Is amboyna wood expensive?

Amboyna is among the most expensive and sought-after of all burls, and is frequently sold as veneer or as small turning/craft blanks.

Is amboyna a hardwood?

Uses. The hardwood, which is purplish, is termite-resistant and rose-scented. The wood known in Indonesia as amboyna is the burl of the tree, named after Ambon, where much of this material was originally found.

Where does amboyna grow?

Pterocarpus indicus – Willd.

Common Name Amboyna, Indian Padauk, Burmese Rosewood, Narra, Bloodwood
Range E. Asia – southern China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the western Pacific Islands.
Edibility Rating (2 of 5)
Other Uses (4 of 5)
Weed Potential No

How hard is Amboyna burl?

It is moderately hard and resistant to wearing and marring. It is a heavy wood. The wood is high in density.

What is the most expensive burl wood?

Amboyna Burl case Burls Just Wanna Have Fun If you sort a wood iPhone case collection by price, you’ll notice that the most expensive KerfCase money can buy is the Amboyna Burl case. At a wallet-walloping $409 starting price, it handily beats out other interesting wood types on price, such as our spalted maple and figured walnut cases.

What is the most sought after burl wood?

Bird’s-eye burl is a rare but beautiful burl pattern featuring small, tightly packed burls that show as dark “eyes” on the cut surface of the wood. Bird’s-eye burl is rarely found in Redwood, but when it is it is highly sought-after. It is often found, like lacy burl, in the crown burls and live burls of a tree.

What makes burl wood?

Burl wood results from harvesting a tree or a portion of a tree that has a burl. A burl is a growth on a tree formed from unsprouted bud tissue. The burl forms large, knobby looking growths on the base and trunk of the tree. Stress caused by injury, fungus, virus, or insects creates intense grain patterns.

What is burl walnut wood?

Walnut burl comes usually from the root bole of walnut trees, where a large ball often occurs. This is most common on orchard trees, which are northern California walnut (Juglans hindsii) with the nut producing English walnut (Juglans regia) grafted to it. Some burl may also be found at the graft line of these trees.

How hard is lignum vitae?

Wood products On the Janka scale of hardness, which measures hardness of woods, lignum vitae ranks highest of the trade woods, with a Janka hardness of 4500 lbf (compared with Olneya at 3260 lbf, African blackwood at 2940 lbf, hickory at 1820 lbf, red oak at 1290 lbf, yellow pine at 690 lbf, and Balsa at 100 lbf).

How can you tell if wood is Narra?

Color/Appearance: Heartwood can vary widely in color, ranging from a golden yellow to a reddish brown. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Quartersawn surfaces display ribbon-stripe figure, and the wood is also seen with mottled, beeswing, or curly figure.

How long does it take for a narra tree to grow?

Vegetation Thrives best in riverine, closed, and secondary forests. Soils Adapted to a range of soils, growing best on deep, fertile, loamy, alluvial soils. Growth rate In optimal conditions, height growth may be 2 m/yr (6.6 ft/yr) for the first 3–4 years, slowing to about 1 m/yr (3.3 ft/yr) thereafter.

What is the lifespan of narra tree?

The coconut variety grows to 5.05 m in height and has a lifespan of 40 years. The nuts are usually round and reddish yellow in color. Before it flowers, it takes 3-5 years.

What is Mallee Burl?

Red Mallee burl is an incredible species with vivid color and figure. This native Australian timber has a distinctive mix of pink, red, and violet heartwood with contrasting white sapwood. The wood is dense and easily yields a smooth, durable finish with light sanding.

What is birdseye maple wood?

Birdseye maple, one of the rarest kinds of wood on the planet, has a distinctive pattern that looks like tiny, swirling eyes disrupting the smooth lines of grain. Birds-eye maple is a form of figured hard maple, it is not a variety or species of maple. Birdseye maple has a medium density and variable color.

What is box elder burl?

Box Elder is a great wood for turning as the grain is fine and the burls have exquisite detail, giving great depth to any area with figure. Box Elder is also known as Manitoba Maple and American Maple in Russia. It is often referred to as a Maple with a “royal blush”.

What is the most expensive wood in the world?

African Blackwood African Blackwood It is considered as the most expensive wood in the world because not only it is challenging to work with hand or machine tools, its trees are already near-threatened. But as expensive as it may seem, African Blackwood is worth the price.

Is a oak burl worth anything?

Most burls, especially layered burls, are not particularly valuable. On the other hand, a larger eyed burl in good condition should bring $25 to $200 depending on size, species and condition. I have had burls up to 8 feet in diameter, and many in the 4-5 foot range. Those can be worth $500 or more.

Is burl wood rare?

Burl wood is unique and rare. Wood experts consider it to be extremely valuable. The value of the wood is measured on the size and type of tree it is coming from.

What is the rarest burl wood?

Camphor Burl, Cinnamumum camphor, is a rare burl from Southeast Asia that is highly prized.

Why is burl so expensive?

The surprising story behind the beautiful, rare wood. Because the grain is twisted and interlocked, burl wood is extremely dense and resistant to splitting. Burls have become so valuable that poachers have even been known to cut them from the side of trees in national parks, such as the ancient redwoods in California.

What trees do burls grow?


  • Cherry (Prunus)
  • Oak (Quercus)
  • Ash (Fraxinus)
  • Maple (Acer)
  • Elm (Ulmus)
  • Walnut (Juglans)

How much does burl wood sell for?

High-quality burl wood can run $5 a pound. A large trunk can clock in at 10,000 pounds, so “you have to put out $50,000 before you even cut it.”

Can you cut a burl without killing tree?

You should never cut burl wood from a living tree. Excising a bit of its trunk can kill the entire plant. No matter how beautiful a burl you have found, you need to skip it if the tree’s still alive.

How much is a large burl worth?

An eyed burl of large size may earn you $25 to $200. The actual price would depend on the size, condition, and species of the wood. However, you can find burl wood pieces 4 to 8-feet in diameter. These burl pieces can each bring $500 or so.

How much is a walnut burl worth?

Walnut burls, depending on their size, weight and texture, can be worth as much as $5,000 to $25,000 — sometimes even more — to end buyers. Their marble-like appearance makes them choice material for crafting handmade clocks, fine custom furniture, fancy gunstocks and dashboards for foreign sports cars.

Are burl walnuts expensive?

Solid hardwood furniture made from burled walnut is exceptionally expensive, but it is also very durable and long-lasting. Some furniture makers will create a piece out of a less expensive wood and use walnut veneer to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the piece without raising the cost too much.

What can I do with walnut burl?

Artists use walnut burl to create one-of-a-kind bowls, clocks, candlesticks, platters, pepper mills, table tops, boxes, vases, picture frames, pens, benches, bars, mantles, headboards, as well as car and boat interiors, and many other interesting and beautiful items.

What is the heaviest wood on earth?

List of the 20 Heaviest Types of Wood in the World

  • Black Ironwood – 84.5 lbs/ft.
  • Itin – 79.6 lbs/ft.
  • African Blackwood – 79.3/ft.
  • Lignum Vitae – 78.5 lbs/ft.
  • Quebracho – 77.1 lbs/ft.
  • Leadwood – 75.8 lbs/ft.
  • Snakewood – 75.7 lbs/ft.
  • Desert Ironwood – 75.4 lbs/ft.

What is the most beautiful wood?

Beautiful Wood

  • Thuja Plicata. A real giant of a tree, available in wide boards and very easy to work.
  • Alnus glutinosa.
  • Acer saccharum.
  • Swietenia macrophylla.
  • Tectona grandis.
  • Indian laurel.
  • Tilia vulgaris.
  • Triplochiton scleroxylon.

What is the most expensive wood in the Philippines?

agarwood There is a gold rush happening in the jungles of the Philippines. The treasure is one of the rarest trees in the world: lapnisan or agarwood. It is also the world’s most expensive tree. A kilo of agarwood fetches as much as P750,000.

What is the strongest wood in the Philippines?

Mangkono tree Xanthostemon verdugonianus is known to be the hardest Philippine hardwood species. Cutting a 70-cm thick tree with axes normally requires three hours, but cutting a Mangkono tree with the same diameter usually takes two to four days.

Which wood is best for furniture?

Which Type of Wood is Best for My Furniture?

  • Walnut. Walnut is a hard, strong and durable wood for furniture.
  • Maple. Maple is one of the hardest wood types for furniture.
  • Mahogany. Mahogany is a durable hardwood that’s often used for investment, intricate pieces of furniture.
  • Birch.
  • Oak.
  • Cherry.
  • Pine.

What is the most profitable tree to grow?

10 Most Profitable Trees To Grow

  • Instant shade trees.
  • Flowering dogwood.
  • Thornless locust.
  • Heritage fruit trees.
  • Hybrid chestnut.
  • Black walnut.
  • Bonsai trees.
  • Willow.

How many years does it take a mahogany tree to grow?

Thousands of mahogany trees that the family planted stand tall and sturdy, but it may take five to 10 more years before they mature, and another 30 years before they reach full commercial potential, Mario Jr.

Is bamboo a wood or grass?

Although bamboo is a grass, many of the larger bamboos are very tree-like in appearance and they are sometimes called “bamboo trees”. The stems, or ‘culms’, can range in height from a few centimetres to 40 metres, with stem diameters ranging from 1 mm to 30 cm.

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