprice, crotchet, and vagary. While all these words mean “an irrational or unpredictable idea or desire,” whim implies a fantastic, capricious turn of mind or inclination.

What is the closest meaning of the word concurrently?

simultaneously. adverbat the same time.

What does temporariness mean?

the state or quality of lasting only for a short time. the temporariness of the job is probably the reason why so few people are applying for it.

What does it mean if a business has lack of permanence?

lack of permanence—no one will maintain business but you; hard to keep employees because of lack of fringe benefits.

What is permanence in communication?

Permanence- what happens in a F2F conversation is transitory (not permanent) mediated communication can be stored indefinitely and forwarded to others. what is social media used for?

Is it OK to be promiscuous?

Promiscuous individuals may also be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and oral cancer as a result of having multiple sexual partners, and combined with other risky acts such as smoking, and substance use, promiscuity can also lead to heart disease.

How do you know if someone is promiscuous?

The 15 Red Flags Every Man Should Know

  1. #1 She can’t stay at home. / She’s a party girl.
  2. #2 She has too many male friends.
  3. #3 She has tattoos or piercings on interior body parts.
  4. #4 She’s a (moderate to heavy) drinker. / She does recreational drugs.
  5. #5 She’s a man hater. / She tests you to see if you’re man enough.

How many partners does the average woman have before marriage?

How many sexual partners does the average adult have? The median heterosexual man or woman (age 18-60) reports somewhere between four and six opposite sex partners in their lifetime. Lesbian women, too, report about the same number of partners.

What was the first abridged anime?

Yu-Gi-Oh! The The first abridged series, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, was created by Martin Billany, better known by his screen name LittleKuriboh, in 2006 and has since inspired multiple popular abridged series such as Dragon Ball Z Abridged by TeamFourStar and Sword Art Online Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment.

Which is the best definition of abridged?

: shortened or condensed especially by the omission of words or passages an abridged dictionary an abridged version/edition of a classic novel.

What does it mean to abridge a room?

to shorten by omissions while retaining the basic contents: to abridge a reference book. to reduce or lessen in duration, scope, authority, etc.; diminish; curtail: to abridge a visit;to abridge one’s freedom. to deprive; cut off.

What is abridged writing?

abridge verb [T] (make shorter) to make a book, play, or piece of writing shorter by removing details and information that is not important: The book was abridged for children.

What does abridged mean in audiobooks?

Simply put, an abridged audiobook is a shortened version of the full text. If done right, the themes, tones, and mood should all line up with the original text. Conversely, unabridged audiobooks consist of the full literary text, kept intact as originally published.

How do you use abrogate in a sentence?

abrogate verb [T] (avoid responsibility) He seemed to abrogate his duty to withhold law and order. Those in power abrogated their responsibility. The government is abrogating its duty to protect the safety of its citizens. Some parents completely abrogate responsibility for parenting to schools.

What is a violation of due process?

Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.

How is due process violated?

In order to successfully establish a prima facie case for a procedural due process violation, a plaintiff must show that: (1) there has been a deprivation of the plaintiff’s liberty or property, and (2) the procedures used by the government to remedy the deprivation were constitutionally inadequate.

What are the 4 due process procedures?

Possibly Guaranteed Procedures Notice of the proposed action and the grounds asserted for it. Opportunity to present reasons why the proposed action should not be taken. The right to present evidence, including the right to call witnesses. The right to know opposing evidence.

How do you use claimant in a sentence?

Claimant in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The claimant was rewarded money for the damages to her property.
  2. Both the claimant and the defendant agreed that they needed a judge to rule on the case.
  3. Without evidence, the claimant was not able to prove that her roommate owed her money.

What does abridged version mean?

abridged Add to list Share. An abridged version of a book is a shortened version: it’s not complete because parts have been cut or omitted. Sometimes you have time to read all of something, but other times you don’t. When you need to save time, you might need to look at an abridged version of a book.

How do you use exercise in a sentence?

Exercise sentence example

  1. I see you’re getting your exercise for the day.
  2. You’ve had enough exercise for today.
  3. The exercise helped clear her head.
  4. The exercise felt good, and he ran and leapt and clambered up trees until he was panting.
  5. Once again, I’ll exercise caution and not lead anyone to my secret place.

Is there a difference between dissent and disagreement?

Disagreement is an idea, whereas dissent is a personal value or belief. Typically, disagreements are less intense than dissension because they are less personal. Disagreements also tend to be amongst equals, both parties share the power, passing ideas back and forth.

Is it correct to say dissent?

To dissent is “to differ in sentiment or opinion, especially from the majority.” Recorded in English in the 15th century, the word derives from the Latin dissentire, literally “to feel or think (sentire) differently (dis-).” Dissent is also a noun form, found by the 16th century.

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