Is Aligote a chardonnay?

Aligoté is most famous as the “third” grape variety of Burgundy, a poor cousin of the more prestigious (and more profitable) Chardonnay. DNA profiling has proven it to be a member of the wider Pinot family, of which Chardonnay is also a member.

What grape is Bourgogne Aligote?

Chardonnay grapes In the varietal appellation Bourgogne Aligoté AOC, up to 15% Chardonnay grapes may be blended in. Traditionally, the cocktail kir (also known as vin blanc cassis in French) is made by adding cassis to an Aligoté wine.

What is the quality of Aligote grape?

Aligote is a quaffable gem, dry with floral and herbal notes and an almost lemony character. There is also richness in Aligote wines from Burgundy, but only a bit.” “Few grapes have been as scorned in the last 50 years.

How do you say Aligote?

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Does Aligote age well?

When these conditions are met, and the grapes fully ripen, it is capable of producing excellent quality wines with great elegance and finesse. High natural acidity also gives Aligoté wonderfully refreshing qualities and enables the best wines to age for a decade and more.

Where is Aligote?

The appellation most dedicated to quality Aligoté is Bouzeron, a village on the Côte Chalonnaise just south of Côte de Beaune. Until 1998, when Bouzeron was elevated to village status, its wines were called “Aligoté Bouzeron” on the labels.

Is Pouilly Fuisse a white Burgundy?

Pouilly-Fuissé is the most distinguished wine appellation in the Mâconnais, making rich, full-bodied white Burgundy from Chardonnay in four communes: Chaintré, Fuissé, Solutré-Pouilly and Vergisson.

Is Chablis a white Burgundy?

What’s to know: Chablis is the northernmost region in Burgundy, and therefore the coldest. Chablis almost always has the tartest, crispest acid profile of all white Burgundy. Famous for its intensely chalky white soils, Chablis also contains several Grand Cru vineyard sites.

Is Bourgogne the same as Burgundy?

Bourgogne is the only wine region in France whose name is translated into different languages: “Burgundy” in English , “Burgund” in German, “Borgogna” in Italian, to name but a few. Bourgogne wines enjoy a strong global reputation with half of all Bourgogne wines produced being sold at export to around 170 territories.

Is Aligote oaked?

Although traditionally, Bourgogne Aligoté has been just briefly aged in stainless steel, some winemakers use oak barrels for ageing their wines, sometimes with new wood.

What type of wine is Fiano?

Fiano is a high-quality, white-wine grape variety used widely in southern Italy, particularly in Campania. Used mainly as a varietal wine, Fiano is nutty and textured with floral and honeyed notes, spice and tropical fruit flavors like pineapple. Its main incarnation is as Fiano di Avellino DOCG wine.

What is white Burgundy?

White Burgundy is unquestionably one of the greatest wines of the world. Almost exclusively made from Chardonnay on limestone soil, it can express both power and finesse. Named for the town of Mâcon, the southerly Mâconnais was once known solely as a source for inexpensive, easy-drinking, if uninteresting, wines.

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