Is there a word affirmatively?

adv. Informal Used in place of the response “yes” to express confirmation or consent. af·fir′ma·tive·ly adv.

What does responded affirmatively mean?

yes : with an affirmative reply : with a reply that means “yes” He answered in the affirmative. Other Words from affirmative Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About affirmative.

What is another word for affirmatively?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for affirmative, like: positive, yes, supporting, acknowledging, assertive, agreeing, yea, consenting, contradictory, approving and ratifying.

What is an affirmative sentence example?

An affirmative statement can also be referred to as an assertive sentence or affirmative proposition: “Birds fly,” “Rabbits run,” and “Fish swim” are all affirmative sentences where the subjects are actively doing something, thereby making a positive statement about the noun in motion.

Can you say affirmative instead of yes?

1 Answer. Yes is an affirmative response, and when used as exclamations or interjections they have the same meaning, as you can see in dictionaries. Since you’re asking about registers, it’s worth noting that affirmative as a response is decidedly formal.


[KEY]How do you respond to affirmations?[/KEY]

If you reply to a question in the affirmative, you say ‘yes’ or make a gesture that means ‘yes’. He asked me if I was ready.


What is meant by enunciating?

transitive verb. 1a : to make a definite or systematic statement of. b : announce, proclaim enunciated the new policy. 2 : articulate, pronounce enunciate all the syllables. intransitive verb.

Is contradictorily a word?

con·tra·dic·to·ry adj. 1. Involving, of the nature of, or being a contradiction: contradictory reports about the vaccine’s effectiveness. See Synonyms at opposite.

What is a word for affirmative response?

What is another word for positive response?

yes affirmative
following assurance
assumption justification
proclamation affirming
supporting commendation

What is the opposite of dawn dawn?

Antonym of Dawn Word. Antonym. Dawn. Dusk. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.


[KEY]What are 10 examples of affirmative sentence?[/KEY]


  • I am doing my Homework.
  • Trees gives us oxygen.
  • I live in India.
  • She is a good singer.
  • I love to read.
  • she is my mother.
  • I have seven pencil.
  • Stars shines at night.


What is a positive sentence?

Well, in grammar, positive sentence examples are stating what is and not what is not. They’re statements that are believed to be factual. They don’t necessarily have to be accurate or true. They’re merely statements from a speaker or writer that are believed to be legitimate.

How can you identify an imperative sentence?

The first indication of an imperative sentence is its punctuation. Most of these sentences end with a period, and sometimes an exclamation mark. Just be careful, as imperative sentences aren’t the only sentences that end with a period or exclamation mark (as you’ll see below).

What can I say instead of yes or no?

“Just like in your language, we have many ways to say yes, no, maybe and I can’t in English. And today you’re going to learn them.” Polite Ways to Say Yes in English

  • Yeah, sure. Here you go.
  • No problem! I’m always happy to help.
  • Yep! I will be right there.
  • Yeah, I’d be happy to!
  • Cool.
  • You got it.
  • Okay.


[KEY]How do you respond to a text yeah?[/KEY]

When a person is excited, she would say ‘yeah,’ and your response would be ‘yeah/yah/yes/that’s right.


[KEY]What is the most powerful affirmation?[/KEY]

20 Most Powerful Affirmations Because Thoughts Become Things

  • I embrace the rhythm of life and let it unfold.
  • I focus on action to create the life I want.
  • I know my intuition will always take me in the right direction.
  • I adore my quirks because they make me unique.
  • I can become anything I put my mind to.


What is a love affirmation?

What are words of affirmation? Words of affirmation are any spoken or written words that confirm, support, uplift, and empathize with another person in a positive manner. Words of affirmation is one of the five love languages, which are just specific ways of giving and receiving love in a relationship.

Do affirmations help anxiety?

Affirmations can help strengthen self-worth by boosting both your positive opinion of yourself and your confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. They can also help counter the feelings of panic, stress, and self-doubt that often accompany anxiety.

Why affirmations are not working?

The reason positive affirmations don’t work is that they target the conscious level of your mind, but not the unconscious. If what you are trying to affirm is incongruent with a deeply held negative belief, then all that results is an inner struggle.

How many affirmations should I say a day?

You can start with one affirmation and build it into a habit first, then add more. 10 or 15 affirmations per day are more than enough: you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a hundred statements you’ll have to live up to. Don’t pressure yourself with too many expectations to avoid burnout.

Is it enunciate or Pronunciate?

The slight difference between pronunciation and enunciation is that pronunciation is the act of making sounds or articulating words while enunciation is the way of articulating words clearly and distinctly according to the rules governing the language. Enuciate is to speak the pronouncement of the word.

Is Pronunciate a real word?

Pronunciate is not a word an educated person would use. The correct word is pronounce. You’re right that pronounce is the “correct word”.

What does stuporous mean medically?

Medical Definition of stupor : a condition of greatly dulled or completely suspended sense or sensibility a drunken stupor specifically : a chiefly mental condition marked by absence of spontaneous movement, greatly diminished responsiveness to stimulation, and usually impaired consciousness.

How do you identify a paradox?

A paradox is a statement that may seem contradictory but can be true (or at least make sense). Here are some paradoxes with a witty bent:

  1. Here are the rules: Ignore all rules.
  2. The second sentence is false. The first sentence is true.
  3. I only message those who do not message.

Is Miner and minor similar or contradictory?

Is Miner and minor similar or contradictory? neither similar nor contradictory. The words miner and minor have nothing in common when it comes to their meanings. A miner is a person who works in a mine, whereas minor means something smaller, lesser.

What does Antithetically mean?

antithetical \\an-tuh-THET-ih-kul\\ adjective. 1 : being in direct and unequivocal opposition : directly opposite or opposed. 2 : constituting or marked by antithesis : pertaining to the rhetorical contrast of ideas by means of parallel arrangements of words, clauses, or sentences.

What is the adjective of response?

Answering, replying or responding. Able to receive and respond to external stimuli. Using antiphons; antiphonal.

What does affirmative form mean?

Essentially an affirmative (positive) form is used to express the validity or truth of a basic assertion, while a negative form expresses its falsity. Examples are the sentences “Jane is here” and “Jane is not here”; the first is affirmative, while the second is negative. This means that a sentence, verb phrase, etc.

What is a negative response?

a response that involves avoidance of or withdrawal from a stimulus.

What is the opposite dead?

“The jungle was lush, moist, thick, and teeming with life.” What is the opposite of dead?

alive live
operating born
compassionate sympathetic
having life not dead
lauded honoredUS

What is the opposite of the word dawn * 1 point?

Opposite of the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. dusk. nightfall.

What is the opposite of being transparent?

The opposite of the literal sense of transparent is opaque, which describes things that cannot be seen through at all or that do not let any light pass through them. It can also be used as the opposite of some of the figurative senses of transparent: describing something as opaque can mean that it’s hard to understand.

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