What are alligator forceps used for?

Alligator forceps are surgical instruments used for grasping small objects or removing items from small cavities in the body.

What is Babcock tissue forceps?

Babcock Forceps are finger ring, ratcheted, non-perforating forceps used to grasp delicate tissue in laser procedures. The Babcock’s is invented to hold tubular organs; the orifices in the blades accommodate some part of the tissue and reduce the intraluminal pressure, which protects the organs from getting damaged.

What are Kelly forceps?

Kelly forceps are a type of hemostat usually made of stainless steel. They resemble a pair of scissors with the blade replaced by a blunted grip. They also feature a locking mechanism to allow them to act as clamps. Kelly forceps may be floor-grade (regular use) and as such not used for surgery.

What does an alligator forceps look like?

This type of forceps has a scissor-like grip at one end for a thumb and several fingers to hook through, a long shaft that is set at a 45-degree angle to the grip, and a small set of serrated jaws at the tip. The jaws bear resemblance to the snout of an alligator, giving rise to the name of the tool.

What is a ring Forcep?

Ring forceps are used for grasping, holding firmly or exerting traction upon objects. For especially delicate operations, generally ring handles with a locking ratchet are preferred over thumb forceps. Locking hemostatic forceps may be called clamps and are used to securely hold tissue.

Are used to hold soft tissue?

An Allis clamp (also called the Allis forceps) is a commonly used surgical instrument. The Allis clamp is a surgical instrument with sharp teeth, used to hold or grasp heavy tissue. It is also used to grasp fascia and soft tissues such as breast or bowel tissue.

What is the function of forceps?

Forceps are nonlocking grasping tools that function as an extension of the thumb and opposing fingers in the assisting hand to augment the instrument in the operating hand. Their primary purpose is to grasp, retract, or stabilize tissue.

How do you clean surgical forceps?


  1. Open the instrument and rinse in a sink of warm water. Hot water may cause blood and other matter to stick to the items. (
  2. Use a detergent recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Scrub with a brush to remove any grime (to reduce the generation of aerosols scrub underwater)

What are Rochester carmalt forceps used for?

Nicknamed the “stars and stripes hemostat,” the Rochester-Carmalt Forceps are characterized by the longitudinal serrations that run the length of the blade with cross-hatching at the tip. These large, crushing hemostatic forceps are a choice instrument for clamping blood vessels and large tissues or ligating pedicles.

How do you hold a thumb Forcep?

Thumb forceps should be held between the thumb and index finger with a pencil grip when in use, and in the palmed position when not in use. Correct handling of thumb forcepsThumb forceps should be held between the thumb and index finger with a pencil grip when in use, and in the palmed position when not in use.

Are alligators man eaters?

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What is a curette used for?

Curettes. Curettes are used primarily for the treatment of benign or low-grade malignant tumors and for debulking tumors prior to Mohs micrographic surgery. They come in many handle styles with either round or oval heads of varying sizes from 1 mm to 9 mm (Fig. 4.8).

What metal are alligator clips made of?

copper Crocodile clips are spring-loaded attachments with serrated edges and small teeth. They are typically made from steel or copper and are also known as alligator clips, plier clips, and battery clamps.

What is a forceps used for in a laboratory?

Forceps are the “tweezers” in an organic chem lab. They come in many sizes and shapes, sometimes old and discolored, sometimes new and shiny, sometimes sharp and pointed, sometimes flat-ended. Forceps are used for any situation where you have to grab a small item and cannot do it with your fingers.

What is high forceps delivery?

A forceps delivery is a type of assisted vaginal delivery. It’s sometimes needed in the course of vaginal childbirth. In a forceps delivery, a health care provider applies forceps — an instrument shaped like a pair of large spoons or salad tongs — to the baby’s head to help guide the baby out of the birth canal.

What instrument is used to withdraw fluids from cavities?

Syringe: A medical device that is used to inject fluid into, or withdraw fluid from, the body. A medical syringe consists of a needle attached to a hollow cylinder that is fitted with a sliding plunger. The downward movement of the plunger injects fluid; upward movement withdraws fluid.

What are the 3 categories of surgical instruments?

Types of Surgical Instruments

  • Cutting instruments include scissors, surgical blades, knives and scalpels.
  • Grasping or holding instruments include hemostatic forceps and tissue forceps.

What are clamps used for in surgery?

Clamps are useful tools for occluding, gripping, dissecting, and retracting. The most commonly encountered clamp for physicians implanting cardiac rhythm devices is the hemostat, also known as a “snap” or a “mosquito.” It is a small ratchet-locking clamp designed to grasp or occlude blood vessels before cutting.

How do you pass a suture needle to a surgeon?

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How many types of forceps deliver?

As a result, there are over 600 different types of forceps, of which maybe 15 to 20 are currently available. Most hospitals have on hand between five and eight different types of forceps. While each type of forceps has been developed for a specific delivery situation, all forceps share several design characteristics.

How do you clean Magill forceps?

Magill’s forceps Clean with detergent and water. Autoclave. Boil for 20 minutes after cleaning.

How do you handle forceps?

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What is cleaning sanitizing and disinfecting?

Know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects.

Why is it important to clean endoscopes a soon as possible after use?

It is vital to clean endoscopes manually as this can remove 95% of the organic debris and micro-organisms that may be present.

What does Sterilising someone mean?

to destroy the ability of (a person or animal) to reproduce by removing the sex organs or inhibiting their functions.

What is unique about Doyen forceps?

Doyen forceps have long jaws and shorter shanks. These forceps are characteristic because of their long and bowed jaws. covered with fine longitudinal serrations along the entire length of the gripping surface.

What is a Gelpi retractor used for?

Gelpi Retractors are self-retaining retractors that hold back organs and tissues firmly while allowing the surgeon to be free from handling efforts during an incision. This is partly related to a locking mechanism, a sliding device mounted on the surface of the surgical instrument.

What are towel clamps used for?

It is used for grasping the tissue, securing towels or drapes, and holding or reducing small bone fractures. Backhaus Towel Clamp is mainly used to fasten drapes or towels to patients during medical procedures in order for them to stay on.

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