Is all very well meaning?

—used to say that something may seem proper, good, or reasonable by itself but that there are other things that also have to be considered It’s all very well your telling me to take it easy, but I have a deadline to meet!

What does all was well mean?

used for saying that a situation or arrangement is satisfactory.

What is another word for all is well?

What is another word for all well and good?

all very well dandy
well and good excellent
superb splendid
wonderful first-rate
marvellousUK first-class

What does perfectly well mean?

1 completely, utterly, or absolutely. 2 in a perfect way; extremely well. on fleek adj.

What does very well?

Very well is used to say that you agree to do something or you accept someone’s answer, even though you might not be completely satisfied with it. [formulae] “We need proof, sir.” Another pause. Then, “Very well.” See full dictionary entry for very.

Is all well and good meaning?

—used to say that something may seem proper, good, or reasonable by itself but that there are other things that also have to be considered It is all well and good that you have been enjoying yourself, but you have to start saving your money.


[KEY]Is all is well a complete sentence?[/KEY]

“All is well” is OK. In your second example, the word “everything” should be written as one word, and the sentence itself sounds awkward. You could say this, for example: “Everything is going well.”


What is the proverb of all is well?

The proverb “all is well that ends well” or “all’s well that ends well” is used when a person has successfully achieved his or her goal after going through pitfalls and overcoming the obstacles. In simple terms, though the journey is difficult in the end, everything turns out to be good as intended.

What does I hope all is well mean?

B1. everything is in a good or acceptable state: I hope all is well with Jack.

What can I use instead of a well?

Synonyms & Antonyms of well

  • acceptably,
  • adequately,
  • all right,
  • alright,
  • creditably,
  • decently,
  • fine,
  • good,

What’s another word for I hope?

What is another word for I hope?

hopefully here’s hoping
God willing with luck
all being well fingers crossed
touch wood if all goes well
if everything turns out all right it is to be hoped that

Is it okay to say very well?

Very well is used to say that you agree to do something or you accept someone’s answer, even though you might not be completely satisfied with it.

Could very well be meaning?

used for saying that something is fairly likely to be true or is fairly likely to happen. What you say may very well be true. A small technical error may easily result in a serious accident.

How are you very good or very well?

Both “very well” and “very good” are correct. But the sense of “goodness” from “very good” is much higher than “very well”. Usually we say “very well” or just “good”.


[KEY]What well said means?[/KEY]

well said! spoken used to say that you agree with what someone has just said, or that you admire them for saying it → well. Exercises.


What does very well then?

1 somewhat old-fashioned —used to say that one agrees with something Very well, then. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Has known many a blast meaning?

To have a very fun or exciting time (doing something).

What does well fine mean?

You say that something is all very well/fine/good if it seems good by itself but you think that there are problems connected with it: It’s all very well to want to get rich quickly, but it isn’t usually that easy.

What does alls well that ends well?

—used to say that a person can forget about how unpleasant or difficult something was because everything ended in a good way We almost didn’t make it here, but all’s well that ends well.


[KEY]Do you say I am good or I am well?[/KEY]

Therefore, “I’m good,” is a proper response. “I’m well” is also allowed but not for the reasons many think. That response only works if “well” takes on its adjectival form, meaning “in good health” or “good or satisfactory.” Now, if someone asks “How are you doing?” “I’m doing well” is the correct response.


[KEY]Is Hope all is well correct?[/KEY]

This is a phrase used to let someone know you are thinking of them and hope that things are good in their life. This can be used in a general sense or to refer to something specific.


Do you say all are or all is?

If a writer means “all of it,” she should use “is.” If she means “all of them,” she should go with “are.” So it depends on whether your contributor was thinking of the whole dish or the various things in it: “All [the soup] is returned to a simmer” or “All [the ingredients] are returned to a simmer.”

Is it correct to say I hope all is well with you?

However, just like “Hope all is well with you,” “I hope all is well” is still a grammatically correct way of expressing your goodwill wishes.

Who said Alls well that ends well?

William Shakespeare Preview — All’s Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare. “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” “All’s well that ends well.” “No legacy is so rich as honesty.”


[KEY]Is All’s Well That Ends Well irony?[/KEY]

The situation is seen as being ironic even by the people around Bertram because his mother is the one seemingly most loyal to him, but she revokes that loyalty to protect Helen and he is ashamed when the situation is revealed to his comrades.


Is it rude to say Hope all is well?

The phrase “Hope all is well” is not necessarily unpleasant in itself, but because of how ubiquitous it has become, the pleasantry has been rendered meaningless. The recipient becomes more likely to read past the phrase and become uninterested in reading before getting your point across.

What can I say instead of hope you are well?

“I hope this email finds you well.” “I hope you’re having an A+ [week, month].” “I hope you’re having a two-coffee (versus a four-coffee) day.”

How do you describe a well?

A well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, or drilling to access liquid resources, usually water. The oldest and most common kind of well is a water well, to access groundwater in underground aquifers.

What is a well for water?

Basically, a well is a hole drilled into the ground to access water contained in an aquifer. Wells come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of material the well is drilled into and how much water is being pumped out.

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