What can indicate?

You use can to indicate that someone is allowed to do something. You use cannot or can’t to indicate that someone is not allowed to do something.

What does a typically?

: generally or normally. : in the usual way.

What does Petable mean?

: capable of, fit for, or worthy of being petted.

Is Deromanticize a word?

verb (used with object), de·ro·man·ti·cized, de·ro·man·ti·ciz·ing. to remove the romantic, ideal, or heroic aura from.

What is a good sentence for indicate?

Our records indicate a depth of 3,000 feet here. The map indicates where the treasure is buried. There is nothing to indicate that the two events are connected. The size of his offer indicates that he is eager to buy the house.

What is an example of indicate?

The definition of indicate is to make reference to, to point towards or show something, or to make a brief statement acknowledging something. An example of indicate is when you point towards Susie. An example of indicate is when you draw lines on a floor plan to show where the couch will go.

Does typical mean hard?

Typical does not mean difficult. If something — a task, say, like icing a cake — is usually easy, it would be typical for it to be easy.

What is a typical number?

The typical number is the one that has the most but it’s also surrounded by the most. If they’re all over, pick the one in the middle.

Does typically mean always?

As adverbs the difference between typically and always is that typically is in a typical or common manner while always is at all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually.

Is Pettable ESA legit?

Is Pettable Legit? Yes. Pettable is a legitimate provider of genuine documents that meet state and federal ESA letter requirements. They ensure that their letters are compliant with all relevant guidelines, including HIPAA.

Is Petable a word?

PETABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is Pettable a word?

adjective. Suitable for petting; that can be (safely) petted.

What is the meaning of Deromanticize?

: to remove the romance from : make mundane.

What romanticize means?

: to make romantic : treat as idealized or heroic romanticize the past. intransitive verb. 1 : to hold romantic ideas. 2 : to present details, incidents, or people in a romantic way.

What are indicative sentences examples?

Indicative is defined as a grammar term for a verb or a sentence that either makes a statement or asks a question. An example of the indicative is the sentence, “The birds are singing.” The definition of indicative is a type of behavior that gives a suggestion or shows something.

What is a sentence for analyze?

Analyze sentence example. The goal is to analyze more data, from a wider variety of sources, in a shorter amount of time. I really don’t know what sort of girl she is; I can’t analyze her at all. I need for you to analyze the dynamics of the controlled reverse flow reactor.

What does Indicating mean in English?

verb (used with object), in·di·cat·ed, in·di·cat·ing. to be a sign of; betoken; evidence; show: His hesitation really indicates his doubt about the venture. to point out or point to; direct attention to: to indicate a place on a map.

How do you indicate someone?

[transitive] to make someone notice someone or something, especially by pointing or moving your head indicate somebody/something (to somebody) She took out a map and indicated the quickest route to us. “What are they doing here?” he asked, indicating her bags in the hallway.


[KEY]Can we use have instead of drink?[/KEY]

We often use common verbs like have and take with nouns like a shower, a drink: I took a shower. She had a drink.


What is the difference between typical and difficult?

As adjectives the difference between typical and difficult is that typical is capturing the overall sense of a thing while difficult is hard, not easy, requiring much effort.

What is the quality of being typical?

The noun mediocrity means the quality of being average or ordinary.

Is Normal same as typical?

As nouns the difference between normal and typical is that normal is (geometry) a line or vector that is perpendicular to another line, surface, or plane while typical is anything that is typical, normal, or standard.

Is mode the highest number?

Mode: The most frequent number—that is, the number that occurs the highest number of times. Example: The mode of {4 , 2, 4, 3, 2, 2} is 2 because it occurs three times, which is more than any other number.

Is typical mean average?

If that statistic is meant to represent the typical data point, we call it an average. In this chapter, we’re interested in the three most common averages: the mean, the median, and the mode. Another way to think of an average comes from the phrase central tendency. This refers to the middle of the data.

How do you find a average number?

Add the numbers together and divide by the number of numbers. (The sum of values divided by the number of values). Arrange the numbers in order, find the middle number.

How do you use typically?

You use typically to say that something usually happens in the way that you are describing. It typically takes a day or two, depending on size. You use typically to say that something shows all the most usual characteristics of a particular type of person or thing.

Whats another word for typically?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for typically, like: generally, commonly, usually, routinely, normally, customarily, regularly, often, consistently, frequently and atypically.

Who is a typical person?

To be typical is to be of a type, meaning that a person or thing has the same characteristics of everyone or everything else in the group, like a typical student, trying to talk the teacher out of giving homework over break.

Are online ESA letters legit?

Technically speaking, these letters are legitimate. By that, I mean the letters will be signed by a licensed professional, on official letterhead, and they will almost always permit the animal owner to avoid pet restrictions on housing and travel.

What is the best ESA registry?

Best Emotional Support Animal Registration Reviews

  • CertaPet – Speedy Service.
  • American Service Pets – Best Overall.
  • Pettable – Best Customer Service.
  • US Service Animals – Best Legal Support.
  • Emotional Pet Support – Best for Same-Day Approval.
  • Support Pets – Best for Speed and Cost.

Is CertaPet legit and safe?

Among the many ESA websites that are all across the internet, CertaPet might be the most legitimate-looking. Their website is stacked with helpful information, blog posts, and even photographs of real people and not just stock images. They also have a provided phone number, physical address, and social media links.

How do you spell Pettable?

Definition of pettable in the English dictionary The definition of pettable in the dictionary is having the capability to be petted.

What petted means?

Petted is to stroke a person or animal with affection. An example of petted is a dog that has been stroked after having followed a command. verb.

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