What are examples of ambiguity?

Common Examples of Ambiguity

  • The bark was painful. (Could mean a tree’s bark was rough or a dog’s bark communicated pain or hurt the listener’s ears).
  • You should bring wine or beer and dessert. (Could mean that you must bring just wine, wine and dessert, or beer and dessert).
  • Harry isn’t coming to the party.

What does it mean when a person is ambiguous?

In ambivalent it refers to having mixed, contradictory, or more than one feeling about something. In ambiguous on the other hand, it means unclear or able to be understood in multiple ways. ‘Ambiguous’, on the other hand, means “unclear or capable of being understood in two or more different ways.”

What is the synonym for ambiguity?

Frequently Asked Questions About ambiguous Some common synonyms of ambiguous are cryptic, dark, enigmatic, equivocal, obscure, and vague. While all these words mean “not clearly understandable,” ambiguous applies to language capable of more than one interpretation. an ambiguous directive.

What is ambiguity in simple words?

Ambiguity means that what a thing is, is not clear. Literally, the word refers to a choice between two different things. In the proper sense it should mean “two different meanings” because “ambi” comes from the Greek word for “two”. If we cannot decide what is going on, the event is ambiguous.

Is ambiguity good or bad?

It means you’re being unclear or inexact. Ambiguity is a funny thing. In speech and writing, however, ambiguity can be a useful tool. In your speech, you might want to use ambiguity to make your audience consider things for themselves.

What is ambiguity in the workplace?

What is ambiguity? Ambiguity is an unclear statement, task or goal. When you encounter an ambiguous situation, you may be unsure of how to proceed because the goal is vague or you don’t have access to all of the information you need.

What does ambiguity mean in a relationship?

Here is exactly what being ambiguous in relationships actually means: you don’t know where you stand because a firm choice hasn’t been made, and in fact, other options haven’t been ruled out. Saying that you don’t want a relationship and are going with the flow but acting like someone in a relationship.

What does morally ambiguous mean?

: a lack of certainty about whether something is right or wrong.

What is an ambiguous attitude?

adj. 1 having more than one possible interpretation or meaning.

What is role ambiguity?

Role ambiguity occurs when behavioral expectations associated with a role are vague, imprecise, or unclear to a role occupant.

How do you handle ambiguity?

If so, here are some ways to help you to become better at dealing with ambiguity.

  1. Learn to Act without Knowing All of The Details.
  2. Be Confident and Take Risks.
  3. Plan for the Future, but Remain in The Present.
  4. Communicate.
  5. Embrace Change.

What is opposite of ambiguous?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms ambiguous. Antonyms: univocal, obvious, plain, clear, unambiguous, indisputable, necessary, unmistakable, unequivocal, lucid. Synonyms: equivocal, vague, doubtful, enigmatical, uncertain, obscure, unintelligible, perplexing, indistinct, dubious.

What is ambiguity in grammar?

In English grammar, syntactic ambiguity (also called structural ambiguity or grammatical ambiguity) is the presence of two or more possible meanings within a single sentence or sequence of words, as opposed to lexical ambiguity, which is the presence of two or more possible meanings within a single word.

How do you remove ambiguity in a sentence?

Expansion: Adding a word or two to the sentence can remove ambiguity. He finished the race last Thursday. —> He finished the race on last Thursday. 3.

How do you remove ambiguity in grammar?

Methods To Remove Ambiguity-

  1. By fixing the grammar.
  2. By adding grouping rules.
  3. By using semantics and choosing the parse that makes the most sense.
  4. By adding the precedence rules or other context sensitive parsing rules.

Why is ambiguity important in life?

The best part of being human is that we can choose how we respond. Ambiguity creates uncertainty and in turn it can create stress. Feeling in control of your life is empowering.

What is an example of ambiguous sentence?

Ambiguity is when the meaning of a word, phrase, or sentence is uncertain. There could be more than one meaning. Examples of Ambiguity: Sarah gave a bath to her dog wearing a pink t-shirt.

What is the effect of ambiguity English?

The ambiguity effect is a cognitive bias where decision making is affected by a lack of information, or “ambiguity”.

What is ambiguous situation?

You are dealing with ambiguous situations when you see that there is more than one solution to a problem, but you aren’t sure which one to do. Or, it might be when you come to a conclusion about a situation, but before you can act on it, the situation has already changed.

What causes ambiguity in the workplace?

Ambiguity comes in several forms in the workplace. The issue arises from a lack of direction and clearly defined roles. The problem can result from the business itself or from specific managers who fail implement the direction and roles associated with their job.

What is emotional ambiguity?

The emotional-ambiguity hypothesis is the first new model of this relation to appear in some years. It introduces the novel principle that the relation between valence and arousal is controlled by a variable that is not traditionally measured: the uncertainty of perceived valence.

What is ambiguous loss theory?

premise of the ambiguous loss theory is that uncer- tainty or a lack of information about the where- abouts or status of a loved one as absent or present, as dead or alive, is traumatizing for most individuals, couples, and families.

What is stable ambiguity?

These tactics of maintaining unclear relationships and prolonging breakups all produce what I call stable ambiguity: people are too afraid to be alone, but unwilling to fully engage in intimacy building. This is a holding pattern that affirms the undefined nature of relationships.

What does Situationship mean?

Less than a relationship, but more than a casual encounter or booty call, a situationship refers to a romantic relationship that is, and remains, undefined. “A situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship,” explains psychotherapist and author Jonathan Alpert.

What are some examples of moral ambiguity?

Example sentences moral ambiguity

  • Many political solutions are rife with moral ambiguity.
  • The moral ambiguities of attritional warfare force us to ask whether World War I was worth it.
  • He is happiest, he says, when unsure how to approach a role, or when the subject matter touches on moral ambiguity.

What makes something ambiguous?

Ambiguous has, like many words in English, more than one possible meaning; a quality some might refer to as ambiguous itself. This word may mean “doubtful or uncertain especially from obscurity or indistinctness,” “capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways,” and “inexplicable.”

What is morally wrong?

Morally wrong acts are activities such as murder, theft, rape, lying, and breaking promises. Other descriptions would be that they are morally prohibited, morally impermissible, acts one ought not to do, and acts one has a duty to refrain from doing. Morally right acts are activities that are allowed.

Which is the best synonym for ambiguous?


  • enigmatic.
  • equivocal.
  • inconclusive.
  • opaque.
  • puzzling.
  • questionable.
  • uncertain.
  • unclear.

What is the difference between ambiguity and confusion?

As nouns the difference between confusion and ambiguity is that confusion is confusion while ambiguity is (countable) something, particulary words and sentences, that is open to more than one interpretation, explanation or meaning, if that meaning etc cannot be determined from its context.

What is the difference between ambiguity and ambiguous?

2 Answers. Ambiguity is a noun and a concept. Ambiguous is an adjective, derived from the noun, describing something.

Why is role ambiguity bad?

Consequences of Role Ambiguity Uncertainty can result in many negative consequences. Indeed, several studies have shown that role ambiguity is related to manifestations of poor mental and physical health. For example, role ambiguity is associated with anxiety, burnout, depression, and physical illness.

How do you address a role ambiguity?

7 tips to deal with ambiguity in the workplace

  1. Define the framework.
  2. Understand your staff.
  3. Give clear and concise instructions to your employees.
  4. Make decisive decisions.
  5. Give training on resilience and confidence.
  6. Make sure employees take their vacations and lunch breaks.
  7. Encourage Mindfulness in the organization.

How do you manage ambiguity in the workplace?

Tolerance of Ambiguity in the Workplace

  1. Make a decision.
  2. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them but don’t be frozen if you aren’t able to get your questions answered.
  3. Be empathetic with your team.
  4. Be clear and concise when you do have all of the information or once a decision is made.

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