Is it get ahold or get a hold?

Ahold often appears as part of the phrase get ahold of. In British English and other non-U.S. dialects, this phrase is usually written as get a hold of or simply get hold of.

Is Ahold a word in the dictionary?

Informal. a hold or grasp (often followed by of): He took ahold of my arm.

Is Ahold grammatically correct?

Ahold is an informal adverb that modifies a verb to show possession or contact. A hold is a phrase consisting of an indefinite article and a noun. Both should be avoided when hold is easily used instead.

What does Ahold mean?

informal. : hold —usually used in phrases like get ahold of to mean “take hold of,” “get possession of,” “get in contact with,” etc.

Can I get ahold of you?

The meaning actually depends on what follows of, so get hold/ahold of someone means communicate with/reach someone and get hold/ahold of something means obtaining/literally reaching out for something.

What does it mean to get ahold of yourself?

: to get control of ones’ thoughts and emotions and stop behaving in a foolish or uncontrolled way Get a hold of yourself and tell me what happened.

When did Ahold become a word?

Historically, “ahold” was once used as a navigational term meaning to sail a ship close to the wind. It was recorded sometime before 1616 in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In Act I, the boatswain cries: “Lay her a-hold, a-hold!” That use of the word is now obsolete. The modern sense of the word emerged in the 1870s.

How do you use Ahold in a sentence?

Ahold sentence example As I started to walk away, he grabbed ahold of my arm and wouldn’t let me go. I tried to call my sister, but I couldn’t get ahold of her. “Sofi, I can’t get ahold of Dusty,” Bianca said, uncertain gaze on the Oracle.

Who does Ahold Delhaize own?

Ahold Delhaize (co-)owns a number of supermarket chains and e-commerce businesses. Including Proxy Delhaize (245 stores), AD Delhaize (222 stores), Shop & Go (150 stores), Fresh Atelier (8 stores) and Including AB City (21 stores), AB Food Market (81 stores), AB Shop & Go (122 stores).

How do I get ahold?

get ahold of (one)

  1. Literally, to grab and hold onto someone with one’s hands. The police officer got ahold of the suspect before he could run away.
  2. To successfully make contact and communicate with one.
  3. To gain total control, influence, or power over one.
  4. To capture one’s attention, interest, or imagination.

Can’t get ahold of someone Meaning?

(also get ahold of someone) to communicate with someone, esp. by telephone: I haven’t talked to her in years, so I wouldn’t know how to get hold of her anymore.

Is it grabbed hold or grabbed ahold?

2 Answers. The phrase is actually “grab ahold”, and when you grab ahold of something, you grasp it or hold onto it. For example, if you are watching a scary movie with someone, you might grab ahold of their arm during the frightening parts.

What does it mean to get a hold of someone?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget hold of somebodyget hold of somebody (also get a hold of somebody American English) to find and speak to someone about something I must get hold of Vanessa to see if she can babysit.


[KEY]Can you get a hold of meaning?[/KEY]

1 : to get possession of (something) : to succeed in getting (something) Somehow she managed to get hold of the band’s new album before it came out. Where did you get hold of that idea? 2 : to find and talk to (someone) : to contact (someone) I need to talk to my lawyer, but I haven’t been able to get hold of him.


What does grab ahold mean?

To get ahold of something is defined as to grab it, often tightly. An example of the word ahold would be how the rope is grabbed by someone being rescued by a helicopter or boat. noun. 1.

How do I get ahold of Paypal?

For any type of unauthorized transaction or error, you can call our customer service at (402) 935-7733.

How do you spell awhile or a while?

Awhile is an adverb that means “for a while,” whereas “while” is a noun meaning “a period of time.” Generally, the two-word form “a while” should be used when following a preposition (“I will read for a while”), or with the words ago or back (“a while ago/back”).

How do you get a hold of yourself?

get a hold on/of (oneself) To begin to control one’s reactions or emotions after not having done so previously. After losing her job, Pam needed to calm down and get a hold on herself in order to drive home safely. You’re not going to be able to think clearly until you get a hold on yourself.

Have a hold on me meaning?

have a hold on (someone) To use knowledge of one’s past behavior or misdeeds as a means of leverage or manipulation.

Am I holding you back meaning?

Definition of hold back (someone or something ) 1 : to stop (someone) from doing something Once he starts talking, there’s no holding him back.

Is alot a word?

Alot is a common misspelling of a lot. A lot should always be spelled as two words. The meaning of a lot depends on the context. Usually, it means “many” or “to a great extent.” Let’s look at some examples.

How much is Ahold Delhaize worth?

Ahold net worth as of October 15, 2021 is $33.98B. Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V. provides retail stores which offer food and non-food products primarily in the United States and Europe.

Is Martin’s owned by giant?

Part of Ahold Delhaize USA, Carlisle, Pa. -based The Giant Company includes Giant and Martin’s supermarkets, Giant Heirloom Market urban grocery stores, and the Giant Direct and Martin’s Direct online grocery services.

Who is the CEO of Ahold Delhaize?

Frans Muller (Jul 1, 2018–) Ahold Delhaize/CEO

Can I have a go Meaning?

To ‘have a go’ can mean to try and do something. You can also say ‘have a little go’ or ‘give it a go’. “Everyone should have a go at learning English because it is important.”

What does have hold mean?

Also, have a hold on. Have a controlling influence over. For example, Blackmailers have a hold over their victims, or, as Shakespeare put it in The Merchant of Venice (4:1): “The law has yet another hold on you.” [ Late 1500s]

What does get in touch mean?

to transmit information or requests to. He has been unable to get in touch with his brother for a few days.

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