Is there a word allayed?

verb (used with object), al·layed, al·lay·ing. to put (fear, doubt, suspicion, anger, etc.) to rest; calm; quiet.

What does Alleyed mean?

: furnished with alleys : forming an alley.


[KEY]What is a allays?[/KEY]

1. To calm or pacify (an emotion); set to rest: allayed the fears of the worried citizens. 2. To reduce the intensity of; lessen or relieve: allay the threat of social unrest; allay skin irritation.


[KEY]What does Alay mean in English?[/KEY]

(əˈleɪ ) verb. to relieve (pain, grief, etc) or be relieved.


What does walleyed mean?

It can refer to an eye with a whitish or bluish-white iris or to one with an opaque white cornea. It can also refer to a condition in which the eye turns outward away from the nose. The extended second sense of the adjective walleyed came from the appearance of eyes affected with the condition of walleye.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of amiable?

Synonyms & Antonyms of amiable

  • affable,
  • agreeable,
  • genial,
  • good-natured,
  • good-tempered,
  • gracious,
  • mellow,
  • nice,


[KEY]What is the plural of allay?[/KEY]

Noun. allay (plural allays)


Will you be allayed?

The verb allay is used when you want to make something better or eliminate fears and concerns. When you allay something, you are calming it or reducing difficulties.

What allayed means?

1 : to subdue or reduce in intensity or severity : alleviate expect a breeze to allay the heat. 2 : to make quiet : calm trying to allay their fears. intransitive verb. obsolete : to diminish in strength : subside.

What is the past tense of allay?

allayed allay ​Definitions and Synonyms

present tense
I/you/we/they allay
he/she/it allays
present participle allaying
past tense allayed

Why do I feel like I’m in a stupor?

Another word for stupor is “obtunded.” Stupor can be considered a very serious symptom because it’s associated with disorders like drug overdose, stroke, lack of oxygen, meningitis, or brain swelling. It’s important to seek immediate medical attention when someone shows signs of stupor.

What is the difference between stuporous and Obtunded?

People who are obtunded have a more depressed level of consciousness and cannot be fully aroused. Those who are not able to be aroused from a sleep-like state are said to be stuporous.

What is Semicomatose?

Medical Definition of semicomatose : marked by or affected with stupor and disorientation but not complete coma a semicomatose state semicomatose patients.


[KEY]What does it mean to mitigate something?[/KEY]

mitigate \\MIT-uh-gayt\\ verb. 1 : to cause to become less harsh or hostile : mollify. 2 a : to make less severe or painful : alleviate. b : to lessen the seriousness of : extenuate.


[KEY]What is it called when your eyes are not aligned?[/KEY]

03, 2020. Adult strabismus (crossed eyes) is when your eyes are not lined up properly and they point in different directions. One eye may look straight ahead while the other eye turns in, out, up, or down. The misalignment can shift from one eye to the other.


Is Wall eyed offensive?

wall·eyed. adj. 1. Often Offensive Affected with exotropia.

What happened to biggies eyes?

What Biggie had is called strabismus, which is a medical condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object.

What are three synonyms for amiable?

synonyms for amiable

  • charming.
  • cheerful.
  • cordial.
  • delightful.
  • genial.
  • good-humored.
  • good-natured.
  • pleasant.

What is the difference between amiable and amicable?

Amiable is an adjective used to describe people who are friendly or sociable. It can also describe things with a pleasing quality. Amicable on the other hand is usually used to describe relations or interactions that are civil or peaceable. Your good neighbor is ‘amiable,’ but your interactions with him are ‘amicable.

How do you use amiable?

Amiable in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because she was nice to all her fellow students, my cousin Sally was voted the most amiable female at her school.
  2. I love going to my doctor’s office because his staff is so amiable!

Are agility and dexterity the same?

As nouns the difference between dexterity and agility is that dexterity is skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands while agility is (uncountable) the quality of being agile; the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily; nimbleness; activity; quickness of motion; as, strength and agility of body.

What is the other name of agility?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for agility, like: dexterity, swiftness, nimbleness, briskness, celerity, sprightliness, activity, legerity, coordination, deftness and quickness.

Is agility and flexibility the same?

Agility is the natural evolution of flexibility. While flexibility is considered as an operational ability, agility is a strategic ability that enables a firm to establish a strategic long-term vision. In fact, flexibility is an agility capability, among other capabilities such as responsiveness or speed.

What is the plural of mercy?

noun. mer·​cy | \\ ˈmər-sē \\ plural mercies.

What is the plural of journey?

noun. jour·​ney | \\ ˈjər-nē \\ plural journeys.

What is the plural of buoy?

plural buoys. 1 buoy. /ˈbuːwi/ /ˈboɪ/ plural buoys.

How do you say too little?

synonyms for too little

  1. deficient.
  2. lacking.
  3. meager.
  4. poor.
  5. scarce.
  6. sketchy.
  7. unequal.
  8. weak.


[KEY]How do you use allay in a sentence?[/KEY]

Allay sentence example

  1. Elisabeth stood at the piano which did nothing to allay his anxiety.
  2. A lotion of sodium bicarbonate is useful to allay itching.
  3. These liberal arrangements, however, did not entirely allay the discontent.


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